BosGuy a.k.a. Promiscuous Protestah

Bored and looking for something entertaining to do? Check out what your Wu Tang Clan name would be.  Simply Google “Wu Name Generator” or visit

I wonder if this means that I need to sleep around with all those 99% protesters if the Occupy movement picks up again this spring. I hope not.

6 responses to “BosGuy a.k.a. Promiscuous Protestah

  1. “Alarmingly-Named Wolfman”

    After the seeing the others, I’m very pleased with mine!


  2. “Asthmatic Enemy of God”?
    I’m never getting laid again…

  3. Budget Nudist

  4. “Partially-formed transformah”

    Does anyone want to help me completely transform?


  5. 100-Watt Warlock

  6. Great post!

    “Undiscovered Bum”


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