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Beach candy

Beach BumHere is something so sweet to look at your eyes may develop cavities.

Yahoo News features BosGuy post

BosGuy Scruffy Sunday Yahoo NewsUnbeknownst to me, Yahoo News picked up my most recent Scruffy Sunday  post over the weekend.

While there were a lot of very nasty comments (the majority of which I deleted), it was quite a nice surprise. I don’t expect that Yahoo News will publish anything else from me, and it is unlikely I will ever see such stats again but it certainly was fun while it lasted.

Many of the bloggers whom I list on my blogroll will no doubt be scratching their head at the dramatic increase in referrer links coming from my blog starting this past Sunday, and I wanted to offer some explanation as well as to comment that I have no idea how or why Yahoo News came to select my weekly post, but I have enjoyed the ride. The past couple days have been pretty cool.


Gay test

Gay TestI didn’t even realize there was an image other than two dancers. It took me a minute to see the other, naughtier image this makes.  My guess is that only gay men think this is an image of ballroom dancers.

Scruffy Sunday

Scruffy Sunday morning kissSeems like a rather pleasant way to start a Sunday morning.

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Bonus fur

bonus furNow this is my idea of a “Good Friday”.

Furry Friday

Furry Friday

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Boston Pride musical acts announced

Boston prideEarlier today Boston Pride announced the five musical acts will headline the Boston Pride Festival on Saturday, June 14th from noon to 6pm at Boston’s City Hall Plaza. This year’s entertainment includes: Mary Lambert,  A Great Big WorldAlex NewellJD Samson & Men , and Jeanie Tracy.

4/15/2014 Update: I was contacted by an employee of The Trophy Room who confirmed the Saturday Block Party will indeed take place as in past years outside the Chandler Inn.

Boston Pride according to BosGuyWith Fritz no longer at the corner of Chandler and Berkeley, I’m wondering if the unofficial block party that typically follows the parade on Saturday will still take place there.  Last year AIDS Action Committee (the beneficiary of the Saturday block party) merged with Fenway Health so I’m unsure of the status of that event.  Anyone happen to know?


Go Out Loud

Go Out LoudLater this week  Go Out Loud will host a dance party tribute at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.  Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as your favorite 1960s sitcom character or styled in your favorite look from the era to fashion for a chance to win prizes!

Thursday, April 17th – Starting at 6:00 PM at the P.E.M.

The retro dance party that pays tribute to over-the-top icons of television will have music spun by my buddy and DJ, “Gay” Jim Clerkin and Joslyn Fox. The fun starts at 6PM and more details about the evening are available here.

Scruffy Sunday

Scruffy SundayI bet his other half is busy making him breakfast in bed. Hint, hint Sergio.

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Cathedral Station to open in a few weeks

Cathedral StationCathedral Station is posting photos on their Facebook page of the work they are doing to convert the former home of  The Red Fez restaurant into Boston’s newest gay bar.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook Page Here.

Looks like Cathedral Station will open around the same time the Trophy Room. Coincidence?

Furry Friday

Furry FridayIt has been quite a while since I last posted a photograph of Ben Cohen and although I’d like the picture to be a bit larger, it does seem to capture Ben from all the right angles.

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Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

gay sports wrestlingI doubt this guy is checking for a hernia and where the heck is the other guy’s head?

TWC is coming to D.C.

Guys DrinkingReaders of this blog may be familiar with The Welcoming Committee, a LGBT social group, that organize fun evening out and ‘take-overs’ in and around Boston.  The group is mostly comprised of 20-30 somethings although those of us in the 40+ crowd have been known to also crash social events they have organized.  TWC (for short) recently expanded into Philadelphia and will soon be coming to Washington D.C.

If you happen to live in the D.C. area and read this blog, would you mind leaving a comment with a way for me to get in touch with you? I’d like to connect The Welcoming Committee with some of my readers in the area.

Alternatively you can email me at


Scruffy Sunday

Scruffy Sunday morning kissEvery morning should start with a back rub, a kiss and a quick cuddle, but unfortunately it isn’t possible so make up for lost time this morning.

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I am Sparta

Photo of UK model, Aaron Gill

Photo of UK model, Aaron Gill

I’ve always been fascinated by ancient civilizations but none more so than Greece and Rome.  Sergio has had to watch more than his fair share of documentaries on television as I sit mesmerized by the unfolding stories that chronicle the life and times of these civilizations.

I wonder if my curiosity was initially piqued because of homoerotic undertones; one need only look at a few sculptures from the time to know that the male physique was something those cultures admired.  I can assure you that our text books (that’s right – I’m so old we used books) had nothing remotely close to Aaron’s photograph, but I also know that I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I find it interesting so many gay men have similar obsessive interests in Ancient cultures, and I can’t help but think there is something to it.