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Caption this photo

Caption this PhotoThanks to FB buddy, Dana, who posted this a while back.  The minute I saw it I knew it would make for a great “Caption this photo” post.  Share a witty comment that comes to mind when you see this image.

Sign language

Give a man a gunSource:

Max Underpants: Photoshop (Guest starring Willam Belli)

I’ve been following Max Emerson’s Underpants Episodes and thought I’d share his fourth installment which he published earlier today.  Max has the entertaining Willam Belli on hand to help him with this episode which addresses how Photoshop might be used in some underwear modeling photo shoots.


Caption this photo

humor, sexy man, nakedThis week’s photograph is more risqué than most photographs I post on my blog but when BosGuy reader, Tim, sent me this photograph of himself I couldn’t help but laugh and appreciate his bawdy sense of humor; after all, it is kind of perfect for this reoccurring post.

Since Passover starts this Friday, the timing of this photograph couldn’t be better.

Both Tim and I look forward to your captions.

Mrs. Betty Bowers explains Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” legislation

Christian persecution,As the brouhaha over Indiana’s “religious freedom” legislation grows and Governor Mike Pence continues to fail to respond to questions on how this isn’t legalizing discrimination,  Mrs. Betty Bowers “America’s Best Christian” steps in to stand up for all those persecuted Christians who are forced to abide homosexuals entering their stores and <gasp> treat them the same way they would treat heathens like Jews, Muslims, agnostics and even non-believers.

Better Said Than Done by storyteller John Kevin Boggs

Much thanks to @PoachedBoston on Twitter for suggesting I listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.  At the end of the first episode I listened to they gave a shout out to John Kevin Boggs who recently passed away.  Kevin Boggs (as they referred to him) shares a touching story in the video above that left me a bit teary eyed.  Having said that, the six minute video will make you laugh out loud. He is that rare individual who can weave humor into any story.

Caption this photo

sports, humor, jockWhat a curious image of these two soccer / football players.  What the heck do you suppose these two are saying?  I’m curious to read your captions.