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Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

Hot cocoaAs the days get colder, we have more layers of clothing between the world and our naked bodies. This means that we are more apt to pack away the pounds of fat where no one can see them – OUR BELLIES. Here is a simple, 4 ingredient,  hot chocolate recipe the will help you fight the hard battle against the freezing weather.

Start by boiling 1 cup of milk (I use whole milk).  Mix in 2 rounded tsp of cocoa powder and 1 tbs of sweetener (I prefer stevia or honey) and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract.  If you want to stay extra warm and have fresh breath, add a shot of peppermint schnapps.

Kyle at Realm FitnessKyle is a nationally certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and lifestyle motivator out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been training for 5 years and has experience working with top-tier celebrity and executive clientele. When he’s not in the gym, Kyle is reading philosophy or writing poetry.

Today is World AIDS day

December 1st is World AIDS DayDespite amazing advances there remains no cure and new infections continue to be reported.  Today is world AIDS day; make a commitment to know your status if you’ve not been tested recently and encourage your friends to do the same.

Tonight the Prudential Building in Boston will be lit red to honor and remember those we have lost and raise awareness.  The lighting will also be used to mark the launch of the 30th AIDS Walk Boston.  The ceremony will take place at The Shops at the Prudential Center (by the Belvedere Avenue) from 4:30 – 6:30 PM.

AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) around the country and the world, still need your support. Here in Boston, our largest ASO is The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.  Visit their website, make a donation or volunteer.

AIDS Action Committee of MA

Movember 2014

MovemberIt is that time of the year when guys grow mustaches during the month of November to spark conversation and help raise funds for Movember men’s health programs.  Movember organizers say that 4 million mustaches have been grown to date and the organization has raised $559 million dollars to date that have helped to fund 800 programs in 21 countries.

Would you like to show your support? Check out the Movember website.

Boots No7 Men sent me some cool SWAG

Boots No7 MenI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love SWAG – so I was pleasantly surprised when a package of free products from Boots No7 Men arrived at my place last week.  I’m really feeling the love from Boots No7 Men, because this is the second surprise package sent my way.  Earlier this fall I wrote about Boots No7 Men surprise delivery in my post, “gym essentials gift box“.

This package included Boots No7 Men Anti-Friction Shave Gel, Post Shave Recovery Balm, Men Energising Face Wash and Boots 3 Blade Razor.  All these products, which I’m currently enjoying, are available for a limited time at Walgreens and starting today.  Although I’m not much of one for using product, I have to admit I enjoy Boots No7 Men.  Thanks Boots No7 Men.

HRC wants health insurers to cover Truvada

Gilead, HRCThis weekend the largest U.S. gay-rights organization, HRC, endorsed efforts to promote the use of Truvada, a once-a-day pill to prevent HIV infection.  They are now calling on insurers to provide more generous coverage of the drug.

Truvada’s preventive use has been endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and many HIV/AIDS advocacy groups, but America’s puritanical tendencies alongside valid concerns that the drug might promote risky sexual behavior that won’t protect against other STDs has led to some doctors being reluctant to prescribe Truvada.

I welcome the HRC’s efforts in this area and hope their new policy paper which strongly supports the preventive use of Truvada and encourages health insurers to provide better insurance coverage will help increase awareness of the drug and make it more accessible to all.

You can read more about this here: Is PrEP Right for Me?

Americans’ (misplaced) concern about Ebola

American's concerned about ebolaThe Sacramento Bee published this cartoon last week and I think it perfectly sums up the hysteria that seems to be perpetuated by many of the 24-hour cable news networks.


Testicular Cancer AwarenessIt was inevitable I suppose, but looking to capitalize on the social media success of this summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, U.K. based Check One Two has created the “Crotch Grab Challenge” to raise awareness about testicular cancer and to encourage men to regularly examine themselves.

Recently Hugh Jackman decided to lend a hand (so to speak) to support the cause and tweeted out the above photo signalling his acceptance of the challenge. He then nominated Niel Patrick Harris, Michael Strahan and Ricky Gervais.