Dining al fresco in the South End

Hammersleys Bistro South End BostonPhoto: Hammersley’s Bistro in the South End from 40-Something Life blog

Now that the weather is warm enough to enjoy dining outside at night, nearly every restaurant in the South End with outdoor space has set up tables and chairs for patrons to dine al fresco.  However, not all patios are equal – some will leave you inhaling the fumes of passing cars and buses, others are so loud you can barely hear anything.  Here are some patios in the South End I enjoy.

Most comfortable patio in the South End
28 Degrees is set back from the hustle & bustle of Tremont Street and has comfortable patio furniture. If you’ve not been to 28 Degrees patio, I’d encourage you to check it out. This is a great space to meet up for a date or an evening out with a group of friends.

Best people watching in the South End
This is a tie between Stephi’s on Tremont and Kitchen. Both restaurants are approximately 1 block apart near Tremont and Clarendon Street – a major intersection for pedestrian traffic all but ensuring great people watching. You’ll see half the neighborhood walk by you when you have a meal here.

Most social patio in the South End
Tremont 647 / Sister Sorel patios are always full with parties more interested in chatting and having a drink than whatever is on the menu, although I will admit the scene is at its most fun each Tuesday night when both places host $2 Taco nights – good luck trying to get a table, but it is worth trying.

Most private patio in the South End:
Even though Cinquecento may have the dubious distinction of being the loudest restaurant in the South End, they have a very quiet and private patio away from any noise or pollution from the street that is tucked away and surrounded by a restored brick mill building.

Other South End restaurant patios worth checking out:
Petit Robert Bistro’s patio on Columbus Ave
Boston Chops on Washington Street
Hammersley’s as shown in the photo above on Clarendon Street

5 responses to “Dining al fresco in the South End

  1. Thanks, Rob. I’m printing this so that it’s handy during my trip to Boston for Pride!

  2. No honorable mention for Gas Light?

  3. Thanks for the great Boston tips – makes me miss the city!

  4. I am definitely a fan Hammersley’s but what about Gaslight.


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