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Gandy Candy: David Gandy in new swimwear collection

Spencer Swimwear CollectionI’ve long been a fan of the handsome male model, David Gandy and I’ve not posted a photo of him since last summer when Mario Testino dropped this photo of Gandy in nothing but a towel on Instagram.

David Gandy still looks spectacular in the 2015 Spencer Swimwear collection. For what it is worth, this is the kind of bathing suit I’m partial to – colorful, square cut bathing suits.  It probably doesn’t hurt that Gandy makes these look so appealing.David Gandy Marks and Spencer Swimwear

Adam Phillips ponders the weather

handsome, hunk, sexy guy, hairyAdam seems to be confused about the weather. But he seems to pull off the ‘contemplative’ look convincingly enough in his Emporio Armani underwear. Watch out Max Emerson.


Boycott Dolce Gabbana, #BoycottDolceGabbanaI wasn’t going to comment on the current controversy regarding Stefano Gabbana’s recent comments until he decided to open his mouth again in response to a call for a boycott of D&G products initiated by Sir Elton John and quickly picked up by many others in the gay community.

This is so reminiscent of Guido Barilla’s, Chairman of Barilla Group, comments in 2013.  It begs the question can the Italians join the rest of the world in the 21st century? Who would’ve ever guessed that the current Pope would prove to be a better friend than the founders of D&G?  I’m terribly disappointed in Stefano Gabbana and his one time partner, Dominico Dolce.  Their concept of what a healthy family looks like is terribly flawed and while they have a right to their opinion they clearly don’t understand who their buyers are. Insulting one of your most important group of buyers is an odd way to foster brand loyalty. Somehow I don’t see creeps like Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Ted Cruz buying D&G. Maybe Dolce & Gabbana can team up with Chick-fil-A.

Adidas iPhone 6 case give away

Adidas iPhone 6 case

I’ve been shipped two lovely iPhone 6 cases (shown to the left) and I would like to give them to two of my readers as my way of saying thank you for visiting my blog.

The Adidas iPhone cases are sold exclusively for Apple stores so if you like the designs but don’t win one of the giveaways you can purchase your own online.   Visit or and search for “Adidas Originals” to see the full line and to purchase one of the iPhone cases (they retail for approximately $35.00).

Tweet me to win a iPhone 6 Booklet or Flip Case 

Every time you Tweet you will enter yourself in the running to get one of the Adidas Original iPhone 6 cases.  The more often you Tweet the more likely you are to get an Adidas Original iPhone 6 case.

All Tweets must contain my handle @BosGuy and Adidas Originals, @adidasoriginals.  Below is just one example of a qualifying Tweet (feel free to get creative with your Tweets):

Hey @BosGuy I really want to win the very cool blue iPhone 6 Booklet Case from @adidasoriginals.  

Remember all Tweets must have Adidas Originals and my Twitter handle to qualify. The contest concludes at 12PM ET on Wednesday, March 11th.  I will announce the two winners, after I connect with them so please be sure you follow me on Twitter so I will be able to DM you.

Hollywood Glamour on display at MFA Boston exhibit

Hollywood Glamour, MFAWith nominations for the 2015 Oscars announced today, I wanted to write about an exhibit at the MFA Boston that opened this past fall and may be of interest to those of you attracted to Hollywood glamour.

The MFA exhibit “Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen” presents designer gowns and exquisite jewelry from the 1930s and ‘40s. The exhibition focuses on the iconic style of Hollywood starlets from that period, including Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford to name a few. Enjoy a glimpse of Hollywood in the Golden Age of glamour.  The MFA exhibit closes Sunday, March 8, 2015.

Choose your underwear wisely

New Years Eve UnderwearTomorrow is New Year’s Eve day… Choose what you wear wisely and have a wonderful evening.  I might try to hedge my bets and buy some rainbow colored underwear before the day is done.

Garçon Model jockstrap giveaway heating up on Twittah

Garcon Model Jockstrap ContestThe contest to win a free Garçon Model jockstrap is heating up on Twitter. @LargeTony was the first to Tweet a photo wearing a jockstrap and mentioning @GarconModel & @BosGuy. Props to him for giving his Tweet a holiday theme and injecting his own sense of innuendo and humor.

How the contest works:Every time you Tweet you enter yourself in the running to nab a free Garçon Model jockstrap of your choosing. People who Tweet a photo of them wearing a jockstrap and give both @GarconModel and @BosGuy a shout out are entered twice.

@LargeTony’s tweet above is a great example on how to do this, but here is another sample tweet:  Hey @BosGuy I really want to win that  #free @garconmodel #jockstrap so I can give it to my boyfriend for Christmas.

All Tweets must have Garcon Model and my Twitter handle to qualify. The contest concludes at 12PM ET on Saturday, December 20th.  A winner will be announced shortly after I connect with them so please be sure you follow me on Twitter so I can DM you.