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Random man candy post

hunk, shirtless, beard, hairy, gayI love a man who knows how to accessorize.

Scruffy Sunday

handsome, hunkHow nice it would be to wake up to this smiling face. It might even make someone as grumpy as me crack a smile in the morning.

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Ab Soto: Cha Cha Bitch

Ab Soto is a queer artist who first came to my attention earlier this week in an article I read on HuffPost Gay and since watching this video I can’t get it out of my head.  He clearly has a flair for eye-catching fashion and has more wardrobe changes than a Taylor Swift video.  Check this out and get your cha cha on.

Handsome hunk

chest, shirtless, hairy, pecs What can I say? I’m really shallow and I need a pick me up to deal with the fact that tomorrow is Monday.

Whoops… this is what happens when you move your blog posts around and don’t read what you wrote back when you first loaded the post. Tomorrow is Sunday.

Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage

marriage equalityCongratulations to Ireland.  While official results have not been formally tabulated it appears the general referendum on granting full marriage equality rights for gay couples has been overwhelmingly voted by the Irish people (some estimates are saying by 70%).

“It is about removing discrimination. It is about removing inequality. It’s historic, and that’s why I’ll be voting yes,” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny 

While I’m still not an advocate for voting on minority rights, this is an historic milestone for a devoutly Catholic country, which only 20 years ago in 1995 legalized divorce.  Issues of social justice matter to Catholics and not all Catholics see homosexuality as a sin.  Gone are the days that we need to accept the phrase “Love the sinner; hate the sin.”  While the US is a completely different society, I hope the results in Ireland send a chill down Conservatives backs here and we can put this issue to rest in our own country next month when our US Supreme Court (hopefully) rules in favor of marriage equality.


Bonus fur

hairy chest, hunk, furry, abs

Furry Friday

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