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Lessons for the Republican Party

With the national elections now behind us and the results tallied we can go back to a life not consumed by politics.  However, I can’t help but wonder what lessons the Republican Party might learn.

Will Tea Party or Christian Conservative elements of the Republican Party emerge or will a more socially progressive wing flex its muscle? One need not be a political scientist to understand the Republican Party is losing ground with increasingly important voting demographics like  Women (who made up more than 54% of the electorate) and Latino voters, which is one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. (now 10% of the electorate).

Perhaps the best evidence of the Republican Party’s waning influence was seen in the US Senate races.  With Democrats defending 23 seats and Republicans defending only 10 seats (and needing to pick up just 4 seats to gain a majority)  it was widely believed Democrats would lose control of the Senate. However, across the country Republicans lost in states like MA and CT in the Northeast, WI and IN in the MidWest and even in the South in VA. The lesson from the 2012 election is that you can no longer support programs that marginalize women or minority groups and expect to win (with the possible exception of the South).

My message to Republicans Drop the faith-laced language, the xenophobic hyperbole, your homophobic stereotypes and you will find a receptive audience to your smaller government message.  If you cannot, your days as a national party are numbered.

Words matter

Wanted to revisit a rather important moment for me this past May.

Tweet of the day: Obama

Obama’s timely Tweet to Clint Eastwood at the RNC Obama TweetAs posted on JMG.

Obama campaign hits Romney hard

Obama’s latest campaign commercial has conservatives howling “unfair”.  It also happens to be very effective. The out-of-tune singing of Gov. Romney creates a powerful not so subliminal message painting the former governor as out of tune and step.  Will it work? The quick and harsh response from the candidate speaks for itself.  Curious to see how Romney counter-punches and if it has the same sting as this advert.

CNN Headline: Affordable Care Act constitutional

ACA RulingThere are nuances and changes in particular with regards to Medicaid as I understand it but conservative Chief Justice Roberts surprised everyone by ruling with the court’s more liberal justices in a 5-4 split court decision.

Free LGBT for Obama bumpersticker

LGBT I wonder if I should request a bumper sticker and affix it to my ass since I rarely drive.  Probably a bad idea… However, if you want one the Obama – Biden re-election campaign would love to send you a bumper sticker. You can request one by linking here.

Obama’s endorsement unites black and gay communities

marriage equality Earlier, I wrote about the impact President Obama’s support for legalizing same sex marriage had in Maryland – a state that recently past legislation that would legalize same sex marriages starting in 2013 in my post, Maryland public opinion shifts in favor of same sex marriage.  The 12-point shift was attributed to African American voters change in opinion following the President’s endorsement.

Now a Washington Post-ABC survey finds that opinions of same sex marriage in the African American community may be shifting even faster than the Maryland survey would lead people to believe.  This survey finds that nationally there has been an 18-point shift with 59% of blacks now saying they are in favor of same sex marriage.

These latest polls show Obama’s announcement may have been shrewd politics as it has united two important bases for the Democratic Party.