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Saturday night video: Sex Ed

I first post this video about a year ago but had forgotten about it until someone had reminded me about it earlier this week so I thought I’d share it again.

This YouTube video of Julia Sweeney sharing her discussion about the birds and the bees with her eight-year-old daughter is absolutely hilarious.  This clip is completely safe for work; I actually teared up at one point from laughing so hard.



male chest

Bad day

humorMaybe you thought you were having a bad day.  Maybe you just realized that your day could’ve been a lot worse.

1990s Infomercial: Wunder Boner

Wonder BonerI’m not really sure if the Wunder Boner commercials from the early and mid 1990s ever played up in New England because I have no memory of them, but this product certainly caught my attention.  The fish de-boning product is really kind of gross to watch in the infomercial below but the lines are classic.  My favorite part is when one of the actors says, “The Wunder Boner… My wife would like that.”  No comment.

Monday blues

Monday bluesCan anyone relate?

Saturday night video: Urinal etiquette

It has been awhile since I last post this.  Since many of you may be going out tonight, I thought I should share this with you.   The video actually ends shortly after 4 minutes and is worth watching.

Dykes in Hell’s Kitchen

Gay HumorI always chuckle when I pass this sign in Hell’s Kitchen. I know it is juvenile but that shouldn’t be news to anyone who reads this blog regularly.