BosGuy brain teaser

bosguy brainteaserI won’t lie, I’m recycling this, but I love it. The really frustrating part is that it still took me a while to find the mistake – ARGH!!!

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14 responses to “BosGuy brain teaser

  1. I assume the numbers represent a sort of color wheel, with numbers above 4 off sequence.

  2. Got it! Oh ROB! LOL
    need to see you for cocktails. I’ll be waiting for my text. XO

  3. I may need more coffee but am I seeing double? the the

  4. I think 5 but not sure why!

  5. Back to back “the” in the sentence.

  6. its really difficult to find THE THE mistake here…

  7. I’ve seen this before. I was frustrated by it before. I swore I would remember it. yet, I saw it it again and it it got me again.

    two “the”s.

  8. Can you find THE THE mistake? Good puzzle – nearly stumped me!

  9. There there are two “the”s

  10. The colours of the rainbow are not in order.

  11. An oldie but a goodie :) The “classic” version of this is here:

  12. The word mistake is spelled wrong

  13. the 5 isn’t blue – ROY G. BIV is out of order.


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