Bonus Fur


Wicked Fur Ball

Its cold in Boston and I’m in need of some visual stimulation so I thought I’d add another bear-inspired post today. Hope you enjoy the surprise blog post.

Have a great weekend.

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9 responses to “Bonus Fur

  1. omg, talk about eye candy!

  2. WOOF on this HUNK of Man


  3. That would totally feel good on my back while he’s doing unspeakable things to me…but once we were done and I’d be trying to sleep, he’d have to get his own bed…I put off enough heat as it is. :)

  4. sometimes there is too much of a good thing. this would be an example.

  5. Wow I could snuggle into that quite easily

  6. Now I have to add this disclaimer, I’m pretty furry myself. But that is a pelt! Damn!


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