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My favorite lighting designer

SoWaCheck out which local designer is currently featured on SoWa Boston’s Create & Enjoy page.

If you are interested in architecture or design or have an interest in lighting, show Sergio some love and like his Facebook page here.

Congratulations Dad


How sweet it must be to attain a goal you have worked towards for most of your career.  What a great example you’ve set for my siblings and me.

Happy birthday Sergio

Cheers SergioToday is Sergio’s birthday.  If you happen to see him out and about, wish him well and say happy birthday to him. He appreciates the sentiments. I’m looking forward to celebrating such an important day with him later after work, but you can leave him a note on his facebook page here.


Rio de Janeiro BrazilI’m not much of one for living in the past which is kind of odd considering my love of history, but every now and again a milestone anniversary sneaks up on me and it makes me pause for a moment.

Fifteen years ago on Thursday, January 28th, 1999 I met Sergio at a restaurant in Harvard Square for a date.  We had exchanged numbers a couple of weeks earlier off to the side of the dance floor at Campus; a gay club that once upon a time was in Central Square. I had no expectations but was intrigued by this blue-eyed Brazilian who was different from anyone else I had ever met before.

The past 15 years have had their ups and downs, but the ride has been worth it. Together we’ve traveled the world and made more memories than my head can contain.  It makes me optimistic and excited to see what the next 15 years might bring.  Happy anniversary Sergio.

Austin’s 2014 Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsMy seven year old nephew Austin is an amazing kid. He is also incredibly funny. Check out his response to “I want to do” in 2014.  When I read what he wrote I laughed so hard I had to sitdown.


AnnabelleOne week ago today I became an uncle for the fourth time. Annabelle arrived about a month earlier than expected so my tiny niece is under close supervision at the hospital. This is my second niece and my brother’s first child.

Below is a photograph of my brother reading to my niece.  I’ve missed my brother since he moved away this summer and now that Annabelle has arrived it seems strange not to be able to see them at the hospital but plans have been made to visit them in California over Easter and I can hardly wait. Annabelle 2

Happy birthday Dad

Happy Birthday DadHere is a photo of my father from a few years ago.  Today happens to be his birthday, and I wanted to stop and acknowledge the day.  My father continues to be one of my real life heroes and someone I try to emulate in all that I do.