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Attention wine lovahs

Amisfield Pinot Gris 2012, New ZealandLast week, local blogger, Richard Auffrey, wrote a post  on his blog, The Passionate Foodie, that wine lovers in MA need to know about called, Rant: A Plea To Wine Lovers In Massachusetts.

In his post, (which I encourage you to read – use the link above), he explains some of the details of our state’s new Direct Shipment Law.  However, what I wanted to focus on was his plea that wine lovers contact their favorite U.S. wineries and tell them you want to be able to get their wines shipped to you. These wineries need to know that a demand for their wines exists and it will be financially advantageous to apply for a Direct Wine Shipper license.

Write a letter or email to your favorite wineries or contact them through your preferred social media outlet and most importantly – get the word out to your friends to do the same.

When will MA legalize marijuana

potAccording to an article in The Boston Globe last month, a local group called Bay State Repeal is organizing and collecting signatures for a ballot question in 2016 that, if passed, would legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. A more powerful national group, Marijuana Policy Project, also organized a referendum committee, which is considered a first step in a process that is less than two years away.

Polls indicate that Massachusetts supports such legislation with ballot initiatives in 2008 and again in 2012 approved by 63% of voters.  I understand and have heard the arguments against legalizing marijuana, but I still would rather have it regulated and sold legally.  What do you think of such an initiative if it is brought to a vote?

You might be from New England if…

you ever had one of these sandwiches before.  Can you name that sandwich?New England

Eleven years ago today this happened in MA

Same Sex MarriageNovember 18th, 2013 the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a ban on gay marriage is discriminatory and unconstitutional. Opponents made doomsday predictions about how this would destroy traditional marriage. History has proven those arguments were nothing more than thinly veiled homophobic rantings.

I would imagine the fact that the very, very gay friendly state of Massachusetts having the lowest divorce rate per capita in the United States is a very inconvenient truth for those who continue to oppose same sex marriage on the basis that it harms the institution of marriage.

Now you can buy alcohol on Sunday mornings in MA

State Liquor licenseDid you know that starting last Sunday, you can now purchase alcohol starting at 10 a.m. – instead of waiting until 12 Noon? shares more information on this inn their post, Mass. “Blue Laws” Change to Allow Liquor Stores to Sell Alcohol 2 Hours Earlier on Sunday.



Bay Windows endorses Richard Tisei

Richard Tsei, Bay WindowsGay Republican, TIsei, endorsed by Bay Windows

Bay Windows, New England’s premiere newspaper for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, has done something inconceivable – it has endorsed a Republican running for a U.S. Congressional seat.

Richard Tisei (R) is running for Massachusetts 6th Congressional District and as Bay Windows writes, “Tisei is a pro-choice, pro-gay, and qualified for congress. Oh, and he’s gay.”  That’s right America, Massachusetts is now ready to export, out & proud gay Republicans.  This will be maddening for conservative pundits like Limbaugh and Huckabee. Can you imagine them frothing at the mouth as they say things like “US Republican Congressman, Richard Tisei’s husband…”

More importantly Tisei’s presence could build bridges and help end the war his party has waged on the LGBT community since the 1980s.  I don’t mean to infer that electing Tisei will single-handidly change the Republican party’s homophobic attitude toward homosexuality but it certainly adds an interesting dynamic and guarantees Tsei a national platform to talk openly about LGBT concerns.  He isn’t afraid of challenging his party.  After all he boycotted his own party’s convention when Republicans in our state added language opposing marriage equality.  And you know what – he still beat there ass. I can’t wait for this showdown and wish Richard success at the ballot box on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Autumn in New England

Fall foliageFoliage is definitely peaking in and around Boston just in time for next weekend’s Head of the Charles Regatta. Check out this photograph my friend Slobodan snapped in a town just south of Boston this past Friday.