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What kind of Asian are you

OMG…I love this video. Perhaps the humor plays better on the West coast or for Aussies and Kiwis. Thank you little bro for the tip.

This is HI-larious.

Sky Mall party cups

Sky MallLast week I had to travel to Kansas City, MO for work and as many of you know, I’m inclined to pick up and peruse the Sky Mall catalog while sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off.  It seems every issue of Sky Mall contains at least one item that makes me laugh out loud and the early spring catalog was no exception.

Rita Rims – Really?

The tag line reads “These cups come ready to party”.  I’m just not certain what kind of party they have in mind.  Sounds to me like Rita is a puttana. Whenever I see stuff like this, I always think there is a gay marketing executive somewhere laughing over a drink (perhaps in this case over a Rita Rims Party Cup) telling his buddies what he suggested as a product name.


Happy valentine’s day

Valentines Day

Not having kids

This funny video mimics pharmaceutical drug commercials on television and pokes fun at many people’s obsession with having children by sharing the side effects you can come to expect when you decide you’re not having kids.  Thanks to my brother (and new Dad), for sharing this.

Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts

Valentine's DayBlack Friday as a few of my friends are referring to Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away.  While I’m a fan of any holiday that encourages people to tell those they care about how important they are to them, I’m not so deluded as to think that this holiday is everyone’s favorite so I thought I’d share this funny image.

San Francisco Metro: Transit station surroundings

MapThe Humorous Map of Boston I posted previously proved to be popular so I thought I’d showcase this funny map of San Francisco’s transit stations.  Can you figure out which stop is which?  Does Urbane accurately describe what one finds outside your transit station?

Click on the image above to enlarge or visit Urbane’s website here.

Sochi Olympic Village men’s bathroom

Gay SochiConsidering how uptight Russia seems to be about man-on-man action, it is puzzling that they would actively encourage pairs of men to share bathrooms like this.  Don’t they realize gay cruising pretty much started here?  This is clearly another case of people needing to know their history.  Despite the Mayor of Sochi’s claims that no gay people live here, that can’t be said for the Russian Olympic village.

Curious that in their very specific bathroom warning signs (see above) they don’t ban bathroom sex. Should one infer that it is encouraged? Even someone as homely as Putin stands a chance of getting some action in a bathroom stall.Vlad Putin not so good looking

BosGuy P.S.A.

Public Service AnnouncementPlease note this helpful BosGuy P.S.A. that reminds you not to blow dry your bits. This is considered more than a tad reckless and something nobody wants to witness in a gym locker room.

Men on Football

In honor of the Super Bowl, here is a classic skit from the 80s show, In Living Color.

You might be gay if…

feetWhen you look at this picture you think, “I need to get a pedicure.”

Sesame Street humor

Sesame Street HumorLove this.  Hope it makes you smile and laugh as well.

Monday blues

Monday bluesAnyone relate to this picture? I hate waking up to an alarm.

Appropriate ways to greet each other

Max No SleevesThis past summer I first posted a video from Max on how to cut off t-shirt sleeves.  The video proved popular not only because of the practical advice but the fact that Max is rather attractive. You can watch the clip here.

I recently started following Max on Twittah and it turns out that even though he now lives in Southern California, he’s a Boston native. Who knew?

Anyway, I figured I’d feature his “Appropriate Greetings” video. Careful if you are in a work environment as there is some profanity.  Bostonians may recognize his version of how we say “hello” which interestingly follows how the Irish greet each other around the 45 – 50 second mark. 

An honest 8 inches

Jimmy JohnsMy friend, Slobodan, shared this image he snapped of a Jimmy John’s sign.  Too funny, but good to know since it is January and likely to be cold for quite a few more months.

PooporriYes, kids I’m sorry to say this is an actual product you can purchase on and on the company’s website. If you happen to enjoy potty humor you probably should check out this funny commercial.