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Spot (the gays in Sao Paulo)

Dining Sao PauloAlthough on our most recent visit we didn’t have a chance to go to Spot, I thought I should write about this restaurant and bar since it is a favorite.  You will find more than a few handsome men at this gay friendly restaurant conveniently located just a block off of Paulista Avenue near MASP.

The first time I visited Spot was probably ten years ago.  We arrived at 11PM on a Friday night and asked for a table for four.  The handsome host smiled and said the wait was 2 hours, but encouraged us to order drinks from the bar and enjoy the outdoor patio while we waited.  We didn’t take him seriously until he came to seat us for dinner at 1 AM (at which point there was only a 30 minute wait).

Dining in Sao PauloWhile the food is good it is the people watching that makes this a great place to either nab a cocktail or have dinner with friends.  Main dishes at Spot run from $30 – $50 Reis (with the current US exchange rate of 2.5 that equates to $15-$20).

Hotel Unique and SKYE Bar in Sao Paulo

Unique Hotel Sao PauloI always enjoy spending a few days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but if you don’t know where to go it can seem like a massive concrete jungle that is tough to navigate. Fortunately that isn’t a problem for me since I’ve been several times and have good friends who are Paulistas.

Cocktails in Sao Paulo taste sweeter from atop the SKYE bar.

On our recent visit to Sao Paulo we met friends for cocktails at the SKYE Bar atop Sao Paulo’s Unique Hotel.  Located near Ibirapuera Park, the roofdeck bar offers some pretty spectacular views of the city’s skyline (see above).

Hotel Unique Sao PauloWhen you drive up to Unique Hotel you realize the name is accurate – regardless of what you make of the architecture – which I loved by the way.  Our taxi driver referred to it as “melancia” (watermelon), which made me laugh.  The bar is sleek and designed to impress from the minute you enter through the marble hallway and walk through the dining room.  Red lights reflect off the lap pool that runs the length of the deck beside comfortable furniture that is available on a first come first serve basis. Hotel UniqueIf for some reason, the weather is not cooperating but you would like to visit the hotel, they have an impressive second option in the hotel lobby on the ground level worth checking out. You can grab a seat at their large bar or sit down in their library which has plush red seats and can be seen in the image below to the right.

Sao Paulo Regardless of the weather, this is a great place I would recommend for cocktails.

Heading to Brazil

gay travelI’m heading to Brazil later today so I may not be able to cross post on FB and Google+ while gone.

You’ll spread more than a little holiday happiness my way if you would share the posts you like on FB with your friends on my behalf while I’m away.

I do anticipate writing some posts when I am in Brazil since I will have a lot of quiet and down time but my regular activity will not resume until I return from my vacation with my in-laws after the New Year’s holiday.  Enjoy this bit of Brazilian man candy who we met last year when we visited Paraty. For more photos from that trip link here.

Brazil Hunk

Dreaming of Brazil

Sexy, Brazilian, HunkTwo weeks from tonight I will be boarding a plane to fly to Brazil where I will spend the Christmas and New Year’s holiday.  This will be the first time in several years that I will be in Brazil for the Christmas holiday and while I’ll miss the holiday traditions Sergio and I have made for ourselves here in Boston, I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and time with my in-laws.

Temptation Tuesday

handsome brazilian, sexy brazilian manLater today Brazil plays Germany in World Cup.  This week’s Temptation Tuesday is to entice all of you who may visit my blog to turn on the game (starts at 4pm ET) and cheer for Brazil.

Past Temptation Tuesday Posts

World Cup Brazil

Sexy, Brazilian, Hunk While the entire world fixates on Brazil for the next few weeks to watch World Cup, America will barely take note. Perhaps this photo of this handsome Brazilian might get your attention.  Hexa Campeao!

Happy Pride São Paulo


Brazil Gay Pride

Source: Xinhua/Rahel Patrasso

São Paulo is one of my favorite cities in the world to spend a few days. With a metropolitan area that includes approximately 21 million people, it also makes it one of the world’s biggest cities and their pride celebrations reflect that with an estimated 2 – 3 million Paulistas and visitors from all over Brazil, South America and the world coming to one of the largest Pride festivals in the world.

The Pride Parade will begin in approximately one hour. You can check out the pride route courtesy of  Gay Pride Brazil here.

Happy Pride São Paulo.