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Saturday night video: SNL Serial Parody

OMG this is hilarious.  The SNL skit appeared during the holidays when I was out of the country so much thanks to my friend Tracey for telling me about it.   I was absolutely addicted to the Serial Podcast and this is brilliantly done.

Caption this photo

humor, funny, stretchingOkay guys this week’s “caption this photo” post is sort of asking for it so impress me with your wit and creativity and share a caption or two for this photo.

Monday blues

Happy to go to workI know I’ve posted this before, but it is such an accurate depiction of how I feel.

Caption this photo

BosGuySome days just don’t go as planned.  Share a funny caption that comes to mind when you look at this photograph.

Cats with Thumbs

Cravendale is a brand of milk sold in the UK and this was a popular video they released a few years ago that I stumbled upon.  It is pretty funny and I thought it might help you start your day with a smile.

Knock knock: Orange

BosGuy:  Knock knock!!

You:  Who’s there?

BosGuy:  Orange.

You: Orange who?

BosGuy:  Orange you glad you read this post!?!

handsome, hunk, shirtless, absknock knock, black man, handsome, hunk, shirtlessorange, knock knock joke, handsome, hunk, hairy handsome, hairy, furry, chest

Caption this photo

wrestlingYou know the drill. Share a creative caption for this photograph.