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Monday blues

Monday bluesToday is Columbus Day and many of my friends have the day off.  However, I’m back to the grind so this image suits my mood perfectly.

Sarah Sliverman closes the gap

Sarah Silverman releases a hilarious video about a not so funny subject; equal pay.  Nothing infuriates me more than people treating the idea of feminism like a dirty word. For the record, feminism is about fighting for gender equality and fair treatment.  I’m happy that Sarah can bring attention to this topic.

The Equal Payback Project

Masculine Halloween costumes for your effeminate son

This video is a few years old and is courtesy of The Onion, a satirical digital media company.  However it is still funny and intended in good fun, although it doesn’t stretch the imagination to see something like this on the morning show FOX and Friends.


marriage equality, same sex marriageI love this sign.

Such a modest young man

humorHat tip to Kenneth in the 212 who posted this recently on his blog.

Monday blues

Monday BluesWouldn’t that be perfect? Sadly it isn’t an option for me.

Thought of the day

Thought of the DaySort of says it all doesn’t it?