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Nyle DiMarco, ANTM 2015 winner, talks to Out Magazine

ANTM, America's Next Top ModelThis season’s winner of America’s Next Top Model, Nyle DiMarco, described himself as “sexually fluid” in a series of Tweets from earlier this fall, but what that means is subject to a lot of conjecture.

In an interview with Out Magazine earlier this month DiMarco talks about how much he looks up to male supermodel David Gandy and mentions a few female crushes, including fellow contestant Lacey and Jennifer Lawrence.

You can read the full interview on Out Magazine’s website here: ANTM Winner Nyle DiMarco.

Gay men and their underwear

Chris Nogiec underwear shoot

Photo By: Kevin McDermott Model: Chris Nogiec

While most of us don’t look like Boston model / personal trainer / nutrition counselor, Chris Nogiec, (shown above) when we wear underwear, it doesn’t stop many gay men from paying top dollar for designer underwear.  These purchases can make for a great gift. The Underwear Expert blog shared the infographic below on mens’ underwear preferences and trends.

According to 45,000 survey responses from The Underwear Expert, the top choices in men’s underwear styles are Briefs (27%), Boxer Briefs (22%), Jockstraps (17%) and Trunks (15%). 54% of the men surveyed also prefer low-rise underwear and 41% prefer mid-rise underwear.The Underwear Expert infographic

MFA exhibit Kenneth Paul Block/Hiro opens Dec. 12

Kenneth Paul Block, Eight female models in fall coats from different French fashion houses, March 4–11, 1991. Copyright © Condé Nast.

Kenneth Paul Block, Eight female models in fall coats from different French fashion houses, March 4–11, 1991. Source: Condé Nast Archives.

Later this week the MFA Boston launches simultaneous exhibits that will appeal to all the fashionistas in town. American illustrator, Kenneth Paul Block, and Japanese photographer, Hiro, who both hit their peak in the 1950s and helped to shape the look of such influential journals as Women’s Wear Daily and Harper’s Bazaar.

Although the MFA exhibit focuses primarily on their fashion work, even the most style-unconscious will appreciate how these two artists shaped the aesthetic of the past century.

December 12–August 14, 2016, Museum of Fine Arts, 617-267-9300,

Modus Vivendi Christmas line of underwear

underwearNot feeling all the holiday cheer you are suppose to feel this time of year?  Maybe Modus Vivendi’s new Christmas line of underwear will help enliven your mood. Matt over at boy culture has a bunch more photos you can check out here.

Garçon Model selfie underwear contest

underwear, handsome, hunkAre you aware of the Garçon Model underwear selfie contest? I have no idea how this escaped my attention for so long. The contest is fairly straight forward, take a selfie wearing your favorite Garçon Model underwear and upload it with the hashtag #GarconModel to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account for your chance to win a free pair of underwear.

Garçon Model underwear is giving away one pair of underwear to 3 lucky guys every month. Check out some of the Garçon Selfie Contest Submissions.

100 Years Beauty: Men’s haircuts

This summer I posted a similar video 100 years of men’s swimsuits in 3 minuteswhich I thought was pretty cool. If you liked that video then I bet you’ll find this also pretty cool to watch.

TWC’s Fellows take over Ted Baker Wed. 10/21

The Fellows at Ted BakerTomorrow night The Fellows are hosting an event at the Ted Baker shop on Newbury Street. Over the years, Mr. Baker has provided me with an incredible amount of retail therapy.  If you are in a similar mood or are just looking for an excuse to get out, check out The Fellows event tomorrow.

All the fun starts at 7PM on Wednesday, October 21st at the Ted Baker store.   There is a $10 charge and you must register but you get a free cocktail and 20% off any purchase you make.  For more information and to RSVP link here.