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Monday blues

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Oh look what time it is


Sky Mall presents the Sippy Wine Cup

Sky Mall CatalogWith all my recent traveling I couldn’t help but peruse the summer issue of the Sky Mall catalog that they cram into each airline seat.  The item that caught my eye most recently is the “Top Selling” Sippy Wine Cup that retails for $19.95.

The catalog writes, “When standing and noshing, juggling a glass of wine can be challenging. Enter this acrylic wine glass with a no-spill sippy lid. Ingenious!” Apparently readers agree because the Sippy Wine Cup has received four stars.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d prefer to leave the sippy cups to small children learning to drink.

The foah fundamentals of brewing coffee

caffeineThis past August I stumbled upon this hilarious sign at the Starbucks by the Westin Copley. Click on the image to enlarge so you can read the “Foah” (Four) Fundamentals of Brewing Coffee, that happen to include things like “propoahtion” and “wataah”.

Samsung mocks Apple’s iPhone 6

Samsung mocks AppleSamsung’s new campaign “It Doesn’t Take a Genius

I love how Samsung has used the recent iPhone 6 announcement by Apple to taunt them.  Both Apple and Samsung are mobile technology innovators, but I have to give it to the marketing team at Samsung for really sticking this one to Apple.  However, like all good rivalries, I’m sure Apple will come back swinging.  Until then though, enjoy this video from Samsung.

Monday blues

Monday bluesYup, it is definitely that time.

Airline humor

airline humorPart of me wishes everyone had to do this. It seems like we could get rid of all those wasted minutes with passengers throwing fits once they get on board a plane either insisting their bag will fit or more disturbingly they will fit.

I just flew across country in a middle seat for 6 hours and my 6’2″ frame didn’t appreciate the lack of leg room. It adds insult to injury when the passenger next to you also invades what little space you have.