Most Bearish US Cities

growlrI love these unscientific survey and I hope you do too. GROWLR has recently issued a list of their top ‘bearish’ cities in the US.  I was surprised to see that Atlanta topped the list and skinny Los Angeles was ranked 4th — really?

I would’ve expected gay meccas like San Francisco and NYC topping the list and colder cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Detroit all ranking higher.

Want to see the full list or see where your hometown ranked? To see the full list, click here.

4 responses to “Most Bearish US Cities

  1. BosGuy, I fully agree with you. I live in Union City, New Jersey, which is only ten minutes away from Midtown Manhattan. Also, I have met several bears; both local to the New York/New Jersey, Pennsylvania areas, as well as those visiting my immediate vicinity.

    In fact, I have lost count of how many I have met in the year or so since I have had a Growlr account. And I have had no shortage of admirers.

    And you are also correct, about the large number of bears in the NYC area. In fact, I have been going to a group called the NY Bear Den for more than two years now, and many of the members live in New York City, other parts of New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

  2. And Boston ranks #6? Really?

  3. How come NYC always scores lower than one would expect in these things?


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