Sleep attire

Sleep AttireLast month Large Tony asked this question on his blog in his post, Sleep Number. I thought I’d conduct my own unscientific study.  For the record, Sergio and my night time attire is no. 2. Share your number in the comments section.

25 responses to “Sleep attire

  1. Sometimes #3, but more frequently, #4

  2. 4. Anything else and I’m usually sweating through the night, even with just a sheet. Plus, there are definite advantages to sleeping au natural.

  3. #3.5 (need more options!!) meaning just undies. Just sleep pants in winter, just undies in summer

  4. I totally see you as #2, but I would have taken Sergio for bottom half of #3.

  5. #4 – 24/7 – 365

  6. #4…always.

  7. Me and my man, always #4. Up close and comfy

  8. Justin #2 also

  9. Naked since i as 10

  10. none of the above?

    usually #3 but without a tank top or occasionally #4

  11. Just underwear for me (boxer-briefs).

  12. #4 all year round.

  13. #3….#4 isn’t a pretty sight.


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