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25 Years ago this month

gay flagTwenty-five years ago in November 1989,  Governor Michael Dukakis signed a bill banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing, employment, credit, and access to restaurants and other businesses.  It may be hard to appreciate this milestone but this was an amazing victory for our community and would distinguish Massachusetts as a gay rights leader in the nation.

With the stroke of the pen the Massachusetts Governor ended a nasty 17-year battle and our state became only the second in the nation to pass a law protecting the employment and other rights of gays and lesbians.  The Boston Globe has a great article addressing this major milestone worth reading, A key moment in gay rights fight

Scruffy Sunday

handsome guy, hunkWhat a nice way to wake up.  I like morning cuddles.

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Saturday night video: Toddrick Hall “Bitch Perfect”

gay parody, pitch perfect parodyTodrick Hall just posted this ahhhmazing gay parody of Pitch Perfect that will make you laugh out loud.   The faux movie trailer shares the story of the gay acapella team “The Bottom Notes” as they interview and audition new members.

Just when you thought acapella couldn’t get any gayer…

Nobody is that good looking

GrindrNobody is good looking enough for me to be able to get beyond someone this dumb. I’m flummoxed by both his confusion of the Middle East and a region of the US as well as his fourth grade-level spelling of the country Egypt.

Source: Kenneth in the 212

Bonus fur

handsome guy, shirtless guy, gay, hunkHave a great evening.

Furry Friday

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Mister New England Leather this weekend in Ptown

Mr. New England Leather in ProvincetownNovember 21 – 23, 2014 is the inaugural Mister New England Leather Weekend in Provincetown. There is more more information about the events scheduled online at, and on their facebook page.