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What will it take for Republican “moderates” to stop making excuses

Republican PartyWhile it is true that Michele Bachmann is now a former Republican US Congresswoman and not running in the Republican Presidential Primary, she was part of the Republican Party’s leadership until earlier this year, and a former Republican Presidential primary candidate.

What will it take for alleged Republican Party “moderates” to forsake their party and stop making excuses for the inexcusable?

So when I discount the current field of Republicans who have announced their run for office of the President of the U.S. let’s keep in mind the former crop which doesn’t just end with Michele “I am a quack” Bachmann.  It is harder and harder for me to take anyone who identifies with this party as a serious candidate.

No matter how liberal the ideas are from progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, there is no comparison to the faith-laced gibberish all Conservatives seem to fall back upon.  Bachmann’s comments are not the exception to the rule they are becoming more and more the language of the Republican Party.

USA TODAY / Suffolk University poll finds Americans expect marriage equality for all

marriage equalityThe Supreme Court hears arguments next week in a landmark case on gay marriage, but most Americans already have made up their minds and the general consensus is that there’s no turning back according to a nationwide USA TODAY / Suffolk University Poll that was published this past weekend.

Those surveyed say by 51%-35% that it’s no longer practical for the Supreme Court to ban same-sex marriages because so many states have legalized them. One reason for the change in public views on the issue: Close to half say they have a gay or lesbian family member or close friend who is married to someone of the same sex.

USA TODAY published the full findings of their survey which also explores people’s attitudes / opinions on businesses seeking the right to discriminate on who they serve; using the excuse of ‘religious freedom’.  Some of the findings surprised me and some of the findings disappointed me – only reinforcing Signorile’s point in his new book, It’s Not Over.

You can read the full article in USA TODAY, here.

(Ireland) Marriage Equality: Bring your family with you

I don’t think there are many people who read my blog who live in Ireland but I don’t think of LGBT rights in terms of cities, states, or nations.  I think of them as human rights  so I wanted to take a moment to voice my support and ask anyone who might have connections to Ireland to reach out and encourage people to vote yes next month.

I’d bottom for Elizabeth

I'd Bottom for Hillary, ClintonLast weekend the Bottom for Hillary Instagram account posted this funny photo, following Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she intended to run for President.

And it got me to thinking…

While I do love me some Hillary, if I’m going to bottom for a politician, I think I’d prefer to keep that sort of thing local.  So even though it will never happen, I’m going to save myself for Elizabeth. I like her populist message and the fire in her belly.  Sorry Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb, I’m sticking with Elizabeth.

I'd Bottom for Elizabeth

AMERICAblog is looking for writers

AmericaBlogWrite for AMERICAblog – Details Here!

Are you a progressive and do you fancy yourself a writer?  One of my favorite blogs, AMERICAblog is looking for writers who would like to share their thoughts and feelings about political and cultural issues of the day.  If you or someone you know fits that description, AMERICAblog would like to hear from you.

For more information, visit Jon Green’s blog post.  AMERICAblog provides an excellent forum for you to share your thoughts and opinions.

Hillary for America

Hillary Clinton is running for president.  Watch the video and share it with your friends. #Hillary2016

A majority of Americans believe a business should not be able to refuse service to LGBT community

Christian persecution,The conservative Christian base of the Republican Party clearly wants to have a fight over what it calls “Religious Freedom” in the upcoming election cycle.  No longer able to defend their flawed logic on why same sex couples will destroy the institution of marriage they’ve moved on claiming their 1st Amendment rights are being infringed.

I’m not going to address that equally flawed logic in this post, but I am going to share that I was happy to see the results of last Thursday’s Reuters/Ispsos poll, which found that a majority (54%) of Americans believe businesses should not be allowed to refuse services based on their religious beliefs.  I believe this trumped up issue of “religious freedom” is going to be repeatedly used by conservative Christians to shape the Republican primary in an attempt to dupe the public into thinking the community that is being discriminated against (the LGBT community) is somehow at fault.