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Bonus fur

handsome, hairy chest, hunkThis guy looks like serious trouble.  No wonder I’m drawn to him.

Furry Friday

Found this handsome guy on Kenneth in the 212 blog here.

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Boyfriends Friday night

milky way jamaica plainBoyfriends is a gay dance night at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain that is hosted on the 3rd Friday of each month. VJ Sean Johnson programs the one-of-a-kind live visuals, and joining resident DJ Brent Covington this month is guest DJ James Derek Dwyer from the melodic house night Plastique and the weekly Technique.

milky way jamaica plain

Source: Boyfriends Facebook Photos

Check out this friendly, no attitude crowd at the Milky Way, 284 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am.

More Details on FB here

Do your neck stretches

gay humorMy trainer always tells me how important it is to stretch and how it can help get your blood flowing. Until I started these neck stretches I had no idea how true that really was so stop working for a few minutes and focus.

Scruffy Sunday

man in bed, handsome, hunkI don’t think that he understands how bed sheets work.

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Bonus fur

men kissing, hairy chest, hunkDouble the bonus this week with these handsome guys canoodling.

Furry Friday

Furry Friday Tom Selleck

Growing up I regularly watched Magnum P.I. each Thursday during the 1980s. By today’s standard, Tom Selleck, would not be considered particularly buff, but for me Selleck’s look epitomizes masculinity and is in part the inspiration behind my weekly Furry Friday posts.

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