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FacebookMake me happy and “like” my Facebook page if you happen to have an account.   Additionally, I post all sorts of nonsense on these other social media sites.  Feel free to like / follow / whatever. Go ahead and like me. You know you wanna. Follow me and we can be twittah besties. For all you voyeurs who like pretty pics. Add me and join my Gay Boston community.


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FacebookI don’t want to go into last month’s drama regarding Facebook’s threats to deactivate my account, but I would like to thank those of you who have a Facebook account and “liked” my FB blog page,

I’d also like to ask if you would help me by sharing the posts you like with your network of friends on Facebook.  I would like to see my blog page double the amount of likes it has over the next few months, and that can only happen through your help – so thank you in advance.

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FacebookLike my blog page on Facebook.  It will make me feel ever so validated.

Facebook drama

LIke BosGuy Blog FB Page 2More than a few of you noticed that my public persona “BosGuy” suddenly changed on Facebook a couple weeks ago.  Facebook ambushed me and gave me an ultimatum to use my real name or my account would immediately be deleted.

Facebook has always been a distribution channel for my blog posts, and now that the page is no longer “BosGuy” it seems out of place so if you ‘befriended’ me to follow my posts, please like my blog’s page: BosGuy Blog Page.

The page now known as Robert Wilson will no longer host blog posts. Over the next few weeks I will ‘de-friend’ many.  This isn’t intended to hurt feelings but the Bos Guy page now known as “Robert Wilson” will actually reflect those with whom I spend time.

To stay current with my blog please like and follow the BosGuy Blog Page.

Thank you

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Facebook Google+ TwitterChalk this post up to some shameless self promotion.  Let’s become virtual BFFs. This is where I ‘virtually’ reside on sites like Facebook, Google+ and (my personal favorite) Twittah.

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