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Ever have one of those meetings

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The Colbert Report – The Word – President Obama

Apparently I’m one of the few (24% according to Rasmussen’s Presidential Tracking Poll), who strongly approve of President Obama’s performance.  My only real ongoing beef with Obama is in the realm of foreign policy – but even that is all relative when I think back to his predecessor’s foreign policy.

I love this clip from The Colbert Report and if you’ve not had a chance to see it perhaps you should.  It is not only very savvy of him when you think about the demographic he is reaching but also very self-deprecating; something I appreciate.

Caption this photo

wrestling, sports humorCaption this photo. Similar to my wrestling photo from October’s “Caption this photo” post, I feel like it offers you opportunities to impress me with your wit so fire away and share with me a funny caption.

Monday blues

monday humorThis picture more or less sums up how I feel about most Mondays.

Holiday humor

Holiday humorClick on image to enlarge.

Caption this photo

gay, humorMuch thanks to Kenneth in the 212 for posting this last month. It gave me a good laugh and called to mind some funny captions that might be appropriate like…

“It was all fun and games until Michael unexpectedly farted.”

Impress me with your creativity and share some funny captions.


Sign language: i’m lovin’ it

humorPlease tell me that someone modified this sign and it isn’t on NYC buses driving around the city.  Regardless (or should I say irregardless) i’m lovin’ it McDonalds.

Much thanks to Julian for sharing.