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Weird things guys do when they are alone

Caption this photo

humor, funnyI love this kid’s expression so I’m hoping I’ll get some pretty funny quips from you.  I’ll get you started by borrowing the famous line from Conrad’s book The Heart of Darkness.  Leave a caption in the comments section below for all to read.

The Horror!  The Horror!  

Ptown humor

Ptown, ProvincetownThis is one of those annoying geography-themed bits of humor that makes absolutely no sense if you’ve never been to Provincetown but makes me smirk every time I see it.

Modern airplane seating chart

Airplane Seating ChartAs I get ready to fly out to CA I couldn’t help but wonder exactly where I might be seated in my flight.  My money is on the “Where is your God now” Economy seat most likely directly by the “Child kicking or banging on your headrest”.

Caption this photo

humor, baseballLast week these and several other photos of Chris Christie were making the round. The photos of Christie in his uniform are both funny and uncomfortable to look at but they remain ripe for funny captions so fire away.

Pastr the dating app for closeted clergy and family men

pastr dating site for closeted clergyIts humor is rooted in the sad truth that many of the most outspoken religious leaders who have railed against homosexuality are often later found on gay “dating” app sites.  Wouldn’t this just be more convenient for everyone?

Caption this photo

Gay HumorConsidering the interest that the more provocative photos get, I couldn’t help sharing this old photo from my blog when I was thinking about what picture I should choose for this week’s “Caption this photo”.

Here’s my suggested caption: Patrick grabs for the Irish Spring bar of soap hoping it will bring him the luck of the Irish