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Dolce&Gabbana models hit on you… on helium

Watch these Dolce & Gabbana models recite corny pick-up lines after inhaling a balloon full of helium. Filmed during the preparations for the Spring Summer 2015 show the models (hairpins on their heads and all) are both handsome and funny to watch.


Full frontal

Full Frontal MannequinLast weekend I was at the Lord & Taylor in Back Bay.  When I happened to be flashed by this bulging underwear mannequin. Sergio found me laughing to myself – apparently I revert to the maturity level of a 12 year old with a fluidity that is impressive.

I’ve never been flashed in public but based on my reaction at Lord & Taylor I assume I’m the kind of person that will point and laugh out loud. Perhaps not the reaction this stoic mannequin was hoping for. I’ll try to be more mature in the future.

Note to self: shop more often at the Back Bay Lord & Taylor.

Happy birthday U.S.

Independence Day, 4th of JulyOh brother, if you’d like a good chuckle you should hop on Twitter. There seem to be a number of people who seem to think our country is 2,014 years old.  You may read more of these sort of Tweets here.

Just to be clear we earned our Independence in 1776.  That means out country is 238 years old – not more than 2,000.


One minute parking

Parking humorI have no idea where this sign is but I thought it was hilarious when it was sent to me. This clearly is an error and they must mean one hour parking.  Can you imagine?

BosGuy humor

Silly Italians, Gay HumorMuch thanks to Dean for sharing this funny photograph.





I need the name of this plumber


Monday blues

Monday bluesThis post is dedicated to all those traveling business men and women.

Unfortunate fortune cookie

unfortunate-fortune-cookies-wasnt-chickenProbably not what you would like to read after eating your dinner, but nobody ever said a fortune has to be fortunate.  Enjoy the weekend.

My worst nightmare

Wine, Humor, BosGuyOkay, maybe not my worst nightmare but that would be pretty awful.

Hot mess express

handsome, hunkThis can be such a fun ride. God knows I’ve taken it before. Word of advice – enjoy – but beware of unexpected drama and certain delays.

Should you whip it?

Whip ItLife is full of so many difficult decisions. Fortunately this easy to follow decision tree makes it easier for you to know when you should whip it.

Monday blues

despicable meWords to live by.  Much thanks to Sergio for sharing this with me.

Do you see what I see

Playground SlideThis image was floating around the web last month so I snagged it.  Am I the only one who is twisted?  I find it hard to believe that this was accidental.

Perhaps this should be a follow up post from my post, Gay Test.

Monday blues

Monday MorningStop complaining about the traffic.  Look at what this lady has to deal with on her morning commute. For her sake, let’s hope this guy didn’t have a bean breakfast burrito.  Something tells me this guy will never be featured on Hotties on the T blog.