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Meet my friends Miro and Vlad

Milton Hill Sport and SpaEarlier this summer I wrote about my friend and masseur, Miro, in my post Pampering in Ptown.  At the end of summer Miro (shown to the left) did not return to Bulgaria, rather he relocated to Milton where he and Vlad (also from Bulgaria and shown below) provide deep tissue massage at The Milton Hill Sport & Spa.

With the holiday season fast approaching an hour of pampering from either Miro or Vlad might make for the perfect gift.  However, just to make certain I suggest you make a reservation in the name of ‘research’ so you can speak with authority about how good these Bulgarians are with their hands.

Milton Hill Sport and Spa Massage Room

Both Miro and Vlad are hard working, great guys excited to make Boston their new home and I want to wish them much success at The Milton Hill Sport & Spa.  The Milton Hill Sport & Spa is located in the Chocolate Factory along the Milton / Dorchester line at 1 Eliot Street, Milton, MA.  Appointments are available 7-days a week from 9am – 7pm. 

Let me know if you make an appointment and be certain to tell Miro and Vlad BosGuy says “hello”.

Miro and Vlad

Miro and Vlad: Milton Hill Sport & Spa masseurs

Milton Hill Sport and Spa

1 Eliot Street, Milton, MA / (617) 698-0063

My personal trainers

Kris and StuThis is a photo of my current and past personal trainers (Kris and Stew).  Stew happens to be this week’s Furry Friday.

Don’t you think Kris would make for a great Furry Friday?

If you work out at the Boston Sports Club in the South End, I’m sure you are familiar with these guys.  Kris is a tad shy but quite a handsome guy.  If you see him at the gym or around town encourage him to follow in the footsteps of his friend and colleague, Stew.  If you don’t live in the area, leave some encouraging words in the form of a comment – you know both these guys will be checking this post to see what people say.

Today’s lesson: Know what you want

I love topsYou might think that this is obvious, but the reality is many people convince themselves that they really want something only to realize that once they achieve that goal, buy that product, marry that person of their dreams, etc… it isn’t what they want, like, or love.

Take a page out of my friend Jesse’s book and find out what you are really passionate about and love.  Everything else will work itself out – I promise.

9-11 remains a sad day

911September 11th remains a somber day. More than a decade later, I’m still transported to my Back Bay apartment when I first watched a commercial airliner fly into the second World Trade Center building in New York City.  I wasn’t able to process what I saw on TV that morning.  And in the days that followed I’d continue to struggle, realizing my good friend had been on the plane I had watched crash into the World Trade Center.

As I spent the next week with Sergio and our mutual friends Becky & Lisa, cleaning out his apartment to send his belongings back to his elderly parents who lived in the north of England, and to friends both near and far –  I kept replaying in my mind both the scene from TV of the crash as well as our last time together just a few days earlier.

Time hasn’t quite erased that image of the plane’s collision – nothing ever will – but it doesn’t dominate my thoughts the way it once did. However, each year at this time I inevitably think of my friend – thankful that I’d had the chance to be his friend and sad to think how our friendship was cut short.

How do you like my duck

Spending the weekend with friends in up state.

Blogger meet up (sort of)

Steve AliSteve Ali is originally from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago but now lives and works in the Cayman Islands.  I’m not exactly sure when Steve and I started chatting but it was definitely a few years ago back when he maintained a blog any music enthusiast would enjoy called, Long Haired Boy.

Over the years, Steve has made a few trips to Boston to see concerts (he is madly passionate about music), but this was his first visit staying at chez BosGuy. He is such a great guy, attractive, interesting and fun to spend time with and I was really happy to have him here with me. One of the best unintended consequences of writing this blog has been the friendships that have resulted.

I do promise Steve that I’ll be taking you up at some point  on your hospitality and visiting The Cayman Islands – but I hope you come back again soon.

Black tie season around the corner

Black TieBlack tie season is about to go into full swing because most charities use Spring and Fall as opportunities to host galas and other fund raising events.  So break out your tuxedo if you have one or in my case, I’ll dust off my Filene’s Basement purchase and try to eek out yet another season.