Kristin Chenoweth’s Anthony Weiner ‘Popular’ Parody

Kristin-ChenowethDid you happen to catch Broadway superstar Kristin Chenowith on the Jay Leno Tonight Show on Tuesday?  She was hilarious as usual, but her performance at the end of the show really had me laughing out loud.  Singing to the tune of Popular from the Tony Award winning musical, Wicked, Ms. Chenowith schools Anthony Weiner on how to be the “right kind of popular.”

One response to “Kristin Chenoweth’s Anthony Weiner ‘Popular’ Parody

  1. I was CRYING laughing!!! I LOVE how bawdy her sense of humor can be. She looks so sweet and innocent, she’s so Christian. She played that awesome role on GCB LOL…and she’s SO not the prim and proper girl you think LOL. Watching Jay Leno as she was talking during her couch time was HYSTERICAL!!!


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