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Monday blues

work weekThis illustrated graph very accurately describes Monday blues.

Boston’s No Pants Subway Ride is Jan. 11th

Society of SpotaneityMark your calendars.  Boston’s most pre-planned, impromptu program, The No Pants Subway Ride which takes place in cities across the globe is taking place on January 11th.  I’ll have more details in the coming days and hope to see you there.

What this world needs…


I totally agree with this sign but if this is going to happen I want to make sure this is the guy standing next to me when we decide to hug.

handsome, hunk, wicked gawjus

Male Hooters called Pythons

Male HootersEarlier this month @markwoodall22 posted this Tweet, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I’d LOVE to see this business plan pitched on the TV show Shark Tank.  I can hear wives from all over the US saying to their husbands, “Honestly, the food is really good. The $15 burger is totally worth the money.

Monday blues

Monday Morning Face

This is my Monday face normally – I’m glad I’m in Brazil enjoying the sun.  I hope you have a good day today.

Christmas humor

Holiday humorMuch thanks to my sister, Elizabeth, for sharing this with me.

No caption necessary – Gronk says it all

Top Chef BostonNormally I ask you to caption a photo for me, but last night on Top Chef New England Patriots player said it all and Eater Boston was there to tell us all about it.

Yesterday Eater Boston provided a sneak preview of a the episode that aired last night.  Their title was inspired by the popular New England Patriots player who actually said “I’d eat a big sausage”.  Thanks for the tip from BosGuy reader Jordan Grossi.  You can read the article here.