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The Bear-Naked Chef with Adrian De Berardinis Episode 3: Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas

Adrian De Berardinis, cookingThe Bear-Naked Chef better known as Adrian De Berardinis is back with the third episode of his cooking show. In this episode Adrian cooks parpadelle pasta with bacon & peas in a video that runs about eleven and one half minutes long.

The recipe shown below is inspired by a dish from one of Adrian’s favorite New York City Italian restaurants, Bar Pitti in Soho.

If you’ve not watched the scantily clad (he only wears an apron) chef, I’d suggest you check it out. I made his Paccheri Con Gamberi a couple of weeks ago and it was both easy and delicious.

BosGuy cooks The Bear-Naked Chef’s Paccheri Con Gamberi

cooking, bear-naked chef, Adrian De Berardinis  It has been a long time since I shared a cooking post so I’d like to thank the very handsome Adrian De Berardinis for his YouTube show: Bear-Naked Chef, which inspired me to try making Adrian’s Paccheri Con Gamberi (pasta and shrimp).

I modified Adrian’s recipe in two ways. First, Adrian used jalapeños, which Sergio doesn’t like so I opted to include red pepper flakes to the olive oil when I heated up the pan and that added sufficient heat and flavor.

Second, I diced vine ripe tomatoes unlike Adrian’s more ‘butch’ crushing of pearl tomatoes; otherwise the video below pretty much sums up how to make this delicious pasta dish. Thanks for the inspiration Adrian.

paccheri-con-gambrelI love cooking and was able to make this dinner (with a couple of modifications) in approximately 30 minutes and since the shrimp was on sale, the total cost of the meal was about $10 and allowed for Sergio and I both to get seconds. You can check out how I made this by watching Adrian’s 7+ minute episode below.

The Bear-Naked Chef with Adrian De Berardinis Episode 2: Paccheri Con Gamberi

Adrian De Berardinis, cookingAccording to the vlog post that went live in the early hours of this morning, “Adrian unveils more of his cooking talents and secrets and, a little more skin….with his new italian dish, Paccheri Con Gamberi… The beauty of this dish is in its simplicity, highlighting the freshness of its few ingredients. An easy recipe that everyone will want to try.”

Because of the popularity of The Bear-Naked Chef episode 1 post, I plan on sharing future episodes.  Enjoy this latest YouTube cooking show from Adrian.

Bear-Naked Chef Adrian De Berardinis chats with Logo TV

bear-naked chef adrianBear-Naked Chef Adrian De Berardinis, who I’ve obsessed over in recent posts sat down with Logo / NewNowNext in an exclusive interview talking about what he’ll be serving for dinner on New Year’s Eve at his West Hollywood home along with his De-“Bear”-A-Tini, which is an interesting Champagne-based cocktail.

You can read the full interview here.

The Bear-Naked Chef with Adrian De Berardinis Episode 1: Making Chicken Cacciatore

Adrian De Berardinis, cookingLast week’s post, The Bear-Naked Chef by Adrian De Berardiniswas one of my most viewed.  Big surprise a video teaser of a burly, handsome man making food in the buff was popular.

Earlier today Adrian De Barardinis released his first full episode where he makes one of his favorite dishes (and a personal favorite of mine as well), Chicken Cacciatore. The entire episode is less than 8 minutes so pull up a chair, take notes and see if you can follow his instructions without getting too distracted

The Bear-Naked Chef by Adrian De Berardinis

Adrian De BerardinisAnyone who reads this blog knows that I love food and have a fondness for men with strong, hairy chests so when I read on Accidental Bear about Adrian De Berardinis, a.k.a. The Bear-Naked Chef on YouTube, I had to see for myself.  Below is the teaser shared earlier this week via his YouTube Channel, which you can subscribe to follow here, THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF Adrian De Berardinis.

Adrian’s YouTube channel describes the series as a new and innovative cooking web-series cooking good food, NAKED….why not? Like what you’ve read? You may want to bookmark his website, or you can like his page and follow him on Facebook.

Logo TV: Food To Get You Laid

Ronnie Woo, cooking showI eat more often for pleasure than hunger so Logo TVs program Food To Get You Laid is an interesting premise and one that I’m going to add to my DVR.

The show features real couples and offers tips on how to create a nutritious and satisfying meal that is not overly complicated or time consuming with host / chef Ronnie Woo. Episodes 2, 3 and 5 feature gay couples who struggle in the kitchen.

Food To Get You Laid
Fridays 9:30 ET / 8:30 CT on Logo TV

Check your local listings but Logo TV here in Boston is on channel 281.