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Bonus fur

hairy, muscle, chest, absThis week’s bonus fur post is exactly how I wish my chest hair looked like.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind having his chest or flat stomach either.

Furry Friday

handsome, beard, hairy, chest

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Justin and Nick on Instagram

Instagram, justinick_pghConfessions of a Boy Toy recently shared a blog post recently entitled,  Meet Justin & Nick: Instagram’s Sexiest Gay Couple.  For about six months I have been one of the more than 170,000 people who follow their joint account on Instagram and without fail each of their posts bring a smile to my face.

As you can probably tell from the photo above and a few more below, these guys are easier on the eyes than sun glasses on a bright summer day.  If you are not already, you too can follow this handsome Pittsburgh couple via Instagram at @justnick_pgh.

Instagram, justinick_pghInstagram, justinick_pgh

Map depicts STD rates by city in US

sexually transmitted diseases, CDCMany cities in the south east and the rust belt regions of the US seem to have a higher rate of STD infections according to data compiled by the CDC. Their report also found that there is a “troubling rise in syphilis infections among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)”.

I thought I would share this news for two reasons: first, I’m a firm believer that if you are not having safe sex then you should get tested;  second I worry that with so many gay men now on Truvada there is more risky sexual behavior and while Truvada may reduce the risk of HIV infections it won’t protect against STDs.

Source: CDC’s annual report, Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance, 2013

Source: CDC’s annual report, Sexually
Transmitted Disease Surveillance, 2013

You can read more about this study here and for more information about free STD testing in the Boston area is available here.

Sinner’s Ball this weekend in Ogunquit

maverick men, mainestreet,Sinner’s Ball, hosted by my buddies, Cole and Hunter – A.K.A. The Maverick Men, hits Ogunquit, Maine this weekend. Check out all the fun and head up to Ogunquit for the weekend if you haven’t any plans. Details Here.

Friday, July 31st – GEARED with DJ’s Ranny and Aga
Saturday, August 1st – SINNER’S BALL with Ron Hamelin & Ken
Sunday, August 2nd – REPENT TEA with DJ Aga

Monday man candy

hunk, handsome, pecs, muscle, abs, gorgeousToday is my first day back in the office after spending a wonderfully long weekend with friends  in Provincetown.  Point is I’m not feeling all that inspired so I thought I’d go with a man candy post to buy me some time.

I hope you are having an easier time adjusting back to the work week than I am.

Scruffy Sunday

orange, shirtless, hunk, beardThis guy has just the right amount of scruff in my opinion. What do you think?

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