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This is BS

BullshitCan you relate?


Hello chef

Top and Bottom chefIf variety is the spice of life, then it appears this couple is quite spicy.

How to speak Italian: Use your hands

Check out this adorable video of Leah, a two year old, having a discussion with her great-grandma (bisnonna). Thanks for sharing Mom.

Touch and See Room

Touch and SeeMuch thanks to David over at WGB for sharing this photo earlier this week. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the sign.  It actually made me think of this photo from March 2013, First Date.

Font matters

Font mattersWhat kind of aunt is that?


Monday blues

Monday blues


YMCAI love this image that my friend Nancy Geery posted on her Facebook page last week.  Let’s be honest, this song probably has greater recognition than the institution that inspired the lyrics.

Muppet party

Wrecking ballKermit shows Miley Cyrus how one actually rides a wrecking ball, after his fourth shot of tequila.

Leprechaun on the loose

St Patrick's DayAnd he looks ticked so don’t touch his pot of gold.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

St. Patrick's DayThis is for all of you who started celebrating this weekend.

Frisky mannequin

frisky mannequinThis is my kind of store.

Monday blues

Monday bluesAnyone else start their morning like this today?

Sunday sermon

Sunday Sermon

Too funny.  Thanks to Seduced by the New.

Grilling accessories

hot dogsIf I had a grill I’m pretty sure I’d want this and I don’t even eat hot dogs. I wonder why I never see anything like this in the SkyMall catalogs LOL.

What kind of Asian are you

OMG…I love this video. Perhaps the humor plays better on the West coast or for Aussies and Kiwis. Thank you little bro for the tip.

This is HI-larious.