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10 Rules for sexy gay halloween costumes

Halloween is one of those holidays that some people look forward to all year, and by “some people” what I’m really saying is “The Gays” to quote Kathy Griffin.

Orlando Soria who writes the homemaker blog, penned a funny post earlier this month 10 Rules for sexy gay homosexual halloween costumes.  I love how Orlando clarifies at the start of his post by writing, “included are ten tips for making your costume sexy. And yes, by “sexy” I mean offensively revealing and slutty.” 

Incidentally the photo above was snagged from Orlando’s post and is a good example of his second rule, rely on cultural stereotypes.  You can check out the rest of his post here.

Candy Corn Oreos

candy corn oreo

Starting today, these golden candy corn flavored Oreos will be available exclusively at Target stores. Pick up a few bags for Halloween because they will only be available for a limited time.

And in an interestingly related post from the same blog “The Dipr” is a cookie dipping spoon for your glass of milk.  This is genius.

Source: Fire Wire Blog

Halloween in the South End

Unseasonably cool temps didn’t prevent thousands of children from trick or treating last night.  The neighborhood embraced the spirit of the holiday decorating their homes, sitting on their stoop (sipping alcohol-laced beverages to help ward off the chill of the evening), and doling out candy of every variety.   Residents on Waltham Street once again decorated their street with cobwebs, hanging bodies and statues as well as dry ice, giant spiders and spooky costumes of every variety imaginable.

Every year a neighbor on Union Park Street demonstrates his exceptional pumpkin carving skills.  This year he paid tribute to the late Steve Jobs, carving a series of Apple-themed jack-o-lanterns and lighting them beautifully.

The iconic iPod advertisement

Angry Birds

Chilly Halloween

This year Halloween has been all tricks and no treats. The earliest snowstorm in modern history walloped the Northeast this weekend and although there is no snow in Boston, the temperatures are ridiculously low.

The weather all last week was rainy and cold and unfortunately the chilly temps will remain through today before rising to a more seasonable mid to high-50s tomorrow.

Have fun this weekend

Although Halloween is not technically until Monday, October 31st, costume parties will be in full swing this weekend with guys looking for tricks to treat.

Provincetown has a series of parties this weekend including what I believe will be the final Tea Dance at the Boatslip for the year.

Enjoy your time wherever you are but be smart and think twice about your costume before setting foot outside.

Photo from HeyStupid blog.

Happy Halloween

To keep with today’s theme I thought I’d post this song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I selected this particular clip in honor of my good friend Brit who will be tending bar this afternoon at dbar for their halloween themed tea dance. If you go, say hello to him he’ll be dressed as “Rolinda Hay” pronounced, roll in da hay.

If you went out last night, tell me all about it since I’m still taking it easy and recovering from meningitis. You can shoot me an email at

Anyone going to this party?
Tickets can be purchased at Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project.

Shoot me an e-mail at if you plan to go.

Halloween with Jack and Austin

I just received this picture of my two nephews dressed as a transformer and spiderman for Halloween and I wanted to post it here to remember how cute they looked in their costumes.
Here are a couple more pictures (for posterity).

Happy Halloween

Tomorrow I am off to Ogunquit, ME to celebrate halloween with friends.  It will be a fun evening for sure and probably our last visit there for awhile. Normally I spend the evening with Sergio, walking around the neighborhood watching the hoardes of children in an assortment of costumes and photographing some of the more creative Jack O’Lanterns. You can see some of the best pumpkin carvings from last year by linking here.
The weather forecast is for the highs in the low 70s in Boston but I’m sure it will get cooler at night and Ogunquit is certain to be a tad chillier than Boston. 

Happy Halloween

Here are a few photos from halloween past in Boston. The last few years have been quite mild, and I’m hoping the same will be true tonight for all the kids in the neighborhood looking to show off their costumes. However, this morning had a chilly start so maybe costumes with lots of padding and layers will be popular this year.

Trick or Treat

Boston is expected to be fairly mild today with temperatures in the low 60s, so I plan on skipping the gym after work to walk around the South End to see all the kids in the neighborhood (of which there are many) decked out in their costumes. When the weather cooperates (and it has plenty in the recent past), Halloween in Boston can be a real treat.