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Puma Boston

Top, Versatile, Bottom by Burly Shirts

burly shirtsI stumbled upon a t-shirt maker who clearly has a good sense of humor.  The maker is called Burly Shirts, and they have a large selection of bear-themed shirts you may enjoy for yourself or as a gift.

By the way, I wear a large ;-)

Just because they make it in your size

Just because they make it in your sizeWhen I was living in Atlanta it seemed not a day would pass when I’d see someone wearing something that would make my friend Emily say, “Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean that you should buy it.

Needless to say, Emily’s words of wisdom came to mind immediately when I saw this “Stunner Bodysuit” by

Denim dreams

denim dreamsI’m not a huge fan of denim shirts, but Chad White can wear just about anything and get my attention.

Lagerfeld’s lesbian couture raises eyebrows

LagerfeldFashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, raised eyebrows and earned applause from the French GLBT community when he used fashion to express his support for a controversial French gay marriage law by sending two brides down the catwalk.  Interestingly, Lagerfeld has indicated that he is opposed to gay couples being allowed to adopt children, but that’s probably a discussion better suited for a future post. Read more here.

Versace EROS

Perfume commercials as a general rule tend to be ridiculous and Versace’s advertisement for their new fragrance EROS is no exception. Do I care? Not when the model looks like this.

Mario Testino exhibit at MFA Boston

The following post was written for me by Michael Constantinides.

testino-mfa-bostonMARIO TESTINO: IN YOUR FACE is on view at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts until February 3, 2013.

The line at the MFA’s main entrance started outside the building but, thankfully, kept moving – almost every person in that line waiting to view the broadly publicized Mario Testino “In Your Face” exhibit. I saw some boys buying MFA memberships on the spot, which instantly bestowed upon them the right to immediate entry into the building, bypassing the line (“I don’t do lines”, I overheard). And all this for good reason. These people just knew they were about to become intoxicated with photographs so esthetically gratifying (JLo’s turquoise Narciso Rodriguez gown billowing in the wind as she tethers 5 Doberman Pinschers), yet so vivid and realistic, arguably almost harsh (every follicle of fuzz on Kate Moss’ otherwise perfect nose visible, right there – IN YOUR FACE). Visitors will smirk at the handsome Tom Brady captured in a cute boyish grimace as he mimics the bark of his fellow model (Tom’s wife, Giselle, is herself the subject of several pieces on show). They will also admire Demi’s statuesque body, which certainly has me upping my squat routine – you’ll see for yourselves – the photograph that is. And of course who doesn’t want to revisit the iconic female nether region trimmed not into a mundane landing strip but in the shape of an angular letter G (that’s for Gucci)? The exhibit consists of approximately 120 super-enlarged, striking images that will send you into a visual crescendo.

And yet, regular museum goers may leave the exhibit feeling disillusioned – not with the Testino show – that’s exquisite – but with what seems to keep museums open these days: art not in its own right, but only as associated with either fashion or celebrity. Yes, fashion is sublime. Philosophically, however, there’s something sad about the reality that museums, those beacons of learning and civilization, have to pivot their shows around our celebrity-obsessed “culture”, or face extinction. And it’s true, indeed, that museums were not built to be empty so curators are justified adapting and doing whatever it takes to get people in there – hopefully people curious enough to wander off into the other areas and maybe become interested enough to return – perhaps buy or actually use that membership. Mr. Testino is a brilliant photographer and an artist in his own right who deserves to be showcased and honored. But I’d still have liked to see a line this long for, say, the Hopper exhibit or the Titian show a few years ago.

So do I recommend this exhibit? O-M-G, yes, go! You’ll love it. But here’s my suggestion – make an evening of it and do give the Linde Contemporary Art Wing a visit too. Also, do try the Allure of Japan show (running until December 31). Between exhibits, indulge in an espresso or – gasp! – dessert at the MFA’s colossal sun-drenched atrium café. You may be surprised with what you’ll discover on a day with the arts.

About Michael:  A former banker, Michael C offsets the sobriety of his professional life with his passion for design, music, the arts and anything beautiful.

© Michael Constantinides 2012 – all rights reserved

Naked Man: Gotstyle video shopping

Gotstyle is a Toronto-based menswear shop.  I’m not familiar with the Canadian store but I have to say I like their YouTube commercial.

Benetton’s naughty yarn tour

Benetton Art of KnitUnited Colors of Benetton is raising eyebrows with their New York City Pop-Up store in SoHo.  Leave it to Benetton with their “Art of Knit” displays to make yarn sexy. If you’d like to check this out for yourself, the store is located at 135 Crosby Street in SoHo, but note the Pop-Up store closes New Year’s Eve Day.

Can’t make it to NYC but want to see more? Check out the Pop-Up store website.

New Gap shirt: Fail

Clothing retailer The Gap stopped selling a controversial shirt after consumers expressed their displeasure. The shirt was a part of the retailer’s collaboration with GQ magazine to showcase America’s best new designers; incredibly ironic – right?

Who is the marketing moron at The Gap who approved this? I can understand a person from another country not fluent in American history perhaps not recognizing this term, but an educated, marketing professional in the US?  For those outside the US who may be unfamiliar,  Manifest Destiny was the term / belief used to legitimize the westward expansion of the US. Manifest Destiny, which had religious overtones, justified the enslavement and more often than not killing of Native Americans.

Oh dear

This reminds me of that rule in fashion so often ignored, “just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.”

Source: Laughing Squid

Denim dreams

sexy guyWhat can I say? I’m a denim lovah.

Fashion’s Night Out Boston: Movie under the stars

FNO Boston 2012The Shops at Prudential Center is participating in Fashion’s Night Out in Boston tonight by hosting a free screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at sundown on the South Garden.

It would be easy to make this into a great date night; have dinner across the street on Huntington Avenue at Brasserie Jo then hop over to the South Garden and enjoy the show. Dinner and a movie is rarely this romantic.

scott james FNO Boston party

scott-james-fno-bostonThe new scott james store in Boston recently moved to new digs at 173 Newbury Street, and to celebrate the store will distribute Fashion Night Out (FNO) Survival Kits on Thursday to men who visit their store while supplies last.

Each kit includes SWAG from Billy Jealousy, Emerge Salon Men’s Club, Skincando, Cape Crabbers, Dillon’s Restaurant, Taza Chocolate and scott james. Select kits include scott james gift cards valued up to $250 and one lucky guy will win a free night stay at the coveted Revere Hotel.

FNO Boston is later this week on Thursday, September 6th. I’ll be stopping by the new scott james store and plan on attending their  party at the Revere Hotel’s Emerald Lounge later that evening.

Plan on stopping by their new store at 173 Newbury Street to find out more about the party, or if you cannot join – follow my Tweets on Thursday evening.

FNO Boston: Thursday, September 6th

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO – 2012) is coming back to Boston next Thursday, September 6th.

Check out FNO Boston’s facebook page to stay up to date on everything that will be happening. I’ll be blogging more about this fun night out and hope to see you on Thursday September 6th.  Til then, enjoy this very cool promo video for  FNO NYC.

Darren Criss sings Dress You Up for FNO