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Are you excited for Thanksgiving

Happy ThanksgivingThis guy doesn’t look all that excited for Thanksgiving.  If you observe the American Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope you have a great day tomorrow.  If you happen to be traveling  – I wish you a stress-free and safe journey.

Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

humor, hmm..., cheeseEarlier this month I was at a “fancy” French restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay with a bunch of marketing colleagues.  One of my co-workers started to chuckle and suggested we check out the cheese menu.  I’m not exactly sure that the chef understands the innuendo or how gross that sounds.

Monday blues

Monday bluesSince so many Americans will be hopping on planes this week to get home or to visit friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought this appropriate to share this week.  Have a good one and hang in there.

Saturday night video: Toddrick Hall “Bitch Perfect”

gay parody, pitch perfect parodyTodrick Hall just posted this ahhhmazing gay parody of Pitch Perfect that will make you laugh out loud.   The faux movie trailer shares the story of the gay acapella team “The Bottom Notes” as they interview and audition new members.

Just when you thought acapella couldn’t get any gayer…

Nobody is that good looking

GrindrNobody is good looking enough for me to be able to get beyond someone this dumb. I’m flummoxed by both his confusion of the Middle East and a region of the US as well as his fourth grade-level spelling of the country Egypt.

Source: Kenneth in the 212

Caption this photo


gay, humor, soccer, footballCaption this photo Similar to last month’s “Caption this photo” post, I feel like this image offers you many opportunities to impress so fire away and share with me a funny caption for this rather ‘hands on’ photo.

Do you have tight nuts or a rusty tool

WD 40 ad, humor, innuendo

Much thanks to my friend Marco for sharing this funny, vintage advert.