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DADT this Saturday at Great Scott in Allston

Don't Ask Don't Tell, Great Scott, Gay Night, BostonSaturday, March 28th from 10:00 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Great Scott in Allston, MA ($10 cover)

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Check out the monthly gay night out in Allston, MA called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  There is more information on their Facebook page, here.

climACTS! Wet is Thursday, March 26th

Photo Credit: Joel Benjamin

The Theater Offensive (TTO) annual FUNdraiser, climACTS! is this Thursday. Join Sergio, Me and a very fun crowd at Royale in the Theater District.  The party is being emceed by David Brown,  DJ Brent Covington will be on hand and Cuban-American performance artist Octavio Campos will impress.

climACTS! Wet is Thursday, March 26th. Get your tickets today

This year’s OUT on the Edge Award will be given to Transparent actress, Alexandra Billings.  And by attending  you will help TTO raise much needed money to continue their programming for the coming year. I guarantee that if you attend you will all but forget this winter and leave flush from all the excitement.

Get Your climACTS! 2015 Tickets Here

Indiana passes anti-LGBT legislation

discriminationIndiana’s State House earlier today approved the nation’s most anti-LGBT legislation.  According to the IndyStar, similar legislation was passed by the State Senate and Indiana’s Governor has said he intends to sign this into law – all under the guise of protecting religious freedom.  The legislation is modeled on a 22-year old federal law known as the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. You may recall this act because it was what the US Supreme Court cited in allowing Hobby Lobby to opt out of the Affordable Care Act requirement that they cover contraceptives.

This sort of thing really ticks me off because I get so frustrated having these discussions over and over again. Legally barring a group from a business has haunting parallels to the civil rights struggles from the 1950s and 1960s not to mention more recent legislation organizations like GLAD, HRC and others have overturned in the courts for our community.

Shame on you Indiana – and shame on Indianans.  You may not agree with your state government but this is your home and your home makes me sick.

#RingYourGranny for Marriage Equality

The 1980s Queer activist group Act Up was the first to slap “Silence = Death” stickers all over Boston.  While we’ve thankfully moved beyond those times, the basic premise remains true. LGBT issues become more acceptable when they are openly discussed so I applaud the #RingYourGranny campaign in Ireland.

On May 22nd, Ireland will vote on the Marriage Equality referendum, deciding whether or not same-sex couples can get legally married there.  I’m posting this to voice my support and to ask anyone who might have relatives in Ireland to call them and ask them how they plan to vote.  Sometimes all it takes is the courage to speak up.


Scruffy Sunday

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I can’t stop looking at this guy’s lips.

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Bonus fur

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Furry Friday

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