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Republican party immigration policy

Republican Immigration platformThe 2016 Presidential campaign season is in full swing and while anyone could win the election, the window of opportunity seems to be shutting for Republican candidates.  I had thought one of the lessons learned by the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee after the 2008 elections was that they need to start building bridges with the all important Latino community.

With California and New York solidly in the Democrat’s back pocket (California last voted for a Republican President in 1988 and New York in 1984) and states like Texas where 38% and Florida where 23% of the population identify as Latino, you have to wonder who are these Republican candidates listening to and what do they think the general electorate thinks of their xenophobic rhetoric.

What’s the definition of “traditional marriage”

Matt Baume has an interesting video that looks at how marriage has been defined through the ages.  You may be surprised by how marriage is defined in The Bible.

Bienvenida Cuba

CubaAfter more than 50 years, the United States officially reopened its embassy in Cuba today.  I hope that this is a sign that travel bans and our embargo will be lifted. Although the repressive Cuban government bans access to the Internet, I still would like to say to all my amigos in Cuba, “Bienvenida. Que pasa?”

Tweet of the day: John Dingell’s Tweet to Trump

John Dingell, Donald Trump, Twitter, John McCain, PoliticsJohn Dingell was a congressman for 59 years before he retired earlier this year. Yesterday Dingell responded to Donald Trump on Twitter after the annoying Republican Presidential candidate accused Senator McCain of being a dummy. Trump’s Tweet was in response to Senator McCain’s comment that Donald has “fired up the crazies” on immigration.  What a pity that it took Dingell to put Trump in his place. What does it say about the character of the other Republican Presidential Primary candidates?

Am I really suppose to believe Republican’s tough talk on foreign policy with Russia’s Putin, Syria’s Assad, and Iran’s Ayatollah, when they run scared from a loud mouthed bully like Trump? 

Thanks to Brian Moynihan for the tip on Twittah.

ReTRUMPlican Party on Immigration

Democrats certainly are enjoying themselves, watching what I can only describe as the Donald Trump hour.

While most Republicans do not agree with Trump’s views on Immigration and Immigration Reform, the candidates running for President haven’t exactly worked to create a more welcoming party and have often stoked those same flames.  This might be a classic example of reaping what you sow.

What has been won in the courts can be taken away: LGBT rights

Becky Wegner RommelWith the recent US Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, many feel elated but the fact remains a lot of Americans remain sympathetic to Becky Wegner Rommel who appears in the video below and while her rant is probably the very definition of manic and easy to giggle at while watching – let’s remember this woman votes.

Becky’s bat-shit crazy rant should serve as a reminder that the 2016 Presidential election remains even more important to our community.

What has been won in the courts can be undone, and if Becky and those sympathetic to her get their way that is what will happen.  That’s why I don’t find this video funny.  I find it frightening.

Tweet of the day: @LargeTony

Tweet of the Day

Although the day isn’t over, I couldn’t resist sharing @largetony‘s tweet.  Earlier today he tweeted, “So the unemployment rate in US has dropped to 5.3%. There is national healthcare. And marriage equality. I blame Obama.

I blame him too Tony. I remember all too well what our country was like after 8 years of “leadership” from a Republican President before Obama won in 2008.