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World Cup Brazil

Sexy, Brazilian, Hunk While the entire world fixates on Brazil for the next few weeks to watch World Cup, America will barely take note. Perhaps this photo of this handsome Brazilian might get your attention.  Hexa Campeao!

Happy Pride São Paulo


Brazil Gay Pride

Source: Xinhua/Rahel Patrasso

São Paulo is one of my favorite cities in the world to spend a few days. With a metropolitan area that includes approximately 21 million people, it also makes it one of the world’s biggest cities and their pride celebrations reflect that with an estimated 2 – 3 million Paulistas and visitors from all over Brazil, South America and the world coming to one of the largest Pride festivals in the world.

The Pride Parade will begin in approximately one hour. You can check out the pride route courtesy of  Gay Pride Brazil here.

Happy Pride São Paulo.

I miss Rio

The Maverick MenPerhaps it was grabbing dinner with our friends Hunter and Cole on Saturday night or maybe it is all the photos of Carnaval that I’m seeing online, but I’m missing Rio.  I can’t believe three months ago I was relaxing on Ipanema beach. Summer cannot get here fast enough.

Rio de Janeiro Carnaval 2014

Rio Carnival“Carnaval” a.k.a. Carnival in Brazil starts tomorrow. While there are many parties celebrating  the start of lent, it seems to me all other parties look pitifully small when compared to Rio de Janeiro.

Feliz Carnaval Meninos Rio Carnival Parade

Forte de Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro CopacabanaForte Copacabana provides amazing views of Copacabana beach and Sugar Loaf off in the distance.  In recent years, Confeitaria Colombo has opened a second location here, offering visitors a great option for dining with a view.  We actually visited for a cocktail one evening and then came for breakfast.

After dining you can walk the grounds of the Fort which also offer great views of Guanabara Bay.  Below are a few photographs of my recent visits to Forte Copacabana and Confeitaria Colombo – Cafe do Forte.
Copacabana Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Corcovado – Rio de Janeiro

BrazilAtop the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro is the city’s most famous site, a 125′ statue named “Christ the Redeemer”.  While there are several ways to get to the top of this granite mountain, the most popular is to buy tickets and take the electrically powered train.  Although I’ve been to the Corcovado a few times already I don’t get tired of the impressive view.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Enjoying the train ride up the Corcovado.


Goofing around with the guys


Amazing views of Rio de Janeiro from atop the Corcovado

If you are planning a trip to Brazil or Rio de Janeiro and you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Municipal law number 6556

BrazilWhen I checked into my room at the Ibis Savassi Hotel in Belo Horizonte Brazil I found this note near my bed.  I didn’t recall the amenities list for Ibis including prophylactics. It made me wonder what kind of public uproar would exist in the US if such a municipal law existed here.