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Why I’ve stopped reading Gawker

Conde NastI have no issue with outing public figures who speak out against gay rights or vote for legislation that is harmful to the gay community; read Buh bye Aaron Schock.

But I do take issue with bloggers and websites that indiscriminately “out” people for a news story like Gawker’s recent decision to use an angry sex worker who was extorting an executive at Condé Nast.  If you are unaware of what I am referring to, Huffington Post has an article about the incident worth reading, Gawker’s Outing of Condé Nast’s CFO is Gay- Shaming, Not Journalism.  

Reading Gabriel Arana’s article made me angry.  In my opinion, Gawker’s decision to publish this story makes them an accessory to extortion.

Manhunt Mansion pool party Saturday, July 25

Manhunt Bubbles Pool Party 6.15 handsome guyThis Saturday the Manhunt Mansion once again plays host to help fund raise for another gay organization. This weekend come out and have fun in the sun to show your support for G.O.A.L. New England.

Saturday, July 25 – G.O.A.L. New England Manhunt Pool Party

I’ve included a few more photos from past pool parties.  All are welcome to attend as these fund raisers and they are genuinely a lot of fun. If you haven’t any plans for this Saturday check it out. Tickets cost $20 and the party runs from 2-6PM
Manhunt Pool Party and Maverick MenManhunt Bubbles Pool Party 6.15 hot tub boysManhunt Bubbles Pool Party

Scruffy Sunday

handsome, hunk, abs, beard, wicked gawjusI can’t recall if I’ve previously posted this photo but I didn’t think I’d be getting any complaints even if it is a repeat. Have  a great morning.

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Bonus fur

chest, beard, gorgeous, wicked gawjus, furry fridayDoesn’t this photo make you wonder what his eyes look like? I love photos that can evoke an emotion or reaction.

Furry Friday

handsome, couple, Ptown, ProvincetownBear Week in Provincetown is winding down and I’ve enjoyed seeing photos posted from all the fun friends are having like this one of Eric and Jim.  I love to post photos of guys I know.  If you know someone who you think would make for a great Furry Friday email me at

Past Furry Friday Posts

I love the original photograph (below), but I zoomed in for the Furry Friday post to capture their happy moment together during Bear Week. Ptown, Provincetown

Denim dreams

handsome, hunk, shirtless, musclesI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not just anyone can pull off the no shirt and jeans look, but if you have the body for it – lean and toned – I say go for it.

The Country Club by Mojitos

The Country Club by MojitosIn May I wrote a post called Randolph Country Club becomes the Country Club by Mojitos.  After several attempts to connect with owners to find out what was going on, I gave up but based on the way they promoted their club, I assumed that it was no longer marketing itself as a gay establishment.

The Country Club by MojitosHowever, over the summer I’ve heard from different people that they have enjoyed visiting the newly rebranded club and some improvements have been made to make a visit more comfortable; notably they have invested in what appear to be comfortable (and clean) chairs.

I hope the owners continue to invest in the space by adding landscaping and updating the inside.  I’d also be curious if anyone has been to The Country Club by Mojitos on a weekend to let me know if the gay clientele is still visiting or if it more closely resembles the promo shots they have on their FB Page.