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Dîner en Blanc is returning to Boston on September 10th

Source: Boston Herald, Diner en Blanc Boston 2012

Source: Boston Herald, Diner en Blanc Boston 2012

Dîner en Blanc has been a tradition in Paris since 1988, when Francois Pasquier invited a handful of friends to meet for dinner at the Bois de Boulogne and he asked them to wear white so it would be easy to identify each another.  That dining event has grown into an international dining phenomenon, which will be returning to Boston on September 10th, but getting tickets to this event isn’t all that easy with thousands (yes you read that correctly) seeking an invite through the dinner’s Facebook page.

The event is one part dinner and one part fashion as everyone wears white from head to toe, snubbing protocol by wearing white after Labor Day.  It also looks to be quite fun, judging by the photographs. According to the Boston Herald article, there are more than 1,000 people on the waiting list, but maybe you’ll get lucky. Sign up at bos

Johnny D’s in Davis Square will close next year

Johnny Ds Davis Square SomervilleJohnny D’s Uptown Restaurant and Music Club in Davis Square will close in early 2016 after operating for nearly 50 years so its owner can convert the 3,900-square-foot space into a multi-story building.  Johnny D’s surprising announcement comes on the heels of T.T. the Bear’s Place which will close later this week, after more than 40 years in Cambridge.

While I’ve not been to Johnny D’s in years, I loved their weekend brunch and viewed the place as a permanent fixture for that neighborhood.  It is sad to see another quirky venue closing.  Places like Johnny D’s has not only served to provide a stage for big names, but it also was a venue for many local acts.  For the sake of Boston’s live music scene, I hope this is not the start of a trend.

The Boston Globe has a more detailed story about the pending closure, here.

Caffe Nero South End is now open on Tremont Street

Coffee shopCaffe Nero in the South End on Tremont Street quietly opened yesterday.  The space had previously been occupied by Francesca’s Cafe which closed in 2013. This is the fourth location of the UK coffee chain which also has a location in Fort Point expected to open soon.

Mean Girls super fan brunch at Back Bay Harry’s

Mean GirlsBack Bay Harry’s is hosting yet another “Super Fan” brunch this Sunday.  This week’s theme is a “Mean Girls” brunch.  For  $35 you can enjoy a three course brunch while the movie is shown on the big screen.  There will be two seatings- one at 11:30a and a second seating at 1:30p.

Mean Girls Brunch – Sunday, July 12, 2015 – at Back Bay Harry’s

Tickets can be purchased by calling Back Bay Harry’s at 617-424-6711.

Eater Boston’s $1 Oyster guide

Oysters in BostonAlthough Eater Boston published this list late last month they continue to update it, providing you with a detailed list of where you can slurp your way through as many oysters as you like all for just a $1.

At that price oysters might be the most affordable aphrodisiac on the market. Oysters contain dopamine, that increases both sexual desire and levels of testosterone.  The bivalve is also high in zinc, which is necessary for proper sexual function in men and increases semen production.   But enough of that sort of thing. Check out the full list of 50+ restaurants serving $1 oysters.

Eater Boston’s Ultimate $1 Oyster Guide

Merrill & Co. to close after 15 months

BiNA Family Hospitality Merrill and CompanyMerrill & Co. was an eagerly anticipated (and hyped) South End restaurant that opened in March 2014 with quite a splash.  For about three months it was the “IT” place to dine, but after an initial honeymoon it didn’t have the staying power and earlier this month several food blogs published what everyone in the neighborhood already knew — nobody eats at Merrill & Co.  All one had to do was walk by on a weekend evening and you could see the place half empty.

Merrill & Co. will close Friday, June 19th

In an interesting twist the owners are creating a competition to find the right person to take over the space.   While I don’t pretend to know how to run a successful restaurant or even what the rent there might cost here are some thoughts on what I think one needs to do to succeed in that space.

  1. The neighborhood doesn’t need anymore small plates restaurants.
  2. Unless you are going consistently crank out amazing food (and not just claim to) bring your average entrée price down to $18-$22.
  3. Do great comfort food or something ethnic the neighborhood doesn’t have to stand out.  Some suggestions include: Greek, Moroccan, or a Japanese Noodle Bar — I’m thinking Ramen and Karaoke Bar.
  4. Create great bar scene at your restaurant where people can pick from a number of easy to eat options bar side.
  5. Do something with that beautiful patio while the weather is warm.


Gelology Pride platters

Gelology, Matthew MicariAre you hosting a Pride Party this weekend in Boston?  Matthew over at Gelology has Pride Platter specials for Boston Pride that are a perfect accompaniment to your food and drinks.

4 dozen pieces-$85
24 champagne and elderflower with raspberries
24 watermelon jolly ranchers w/ logos

Boston Pride Platter, Matthew Micari

Gelology is a specialty catering company that focuses on gelatin appetizers, desserts and edible cocktails.  Gelology’s Edible Cocktails are made with spirits for flavoring and novelty. You must be 21+ to order Edible Cocktails. It’s art you can eat™!

Place Your Boston Pride Gelology Order Here Today