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Barack Obama is America’s first gay president

President ObamaBefore Barack Obama became elected President of the United States, President Bill Clinton was often referred to as America’s first Black President.

The 1998 Nobel laureate Toni Morrison is credited with naming Bill Clinton “the first Black President” in part because of his life story and some parallels to stereotyping and double standards many African Americans face.  Based on those criteria I believe that Barack Obama is America’s first Gay President.

marriage equalityConservatives have hated Obama from his first day in office with fanaticism that defies explanation.  He’s been accused of not being an American citizen, being Muslim (as if that is a pejorative), and according to Mayor Giuliani and many other prominent Republicans – he hates America.  This sort of illogical, blind hatred is something the gay community can relate to.  Our very presence by many conservatives is perceived as an abomination and it would be best if we could be either subjected to reparative “conversion” therapy or removed from society.

Marriage Equality, Same Sex MarriageBarack Obama is the first sitting US President to voice his support for many LGBT issues.  While some Presidents have voiced support for LGBT causes after they left office – Obama has done this while in office and that makes all the difference. Was his decision to voice support for same sex marriage politically motivated?  Probably, but what matters is his actions not his motivations because his support and his words changed minds and hearts.

In addition to what can only be characterized as an unwavering support for marriage equality since 2012, President Obama has worked to help our community more than any other sitting President and possibly more than any Presidents in the near future.  Here are some of his accomplishments:

– Ending the hateful Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act (DADT)
– Ending the legal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
– Extending hate crime legislation to include sexual orientation / gender identity
– Federal government recognition of marriage rights for same sex couples even if they live in states that don’t recognize same sex marriage
– Continued support and funding of Ryan White HIV/AIDS programming
– Expanding coverage of health insurance so insurers cannot deny coverage to someone because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender
– Taking a stand both with legislation and by making personal “It Gets Better” videos to help prevent bullying and LGBT suicides

While I may disagree with Obama on some things, I will always consider him America’s first gay President.  Obama’s unflinching support for the LGBT community has set a standard which all future Presidential nominees (at least in the Democratic Party) will now be found wanting if they don’t measure up.

The Colbert Report – The Word – President Obama

Apparently I’m one of the few (24% according to Rasmussen’s Presidential Tracking Poll), who strongly approve of President Obama’s performance.  My only real ongoing beef with Obama is in the realm of foreign policy – but even that is all relative when I think back to his predecessor’s foreign policy.

I love this clip from The Colbert Report and if you’ve not had a chance to see it perhaps you should.  It is not only very savvy of him when you think about the demographic he is reaching but also very self-deprecating; something I appreciate.

Obama’s support for Marriage Equality articulated

Marriage Equality, Same Sex MarriageAnyone surprised the LGBT community still largely supports President Obama?  He remains our single most powerful champion in this fight.

D.O.J. to ask SCOTUS to uphold marriage equality rulings

Marriage EqualityOutgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Friday that the Department of Justice would ask the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold same-sex marriage rulings from lower courts.

Don’t think elections count? Think again. Can you imagine any Republican President’s administration arguing on behalf of and in defense of LGBT rights?

More on this here.

Two years ago today Obama said…

marriage equalityAnd that was a game changer.  The LGBT community no longer had to justify their intentions to make marriage equality part of the national agenda; not just something to be discussed in a handful of progressive states.  Public opinion everywhere shifted (and quickly) within days. More importantly the African American community for the first time united behind the concept that the right to marry is a civil right (Obama’s endorsement unites black and gay communities).

After President Obama shared what was essentially a personal opinion, it changed everything (at least for me).  Obama set a standard that all future Presidential nominees will now be found wanting if they don’t support marriage equality. Thank you President Obama (President Obama support for same sex marriage is a game changer).

Don’t believe me? A 2014 Washington Post/ABC News poll shows 59% of voters nationwide support the freedom to marry and 50% or more of Americans in every region of the country support the freedom to marry.

Obama speaks out for gun control (again)

Gun controlI was going to write an emphatic and emotionally charged post in response to President Obama’s speech about gun control but in the middle of my rant I thought “What is the point?”  With more than 90% of Americans wanting background checks for people who purchase fire arms – it is tough to understand why US Senate Republicans have said they will filibuster and prevent a vote to take place.  The really sad part of this story is that even if these Senators did allow a vote to take place, I don’t actually believe the US Senate (let alone the US Congress) would pass the legislation – to say I’m depressed is an understatement.

President Obama gave an impassioned speech today in Connecticut in favor of passing legislation that would mandate background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun.  If you care about these things, watch the video below. 

Obama’s support for same sex marriage is a game changer

Year in rewind: BosGuy’s favorite posts from 2012

In May, Obama made history as the first sitting US President to voice his support for marriage equality; for me it solidified my flagging support.  I immediately inserted his quote to this photograph and watched proudly as the image went viral on a number of national blogs.


Obama Marriage EqualityPresident Obama “came out” in support of same sex marriage yesterday.  Why he chose now and how he got to this point is irrelevant to me. What does matter is a sitting President is on record supporting marriage equality, and that is a game changer for three crucial reasons.

First, although his support does not change Federal Law, having the public support of the highest elected official in the country matters (and it matters a lot).  When Massachusetts legalized Same Sex Marriage on May 17, 2004 it was only because incremental changes  and advancements which had started years before came to fruition.  Obama’s support is more than an incremental advancement.

Obama’s standing within the African American, Black and Arabic communities here and abroad is without equal.  These communities have long been some of the most vocal opposing same sex marriage. Obama’s endorsement and framing the issue as one of equality and fairness will have significant impact on these communities. No doubt there will be some heated sermons in traditionally black churches this Sunday through out the United States.

Lastly, Obama has set a standard which all future Presidential nominees will now be found wanting if they don’t support marriage equality. While this will fire up those opposed to same sex marriage; I believe this is still a gain for the President and for states currently debating legalizing same sex marriage.  Americans love to support winners and the prejudicial arguments to oppose same sex marriage is sounding more and more like a losing argument.  Obama’s support is a game changer.