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Long Point Provincetown

Long Point ProvincetownWhile in Provincetown this weekend, I kayaked out to  Long Point Lighthouse.  Long Point is the final tip of Cape Cod where the land curls back and creates a natural harbor for Provincetown. The Long Point Light House was built in 1827 and is a landmark you can see from shore as well as when arriving by ferry from Boston.  The easiest way to visit Long Point is by taking a water taxi but kayaking is a lot of fun and despite some strong headwinds, I was able to make it there in less than an hour.

Kayaking proved to be a good work out and on the way I was able to view some of the impressive yachts moored in the harbor and catch some glimpses of the local wildlife, including a seal that watched me with curiosity for a good 3-4 minutes.  I was ill equipped to snap photos but feel like I may be better prepared next time so I can hopefully share some of these experiences. Here are a few photos that I snapped with my phone of Long Point Lighthouse in Ptown. Long Point Provincetown trailLong Point Light House

Golden Gals at Art House in Ptown

The golden gals at the Art HouseEarlier this spring I mentioned that Varla Jean Merman and Ryan Landry would be teaming up this summer in Provincetown for a new show at The Art House called The Golden Gals. 

Running thru August 30th performances happen each Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM.  Yours truly along with a dozen friends are going to tonight’s performance.

If you happen to be in Ptown and are heading to the show, say hello.

Get Your Tickets Here

Off to Provincetown

Provincetown FrerrySergio and I are off to Ptown for a few days with friends so I may be slow to approve comments or more difficult than usual to reach while away.  Have a great weekend.

Friday Bear Week: Fireman’s Ball

Although many will stay in Provincetown through the weekend and parties will continue, Bear Week concludes Saturday morning so Friday night is the last hurrah for Bear Week 2014. Here are a couple of suggestions for the last night out.

Ptown East EndBy Day: Make the most of your last full day. If you’ve yet to peruse Commercial Street – take the opportunity to grab a snack at Relish in the West End and walk through town, deep into the East End.

There are more art galleries and unique shops and boutiques you could ever hope to walk through.  Ptown is as pretty as a post card. Make sure you snap some of your own pictures to remind you how special Provincetown really is.

Provincetown Fireman's BallBy Night: What would a gay theme week be without a Fireman’s Ball? No worries – Ptown has it covered.

This party at the Town Hall auditorium includes special guest DJ/ Producer, John La Page, and VJ Tom Yaz and raises money for Ptown’s Fireman’s Association.

More information and tickets to the party can be purchased from the Crown & Anchor box office or online here.

Thursday Bear Week: Bears on bikes and Bearmania

While Bear Week isn’t over – the end is within sight so make the most of these last few days.  Here are a few suggested activities you may want to consider for Thursday during Bear Week.

Bears on Bikes Ptown 2014By Day: Bears on bikes from 9 AM – 12 PM.  Bring your bicycle and meet at Gale Force Bikes for a 2 to 3 hour bike ride on the paved trails at the Cape Cod National Seashore. President Kennedy preserved the natural beauty by making this a national park and it is a beautiful bike ride.

Bear Week in Provincetown at the Crown and AnchorBy Night: Head over to the Crown & Anchor for Bearmania w/ Horse Meat Disco – doors open at 10PM.

Pre-sale tickets you can get from the link provided are cheaper than at the door and ensure you can attend the party if it sells out.

Note: Arrive early and grab a drink or two at the fun neighboring Wave Bar and catch a few videos while sipping a drink or two.

Wednesday Bear Week: Deluca Gallery and A-House

It is hump day tomorrow (not literally BTW).  Here are some possible activities you may want to consider if you are in Provincetown for Bear Week.

Deluca Gallery ProvincetownBy Day: Check out the Deluca Gallery at 432 Commercial Street. Visiting Ptown without checking out one of the many galleries here is a mistake too many people make.

The Deluca Gallery has an exhibit right now by Alexei Biryukoff that is worth seeing.

Atlantic House Ptown Bear WeekBy Night: If you are feeling a bit cheeky you may want to head over to the Atlantic House (A-House) for their weekly ‘Ass Wednesday’ contest.

In addition to great music, later in the evening they host a contest to determine who has the best butt and the winner takes home $100 in cash. Someone can earn back a weeks worth of Tea Dance cover charges just by dropping their drawers.

Tuesday Bear Week: Sims and Hot Sauce

Bear Week is in full swing and while there is plenty to do here are two suggestions you may want to consider on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania State Rep, Brian SimsBy Day: Meet and hang out with the incredibly handsome Pennsylvania State Representative, Brian Sims who is hosting Afternoon of Beer and Bears from 2-4pm Details here,

I would be eternally grateful for anyone who can spot Brian shirtless and get a photo of him. Gawd knows I’ve scoured the Internet for such a photo but to no avail. Here are some favorite photos of Brian Sims.

