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Gov. Baker adds name in pro-gay-marriage brief

Governor Baker, LGBT rightsMassachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, has become the only sitting Republican Governor to join an amicus brief that will be submitted to the US Supreme Court tomorrow, Friday, March 6th.

The case that the US Supreme Court will hear later this year challenges states’ prohibitions against same-sex marriage on the grounds of the 14th Amendment, the Reconstruction Era measure drafted to provide “equal protection.”

Charlie Baker has a history of supporting LGBT rights, which probably stems from the fact that his younger brother, Alex, is gay.  While I may disagree with Gov. Baker on certain issues, he is a rare breed in the Republican Party; comfortable with the LGBT community and willing to support issues of equality. I would like to see more of his ilk in the Republican party to help mute the Tea Party which seems to have that party by their balls.  I wrote about this exact problem facing the Republican Party in last month’s post, GOP: caught between a rock and a gay place.

Today’s Boston Globe has a nice write up explaining the details of the case and who else from the Republican Party have signed on to the amicus here.

Travel concerns for LGBT community

IpanemaEarlier this week Chicago Tribune journalist, Josh Noel, wrote, LGBT travelers face some of the biggest challengesI think the article is worth reading so I wanted to share it, comment on it and get your thoughts.

gay-travelThe crux of the article is the fact that the LGBT community in the US travels both domestically and internationally more than the general population, but despite that fact there are many parts of the world that are so dangerous that many in our community would not visit out of concerns for personal safety. Noel points out that 78 countries (more than one third of all countries) consider “homosexual acts” illegal and is even punishable by death in seven of those countries. Now in fairness, I assume that many of those countries are probably unsafe for anyone (and especially Americans) but his point is noted.

Both abroad and in parts of the United States, Sergio and I have had to think carefully about our personal safety.  We have also (at least for the time being) ruled out travel to different destinations because of either personal concern or the reputation those country’s governments have treating their gay population.  Places of interest that I’d like to visit but have taken off the list for now include Jamaica, Russia (I would love to see the Hermitage some day) and Egypt to name a few.

Noel’s article got me to thinking.  Have you ever felt unsafe because you are openly gay when traveling either here in the US or abroad?  Have you ever taken a destination off your list of places to visit because of travel safety concerns or your frustration with their local laws making homosexuality tantamount to a crime?

TTO climACTS! is March 26th

TTO, fundraiser, gay, theaterPhoto Credit: Joel Benjamin

The Theater Offensive (TTO) annual FUNdraiser, climACT! is in just a few weeks time.  This may be one of the edgiest fundraisers in Boston.  The evening celebrates the rich diversity of queer lives through provocative themes and performances.

Last year’s climACTS! included a male acrobat, the very handsome Ricardo Rodriguez in nothing more than suspenders and a cake (watch the video below) and a Maverick Men auction unlike any other you’ve seen in Boston before.  Help TTO raise much needed money and join me at this year’s program. I can guarantee that you will all but forget this winter and will leave flush from all the excitement.

Get Your climACTS! 2015 Tickets Here

Funds raised will support The Theater Offensive’s programming.  Click here for more information about The Theater Offensive.

Enough is enough

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British series Cucumber and Banana comes to Logo TV


Russell T Davies, Queer as Folk, Logo TV

Vincent Franklin as Henry in Russell T Davies’s new drama Cucumber Photo: Channel 4

Welsh T.V. producer and screenwriter, Russel T Davies, who gave us the 1999 mini series Queer As Folk, is bringing his new shows Cucumber and Banana to the US on Logo TV.   The first episodes of Cucumber and Banana will air after RuPaul’s Drag Race on Monday, March 2 at 10pm ET/PT. The two shows will then return for their official season premieres on April 13.

According to the press release, “The two interwoven drama series will explore 21st century gay life in all its powerful, witty, dark and uplifting guises through the lens of two disparate generations.”  I’ll admit I’m curious to check out this series. The original UK eight episode series QAF was pretty shocking and pushed the envelope. The US series sort of lost its way as Showtime tried to expand that initial storyline but its in-your-face unapologetic look at gay life in the late 90s had a frenetic energy.  Theo Merz who writes to the UK paper, The Telegraph, feels neither series lives up to QAF but I’d still like to check it out and decide for myself. If you live in the Boston area is Channel 281.  If you live elsewhere, check with your local provider to see if they carry Logo-TV.

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