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The foah fundamentals of brewing coffee

caffeineThis past August I stumbled upon this hilarious sign at the Starbucks by the Westin Copley. Click on the image to enlarge so you can read the “Foah” (Four) Fundamentals of Brewing Coffee, that happen to include things like “propoahtion” and “wataah”.

Allston Christmas Eve

September 1For those not from the area, you may not be familiar with this rather unique Boston holiday that results from the onslaught of students moving into the area for the start of the next academic year. Don’t believe me? The holiday even is in the Urban Dictionary: allston christmas.

Allston Christmas will really begin tomorrow when renters begin to toss all their unwanted furnishings onto the street as they vacate their sublet or previous apartment and for the next 12+ hours are likely to be unable to get into their new apartment.


PahkingFor all of you who don’t happen to be from the area let me translate.

If you happen to leave your vehicle in this area it will most likely not be here when you return because it will have been towed.

Now do you understand why we find it is just easier to say No Pahkin?


BosTongueMuch thanks to Sean over at Just A Jeep Guy for sharing this humorous photograph.  Considering CVS is based in Rhode Island, it is likely that this is exacly how the founders would have said this.

What does the way you speak say about where you are from?

BosTongueMuch thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger (or should I say bloggah?) Julian who writes, You Think You Know for telling me about the NYT survey that asks a series of questions about pronunciation and names you give to certain items to determine or in my case confirms your personal dialect.  No surprise with my results – which you can clearly see in the above image. 

Want to take this two minute quiz to see what it says about your dialect? Check out the NYT survey here.

Learning to speak BosTongue


Today’s lesson in learning how to speak BosTongue is doctah.

doctah – noun \ˈdäk-ta\

a person who is skilled in the science of medicine : a person who is trained and licensed to treat sick and injured people

Used in a sentence:  Doctah would you check to see if I have a hernia?

Tawkin’ like yer from Bawstin

wickedpissaAlthough many of the college students returning to Boston this week are upper class men who are familiar with this town’s idiosyncrasies, thousands of Freshmen and transfer students are walking the streets asking for directions and doing their best to settle into their new home.

Let me be among the first to welcome you and defer you to this wiki on Boston slang.  The list while somewhat old in that it references older pop culture terminology is still spot on and includes helpful definitions of words like the following.

Dawchestahh: Dorchester, Massachusetts NOTE: If you are gay and a student you are either a) likely living here; or b) get familiar with Dorchester (sometimes called Dot) because you’ll be going to a lot of parties here.

Leather District: A downtown neighborhood surrounding South Street in Boston, east of Chinatown. NOTE: The only thing gay about the Leather District is the LGBT bookstore, Calamus, and the porn shop, Marquis de Sade – both happen to be on South Street.

Wicked: very; or occasionally cool. Used indiscriminately, can modify anything (e.g.: especially “Wicked pissa.”). Almost always used as an adverb.

Yiz: Plural form of “you.” As in, “All a yiz bettah be in the cah by the time I count to fou-ah”.