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Hanging with Gay Jim from KISS 108 FM

Manhunt Mansion Party

Theater Offensive Fundraiser: Masquerade

This past Friday I attended the Theater Offensive’s masquerade fundraiser at the Manhunt mansion in Brookline. You always know it is a good party when “Gay” Jim Clerkin from KISS 1o8 FM is spinning music for a party.  Jim is such a sweetheart and he always seems to be surrounded by such handsome, friendly guys. #Good2BTheDJ.

Foreplay at the Manhunt Mansion tonight

Theater OffensiveTonight is the fun-fundraiser, Foreplay: A masquerade party, at The Manhunt Mansion in Brookline from 8PM to 12Midnight.  Tickets cost $20 and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit The Theater Offensive.

Will I see you there?


Trick or treat

Happy Halloween

Best TV-inspired Halloween costume

Halloween Costume CheersEarlier this week my brother gave me a heads up about the HuffingtonPost article, TV-inspired Halloween costumes. I have to agree with HuffPost that this TV-inspired costume is the best ever evah.

What you dressing up as on Halloween

Halloween hobo homoOne of the things that I love about my mother is her ability to remember and share funny memories from our past.  Earlier this week my mother sent this funny email to my younger brother and me.

“I remember one Halloween when you (MY BROTHER) wanted to be a homo.    Rob corrected you and said, ‘You mean a hobo.’ Funny how life turns out!

Love, Mom”

Halloween humor

halloween humorDon’t be frightened. It is just boo bees.

Choose wisely

Bad Halloween costumeTomorrow evening is Halloween.  It is a rather big holiday here in the US and many spend a great deal of time and effort thinking about costumes to wear.

My favorite costume from last year was the  “Binders Of Women” that mocked then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but while creativity is definitely appreciated be careful when choosing your costume otherwise you too can be mocked on the Internet for years to come.