Provincetown Bear WeekBy Night: Hot Sauce debut party in Provincetown at the Boatslip starts at 9PM.

The party features Rich Morel and DJ/host partner Bob Mould as well as Roddy Bottum of the bands Faith No More and Imperial Teen.

Bear Week registrants only pay $5 cover.


Monday Bear Week: Beaches, kilts and a show

Tomorrow everyone who came to Ptown for the weekend will be gone but the celebrations for Bear Week will have barely started.  Here are some suggestions you may want to consider if you are in Provincetown for Bear Week.

Provincetown beachBy Day: Bears at the Beach from 11AM to 4PM.  (look for the Bear Flag).

Head to the left from the beach house, and walk along the beach (or follow the path from bike parking area on road).  Be sure to bring water, food and sun screen.   There is a shuttle from town center or you can bike to beach. The beach is free for pedestrians and bicyclists but there is a charge for parking.


provincetown bear week kilt tea danceBy Night: Kilt Bears Tea Dance from 4PM to 7PM at the Boatslip. Why not? This sounds like a blast and it makes me wish I was in Provincetown for all the fun.  After Tea Dance ends, get tickets for the Well Strung 7:30 show at the Art House at 214 Commercial Street.



Who is excited for Bear Week in Ptown

Provincetown Bear WeekProvincetown’s Bear Week 2014 starts tomorrow.  Will you be there?

Bear Week in Ptown

Bear WeekBear Week officially starts on Saturday, July 12th and this year there seem to be more shows, parties and personalities than ever before.

While nobody should try to see or do everything – leaving Bear Week without checking out some of the fun events that are happening during this theme week would be a shame too. Here are some events I’ve noted that you might want to check out during Bear Week.

Saturday, July 12th Underwear Party at Purgatory

Sunday, July 13th Meet author, Amistead Maupin

Monday, July 14th Kiltbears Tea Dance at Boatslip

Tuesday, July 15th Beers and Bears with Brian Sims

Wednesday, July 16th Ass Wednesday at A-House ($100 prize)

Thursday, July 17th BearMania w/ Horse Meat Disco

Friday, July 18th Fireman’s Ball at Town Hall auditorium

For a more thorough list of events happening at Bear Week in Provincetown be sure to check out


Well Strung returns to Ptown at The Art House

For all of you who have plans to visit Provincetown this summer, I always recommend taking in a show or two. In the summer, Ptown becomes like a gay little Las Vegas with more shows on any given night than many cities more than ten times its size.  A perennial favorite is Well Strung who are performing again at the Provincetown Art House through September 20th.

Tickets to see Well Strung in Ptown

4th of July celebrations in Provincetown

Sergio and I will be in Boston for this year’s 4th of July celebrations, but here is a quick look back at all the fun in Provincetown at last year’s 4th of July Week.

Ptown connections

Seth Fornea

Seth Fornea at Boatslip in Ptown July 4, 2013

Ptown is such a fun place. One never knows who you’ll bump into when you are there.  An old friend you’ve not seen in years (or perhaps you didn’t even know was gay), a new boyfriend in the making (more than a few romances have started in this tiny town), and of course handsome, gay actors, models, etc…

Armistead Maupin at The Crown & Anchor Bear Week

Tales of the CityArmistead Maupin will be returning to Provincetown during Bear Week this year.  He’ll be reading from his latest work and sharing anecdotes and insights at The Crown & Anchor Sunday, July 13th.

I love this photo of Sergio hanging with Armistead at the Crown & Anchor back in 2012. He is a very friendly and approachable guy.

Click here for more info about the event and to purchase tickets.




2014 Ptown Independence Parties

Chris HarrisProvincetown is about to get real crowded as tens of thousands of men visit for the Independence Week parties starting on Saturday, June 28th. The entire town will be filled to capacity but don’t be deterred. Be sure to check out the Boatslip’s massive tea dance each day, visit some of the clubs like the Atlantic House (A-House) and certainly catch a show while you visit.

Also be sure to visit The Crown & Anchor which will host to some great parties and consider getting tickets party promoter Chris Harris’ events.  For details about the parties at The Crown & Anchor or to purchase their party passes visit their website,

Here are photos I snapped from July 4th week in 2013 in Ptown.

Ptown Independence 2013Seth ForneaPtown Independence 2013Ptown Independence 2013