Happy birthday Sergio

Cheers SergioToday is Sergio’s birthday.  If you happen to see him out and about, wish him well and say happy birthday to him. He appreciates the sentiments. I’m looking forward to celebrating such an important day with him later after work, but you can leave him a note on his facebook page here.

9 responses to “Happy birthday Sergio

  1. Thank you all!!! I had a great day and a wonderful dinner together with Bos Guy. Nice treat. :)

  2. Happy happy birthday, you beautiful wonderful man!!! xoxoxox


  4. Happy Birthday! How lucky are you to have such a handsome man to come home to. (I’m not on FB either)

  5. Have never met you two, but enjoy seeing your photos,read your posts, and see you are happy , and love one another.
    Happy Birthday Sergio!

    Hope to meet you one day.

  6. Happy birthday to Sergio!!

  7. Its all go in your house this week!
    Happy Birthday Sergio

  8. Happy Birthday! (I’m not on FB)

  9. Best Wishes Sergio!


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