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Thank you Michael

gay leather bearWhile I was in Provincetown last week this little guy showed up as a surprise gift from my friend Michael.  I think this little leather bear is adorable and love him.

Bathroom etiquette

how to make friendsBosGuy says go out this weekend and make some friends


If we are so connected why are we so lonely

Do you find that more of your time is spent online and less of your time is spent face-to-face conversations with friends or family?  This video is making the rounds, and I thought I’d share it.

I don’t feel lonely, I have a wonderful partner, strong family connections and a good group of friends who have known me for a long time and can call ‘bullshit’ when they see or hear it. However, I’m not immune to this feeling and I think many others feel this way too often.

Saturday night

Holiday PartyThis is a rather unique weekend in the US.  The final weekend of the year; sandwiched between two of the biggest holidays celebrated in America: Christmas and New Year’s.

Many of you will be stepping out with friends tonight, and I wanted to wish you a happy and fun night. Here are some photos from a recent party Sergio and I hosted earlier this week.  I wish I had more pictures of everyone who stopped by but perhaps it is a sign of a good party – we simply forgot to take pictures and then later in the evening the photos became even more blurry than some of the ones used in this post. A telltale sign of our own vision at that hour I’m certain.Holiday Party 5Holiday Party 3Holiday Party 6Holiday Party 4Holiday party pictures

Bravo Jesse

Dirk Caber

Facebook photo that banned Jesse Jackman

My friend Jesse made some news last month when a photo of him kissing his partner was removed by Facebook, citing it violated their community standards. Long story short, the situation was rectified by Facebook rather quickly, but Jesse has penned an article that is on the Huffington Post today, We Must (Not) Surrender  that addresses a rather ugly side to last month’s story.

“…Dirk and I certainly feel that the definition and enforcement of their Community Standards policy needs significant refinement. However, we do not believe that Facebook is the enemy here. Our true adversaries are those who posted the hate-filled comments in the first place.

I think we can agree that there needs to be a modicum of respect when we interact with each other via social media.  The threats and bullying Jesse and his partner had directed at them on Facebook is the real story. I’d encourage you to read Jesse’s full article on Huffington Post here.

Meet my friends Miro and Vlad

Milton Hill Sport and SpaEarlier this summer I wrote about my friend and masseur, Miro, in my post Pampering in Ptown.  At the end of summer Miro (shown to the left) did not return to Bulgaria, rather he relocated to Milton where he and Vlad (also from Bulgaria and shown below) provide deep tissue massage at The Milton Hill Sport & Spa.

With the holiday season fast approaching an hour of pampering from either Miro or Vlad might make for the perfect gift.  However, just to make certain I suggest you make a reservation in the name of ‘research’ so you can speak with authority about how good these Bulgarians are with their hands.

Milton Hill Sport and Spa Massage Room

Both Miro and Vlad are hard working, great guys excited to make Boston their new home and I want to wish them much success at The Milton Hill Sport & Spa.  The Milton Hill Sport & Spa is located in the Chocolate Factory along the Milton / Dorchester line at 1 Eliot Street, Milton, MA.  Appointments are available 7-days a week from 9am – 7pm. 

Let me know if you make an appointment and be certain to tell Miro and Vlad BosGuy says “hello”.

Miro and Vlad

Miro and Vlad: Milton Hill Sport & Spa masseurs

Milton Hill Sport and Spa

1 Eliot Street, Milton, MA / (617) 698-0063

My personal trainers

Kris and StuThis is a photo of my current and past personal trainers (Kris and Stew).  Stew happens to be this week’s Furry Friday.

Don’t you think Kris would make for a great Furry Friday?

If you work out at the Boston Sports Club in the South End, I’m sure you are familiar with these guys.  Kris is a tad shy but quite a handsome guy.  If you see him at the gym or around town encourage him to follow in the footsteps of his friend and colleague, Stew.  If you don’t live in the area, leave some encouraging words in the form of a comment – you know both these guys will be checking this post to see what people say.