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Facebook Google+ TwitterChalk this post up to some shameless self promotion.  Let’s become virtual BFFs. This is where I ‘virtually’ reside on sites like Facebook, Google+ and (my personal favorite) Twittah.

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All I want for Christmas

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Bravo Jesse

Dirk Caber

Facebook photo that banned Jesse Jackman

My friend Jesse made some news last month when a photo of him kissing his partner was removed by Facebook, citing it violated their community standards. Long story short, the situation was rectified by Facebook rather quickly, but Jesse has penned an article that is on the Huffington Post today, We Must (Not) Surrender  that addresses a rather ugly side to last month’s story.

“…Dirk and I certainly feel that the definition and enforcement of their Community Standards policy needs significant refinement. However, we do not believe that Facebook is the enemy here. Our true adversaries are those who posted the hate-filled comments in the first place.

I think we can agree that there needs to be a modicum of respect when we interact with each other via social media.  The threats and bullying Jesse and his partner had directed at them on Facebook is the real story. I’d encourage you to read Jesse’s full article on Huffington Post here.

Let’s get social

Social media agitaIt’s time for a bit of shameless pandering.  In addition to my blog, I’m also known to spend time on a variety of social media sites.

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A kiss is just a kiss (calm down Facebook)

Dirk Caber

Facebook photo that banned Jesse Jackman

My friend Jesse whom I posted on my blog here was recently banned from Facebook for sharing a photograph of him kissing his partner.  Not familiar with the story? Check out the HuffingtonPost write up here.

The publicity that ensued was able to get Facebook’s attention and they quickly rectified the situation telling HuffingtonPost “In this case, we [Facebook] mistakenly removed content and worked to rectify the mistake as soon as we were notified. We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the removal of this content.” 

One wonders if my buddy Jesse didn’t have such an extensive social network what sort of recourse he would have?  Would he need to stop posting photos of him kissing his partner? Would cuddling or hugging be too risque and result in continued suspensions? The problem has been rectified and in a way (despite the unfortunate threats made by a few to Jesse & Dirk) the resulting press has hopefully helped to foster conversations about this policy and will make Facebook more sensitive to this in the future.

I’m curious – have you ever experienced this sort of censorship from Facebook?

Social BosGuy

Social media agitaIt’s time for a bit of shameless pandering and self-promotion.  In addition to my home here at, I am also known to spend time on a variety of social media sites.

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Facebook introduces the “meh” icon

mehSadly I jest. Facebook is not introducing this icon, but I find the “like” button to be one-dimensional and while I don’t expect to see a middle finger or thumbs down icon anytime soon, I think we should start a campaign to get Facebook to create a “meh” icon.

Just think how popular this would be in some communities. Many otherwise sedate Jewish and Gay users would probably get so emotional with this new option they’re likely to get all verklempt.

Rock my world

Facebook Google+ TwitterReadership on has grown lately and while I’m flattered to meet long time readers, I also appreciate new followers. For those who may not realize it, I’ve become a bit of a social media whore and now regularly also post on Facebook, Google+ and (my first love) Twitter.

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Marriage equality gives Democrats their most successful online campaign

Marriage EqualityIn the 2004 election, marriage equality advocates were on their heels after losing at the ballot box in eleven states.  At the time, only Massachusetts recognized same sex marriage and many saw these defeats as a repudiation of my state’s insistence to recognize the rights of gays and lesbians.

Fast forward less than a decade and the tide of public opinion has shifted in favor of legalizing same sex marriages.  Proof of that was the four wins in the November 2012 elections regarding same sex marriage.  Hoping to capitalize on the change of heart, the campaign arm of the House Democrats launched what has turned out to be their most successful online campaign ever.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reports that it has seen more than 10 million views on its Facebook page and nearly half a million Facebook likes.   If you’d like to show your support on Facebook like this page.


BosGuy blog page on Facebook

BosGuy on FacebookThis blog is my guilty pleasure and I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who takes time to browse through my posts.  You can also check me out on Facebook here,

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google+Do you use Google+? I ask because I created an account some time ago, but I’ve started to post more regularly on it.

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I’m still trying to figure my way around Google+ but I love how it syncs so easily with YouTube.  Any bloggers out there who are leveraging Google+? I’d be curious to get your thoughts on what you like about it and how it is different from Facebook.

Will you support Jacob by sharing his message?

homosexualityThis image is making the rounds on Facebook.  It was actually my friend David over at Wicked Gay Blog who brought this to my attention.  Upon reading it I shared it on my Facebook page with the comment “Jacob you are not broken, you are not confused and the only people who need to be fixed are the people who are telling you those lies.

Incidentally by “fixed” I mean that in the neuter or spade reference one often hears about pets. I would be so very pleased if you would swipe this image from my blog and also post it along with your sentiments – whether you echo my message or create one of your own.  If Jacob is brave enough to tell a panel of heterosexual men and women in the NJ Senate that he doesn’t need to be fixed, wouldn’t you agree the least you could do is echo his thoughts by sharing his message through whatever social media channels you prefer?

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