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One year ago I was here

The Maverick MenHanging out on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.  Can’t believe it has already been a year.  I leave for Brazil later next month; this time Sergio & I travel alone to spend time with his family before spending a few days in Sao Paulo.

Scruffy Sunday

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A wild night in Austin with Brian and Laura

Austin, TXAfter spending a few days in Dallas, TX for work I was able to hop a flight down to Austin, TX to visit Brian and Laura.  Brian and I have been friends since elementary school and were roommates for about five years in Boston in my late 20s and early 30s.  He moved to San Francisco where he met his wife, Laura, who is in the photo with me, wearing this ridiculous, over sized foam cowboy hat.  A few years after they met and married they moved to Austin, TX where Laura had family.

We had a fantastic dinner at Searsucker.  Sorry, no pictures or food reviews since it was all about drinking red wine, enjoying each other’s company and getting caught up. My last visit to Austin was back in January 2010 when I flew down with a group of friends to surprise Brian for his 40th birthday, which I wrote about in my post Brian’s birthday party in Austin.

Here is a photo of Laura (without the cowboy hat) and Brian from my first visit to Austin, TX back in 2009. friends, friendship

My 9/11 tribute to my friend Graham


Graham Berkeley     January 12, 1964 – September 11, 2001

It seems surreal that more than a decade has passed since September 11, 2001. Each year, I take time to note the tragedy and my connection to it.  I shared a bit of my experience in a post I wrote a few years ago by the same title, My 9/11 tribute to my friend Graham.

September 11th remains etched in my memory not only because of the national tragedy but the personal loss and the fact that Sergio was flying that same route that month but happened to be in Brazil on vacation.  The shock of the scale of the attack combined with the personal loss and the thought that Sergio could have possibly been working that flight was more than my normally cool, calculated personality was able to process.

The anniversary remains a somber one but it no longer haunts me. In a strange way I look forward to remembering my friend, Graham, who inevitably dominates my thoughts on the days leading up to and on September 11th.  I won’t be posting anything else today as a tribute to Graham.  For all those impacted by this tragedy, you have my deepest sympathies.

Bidding a fond adieu to Large Tony

Third LegWhen I started blogging I never anticipated how much I would enjoy the activity nor how many people I would meet and come to consider a friend.  One of the hazards of meeting fellow bloggers is we all have our own expiration date; no blog is forever.

Last week a friend decided to call it quits with his blog.  It didn’t come as a surprise but it was sad all the same. He has a poets heart but a dirty mind.  The combo worked for me and over the years we’ve become friends. Some of his posts were so touching they would leave me wiping away tears like his spring post, Mommy and HeOthers would distract me to no end – sorry my blog can’t accommodate you with an example, but feel free to scroll through his third and final blog for such content, Third Leg.

I’ll miss your written words but look forward to staying in touch the old fashioned way – through Twittah (and of course the phone). :-)

abraços e beijos Tony

Thank you Michael

gay leather bearWhile I was in Provincetown last week this little guy showed up as a surprise gift from my friend Michael.  I think this little leather bear is adorable and love him.

Bathroom etiquette

how to make friendsBosGuy says go out this weekend and make some friends