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Boxing Day

Sexy GuyTraditionally, Boxing Day is the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, known as a “Christmas box”.

Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December in many of the Commonwealth Nations. My good friend and blogger 40-Something Life who is originally from England has turned this into an annual celebration with a fabulous dinner party planned each year and later tonight Sergio and I will head over to her place for a fabulous dinner – this year’s theme is Mediterranean.  Much wine will be consumed and if past years are any indication, a round of drunk Twister is likely.

Happy Boxing Day

Merry merry

ChristmasMerry Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas

ChristmasWell its not quite night in Boston just yet, but it will be before I realize it.  Today will be spent running errands and getting my home ready for friends who will stop by this evening.  This is a tradition Sergio and I started a few years back when we realized we had friends who would not be going home for Christmas. We dubbed it an orphans Christmas Eve and each year host this relaxing get together.

Sadly, this year I’m hosting the party without Sergio.  His father has been quite ill and he was able to head back to Brazil to be with his family. While I’m happy he can be there, his absence is something I can’t quite get past and so I look forward to having a few friends here to keep me company. Sergio was unable to get out on the buddy passes for Christmas and now plans to visit after the holiday so thankfully I’ll have Sergio home for Christmas (and our Christmas Eve open house).

I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, I’d still like to say “good tidings we bring” as the song’s lyrics say.  I’m not 100% certain what “tidings” are but it sure sounds nice.

Happy Alcoholidays

ChristmasHave a wonderful alcoholiday!


Best Christmas decorating idea

Christmas Decorations

Serious case of denial

Calvin-Hobbes-Its-Not-Denial-posterI cannot wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is just a few days away. I don’t think I ever caught up with work after returning from Brazil and the nasty head cold I’ve had all week has not helped much either.

There was a time in my life (not so long ago) when I ordered my Christmas cards in September, hand wrote 150+ notes and had them mailed the day after Thanksgiving.  Those days are clearly behind me. I no longer even send cards, my house looks like a bomb went off and I have not started my Christmas shopping. Fortunately the list of items is short and much of it I can get with relative ease, but jeesh. Where did the time go?

Santa Speedo Run video makes the rounds

SSR Never underestimate the appeal of guys wearing speedos.  That is the lesson I learned this week when I saw my Santa Speedo Run video get picked up by a number of national blogs.  I’d like to say thank you to everyone else who was nice enough to share the video, which now has more than 35,000 views.

Toys for Joys party recap

T4JThis past Saturday night the annual Toys For Joys party was held in a new, larger venue.  More than 600 men and women braved a snowstorm to bring gifts that will be given to charities that help make Christmas a little extra special for children in the area.

Thank you to everyone who posed for a picture and to Piper Jo Nevins Photography for letting me swipe a few of their event photographs for the T4J video.

Awkward Christmas photos

Awkward Christmas PhotoWith Christmas little more than a week away we are now receiving a handful of holiday cards each day from friends and family.  We’ve yet to receive any of those ‘awkward Christmas’ photos but I keep hoping.  Feel free to check out this collection of awkward Christmas photographs here.

Santa Speedo Run 2013

On Saturday hundreds of men and women braved crazy cold conditions in Boston to run in the 14th annual Santa Speedo Run.  Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone.  Much thanks to everyone who posed and shared their photographs.

Toys for Joys tonight

T4JHave you registered to attend tonight’s fundraiser / party, Toys for Joys? I hope to see you there.  All the fun starts at 7:30 tonight.  More information about this great organization and party can be found on their website,


Santa Speedo Run

Boston Santa Speedo RunToday is Boston’s 14th annual Santa Speedo Run. C’mon down to Boyslton Street and check out this spectacle. If you cannot make it, no worries. I’ll be there snapping pictures and posting everything later this week.

Do you love this annual tradition that has now spread to other cities around the US? Check out how the Santa Speedo Run started here in Boston by 5 guys back in 2000 – Santa Speedo Run: How it all started.

BosGuy P.S.A.

Christmas decorating tipHere is a helpful Christmas decorating tip for all of you who live in climates where palm trees can actually survive.

SOWA Holiday market this weekend

sowa holiday market 2013The 10th annual SoWA Holiday Market is this weekend (December 14th and 15th) from 12pm-6pm at the Ben Franklin Institute (41 Berkeley Street) in the South End; although strangely not in SOWA.

Come down to do some holiday shopping or just to check things out.  There is a $5 admission to get in and peruse all the independent designers, artists and crafters displaying their wares.

What do you buy the guy who has everything

Are you struggling to figure out what to buy that special guy this holiday season? Here are some suggestions from a seasoned gift giver.

Upstairs on the SquareFOOD: Even if you regularly dine out; picking a special restaurant and making a “date” with your friend, boyfriend or partner is always a welcome gift.  Schedule the night and ask the restaurant for a nice gift card or better yet make your own.  If you live in the Boston area, I might suggest Upstairs on the Square which will close at the end of the year but you might be able to make a reservation for the final week of December. Read about my recent visit here.

KrisFITNESS: Not really a foodie? Want to help someone help themselves? Perhaps the best gift my partner, Sergio, ever gave me was buying a few sessions with a personal trainer at my gym. Working with someone who’s focused on helping you achieve your personal fitness goal(s) is a great gift; esp for anyone making a New Year’s resolution to get into shape in 2014. Kris Kranzky: Cardio vs. Strength Training.

Milton Hill Sport and SpaPAMPERING: Perhaps hitting the gym isn’t your idea of a gift and pampering is more in line with your guy’s likes. Why not offer them the healing power of touch? If you live in the Boston area, check out Miro and Vlad who provide deep tissue massage at the Milton Sport & Spa.  More about Miro & Vlad here.

gayTIME: Maybe none of these gifts are striking the right chord or maybe your budget simply can’t manage it.  Nothing says you care about someone like spending time together. Cook that friend or special someone a dinner, go out to see a show / movie. Take the pressure off yourself and focus on the point of giving not the dollars you are spending.  Date Night.

Happy Holidays Guys