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Caption this photo

caption this photo, animal

Each Wednesday morning I post a photograph that gives me pause.  I’ll get you started with a possible caption that hopefully inspires you to share a few of your own in the comments section below.

This is my Monday face


Don’t fret we are “this close” to it being Friday!

This Close to Friday

Guilty pleasure: Instagram’s Hot Dudes with Dogs

Instagram, Hot Dudes With Dogs, Guys with DogsHot Dudes With Dogs

Monday blues

animalIt may be President’s Day but I’m back at work.  Are you working today?

Cats with Thumbs

Cravendale is a brand of milk sold in the UK and this was a popular video they released a few years ago that I stumbled upon.  It is pretty funny and I thought it might help you start your day with a smile.

Monday blues

cat, humor, mondaySometimes I feel like the kitty on the left on Monday mornings.

Monday blues

Monday bluesWith a HUGE snowstorm working its way to Boston and the entire northeast coast, Monday blues is certainly likely to extend into your evening commute.  Get out of work early, if you can and give yourself some extra time if you are driving.