BosGuy brain teaser

Each Friday morning I post a riddle or brain teaser.  The idea is to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. Share this with friends or coworkers if you cannot figure out the answer.

Post your answers in the comments section and I’ll confirm the correct responses after lunch to give everyone a fair chance.

This week’s riddle:  There are six eggs in the basket. Six people each take one of the eggs. How can it be that one egg is left in the basket?

21 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. D’OH! Of course.

  2. is there a chicken in the basket?

  3. The basket had 7 eggs. The setup said there were six eggs but did NOT state there was *only* six eggs.

  4. The sixth person took his/her egg in the basket.

  5. oh oh…one of them (probably the last person) takes both the basket and the egg…?

  6. one of them keeps it back? :)

  7. The last person was holding the basket with the last egg in it?

  8. The last person took the egg…and the basket.

  9. One of the people takes their egg with the basket

  10. One of the people has sticky fingers and walked off with an egg in the basket

  11. six people, but one are conjoined twins that only took one egg.

  12. One person just took the whole basket, with the egg still in it.

    After all, baskets are totally IN this season.


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