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Monday blues

Monday bluesCan anyone relate?

Saturday night video: Urinal etiquette

It has been awhile since I last post this.  Since many of you may be going out tonight, I thought I should share this with you.   The video actually ends shortly after 4 minutes and is worth watching.

Dykes in Hell’s Kitchen

Gay HumorI always chuckle when I pass this sign in Hell’s Kitchen. I know it is juvenile but that shouldn’t be news to anyone who reads this blog regularly.

Caption this photo

gay, funny photoSometimes you come across a picture that is actually worth way more than a thousand words. This happens to be one of them.

Laundry humor

Laundry HumorIt is laundry day here at chez BosGuy so this seems appropriate.

David Sedaris in Boston Wednesday, Oct 15

David SedarisThe very entertaining David Sedaris will be at Boston’s Symphony Hall tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15th to read excerpts from his books, articles and personal diary.  The program starts at 8PM and tickets start at $45 (tickets were still available when I wrote this post).  For more information link here.

Monday blues

Monday bluesToday is Columbus Day and many of my friends have the day off.  However, I’m back to the grind so this image suits my mood perfectly.