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Boston Out-Fit Challenge is Oct. 11 has been cancelled

Out Fit ChallengeBoo… Apparently there wasn’t enough interest and the event has been cancelled.

Random man candy post – just for you

handsome guyI know I just posted my Temptation Tuesday post, but I’m wicked busy and man candy posts like this are both quick-n-easy. I hope you are having a good Tuesday and thank you for your patience.  In the meantime enjoy the post while I focus on my day job.

Modern day (and local) LGBT hero awarded MacArthur Fellowship

The MacArthur FoundationIt is easy to forget that we live in some pretty historic times.  Decades from now, young gay men and women will read about the struggle for marriage equality and the legal battles won by Mary Bonauto. In my opinion her accomplishments put her on equal footing to names like Harvey Milk, Larry Kramer and Barney Frank.

Michelle Golden’s letter to The Boston Globe last week was spot on when she wrote, “Bonauto has long been revered in my household, for the successes for human rights that she and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders have achieved, as well as for her vision and perseverance. Our family literally would not legally exist were it not for her. Bonauto’s legal triumphs have come from a combination of keen intellect and understanding of the law as well as a ferocious tenacity.

I remember when some national LGBT groups were critical of the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders taking up the cause of marriage equality. Some said the fight was doomed from the start and would cause a backlash, setting the LGBT community back decades.  Mary and the organization she led knew better and pushed forward, citing legal precedents; many of which her organization won in the 1990s that helped make the case for marriage equality.

Congratulations to Mary Bonauto for being named as one of this year’s MacArthur Fellowship; often referred to as the “Genius Grant”. You deserve the recognition; our community is in your debt.

Indian summah

handsome, speedo, hunkSummer has returned to Boston this weekend with a vengeance and for a few minutes today I experienced some serious de ja vu, thinking it was July.

Scruffy Sunday

Scruffy Sunday out of bedThink of this as the ‘legs’ edition.

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Peaches Christ “Hocus Pocus” in Castro tonight

Peaches Christ, Castro Theater I normally focus my content on Boston, Ptown and Ogunquit but tonight I wish I was in San Francisco to see Peaches Christ theatrical production and latest stage play, Coven: Return of the Manderson Sisters.

The show is at the Castro Theatre and looks to be a blast.  Are you in San Francisco? Do you have plans to check out this production? Do tell. I’d love to be there to see it.

Ticket Info Here!

Debunking The Top Five Myths About LGBT Non-Discrimination Laws

5 most popular myths about LGBT non-discrimination lawsLiving in Massachusetts it is easy to forget that there are cities and states around the country that do not have LGBT non-discrimination laws on the books.

While homophobia exists everywhere, there is power in having the law on your side and over time those laws influence behavior and help to change attitudes because the LGBT community is more welcomed and as a result able to live more openly.

Watch this video and share it.