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Post Modern Jukebox returns to Boston

Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox returns to Boston October 19th at the Wilbur Theatre.  I have repeatedly posted videos of the Post Modern Jukebox – a band that remakes popular songs and performs them in different musical genres with talented vocalists.

I love their work and wanted to share news of their return to the area so you may purchase tickets to see them on tour.

Tickets to Post Modern Jukebox on Oct 19th

Saturday night video

Remember this Carly Rae Jepson 2012 hit? The catchy pop tune spawned a host of video covers.  My favorite was this version by the Harvard University baseball team.

Donna Summer roller disco tribute Friday

Donna Summer TributeIn honor of Donna Summer, who was born and raised in Boston, the city in collaboration with Together Boston will host a Donna Summer Roller Disco Tribute on Friday, July 18 from 6 to 10 p.m in City Hall Plaza.

Adding to the Donna Summer celebration will be two of Boston’s loved drag queens, Frieda Fries and Nicholle Pride of Perestroika who will model the late disco queen’s iconic styles.

Rollerskates and blades can be rented on Friday free of charge at the event, and if you don’t want to skate, you can just come and dance to the classic disco tunes played by Dorchester DJ Kon and friends.

Well Strung returns to Ptown at The Art House

For all of you who have plans to visit Provincetown this summer, I always recommend taking in a show or two. In the summer, Ptown becomes like a gay little Las Vegas with more shows on any given night than many cities more than ten times its size.  A perennial favorite is Well Strung who are performing again at the Provincetown Art House through September 20th.

Tickets to see Well Strung in Ptown

Wambura Mitaru performs in Back Bay tomorrow

Wambura Berklee
Wednesday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m.
Boston Public Library
700 Boylston Street, Boston  (view map)

Do you like soul, R&B and jazz?  You might want to check out Wambura Mitaru, a young and passionate singer and song writer from Nairobi, Kenya who attends Berklee College of Music. She has a beautiful voice and will be performing for free Wednesday evening.  Stop by and check out this brilliant singer / song writer then go grab a drink with friends in the Back Bay.

Postmodern Jukebox covers No Diggity

I’ve been regularly featuring Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox clips because I love how he reworks modern songs into popular styles from past decades.

Check out their latest, a cover of No Diggity with Ariana Savalas singing the 90s Blackstreet song  much like Jessica Rabbit might have at the  Patty Cake Lounge.

Tell me what you think. I actually prefer this to the original.

Madonna 2014 New Track says BosGuy

Madonna Katy PerryMadonna – the mother of reinvention – is driving fans crazy with rumors and innuendo. At least that is what Billboard Magazine seems to be hinting at with their riddle recently posted on their website – here.

Billboard will reveal who the artist is behind the 50-second snippet (listen to at the above link).  Based on their not so subtle hints is there really any doubt?  Rumors also suggest a May 26th Memorial Day surprise launch on iTunes. Check back and you can thank me latah.