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The over sized crapper

extra large toilet seatFollowing comedian Scott Backman can be educational.  Earlier this summer he posted this photograph of an over sized toilet seat that is now available for anyone needing a bit more “support”.  I predict this will soon be a featured item in the Sky Mall catalog and a top seller at Walmart.

Kind of racist? Try a can of diet racism

For all of you who say sort of racist stuff. You may enjoy the refreshing taste of diet racism. Lucky for you it is served in every community and every neighborhood from coast to coast.

Sign language

No PeeingThis appeared in the Boston Globe the other day.  Apparently this Czech Republic sign ‘encourages’ people not to urinate in public.

Boston Tops

gay humor, tops and bottomsLast week Mike M. posted this photo on his Instagram account. No comment.

Funny photo of the day: Boneless bananas

humorThis isn’t a euphemism or me being dirty. This is Market Basket’s new marketing strategy to win back their disgruntled customers (I jest).


Sergio makes the same exact face when…

This is what Sergio looks like when

Monday blues

Monday MorningQuit your complaining. This could be your commute. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase of “waking at the crack of dawn”.