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Tweet of the day: Gay marriage

marriage equalityI’d like to start with the Republican Leadership. I doubt any of them would last a week.



Born Gay

Birds of a feather…

Sochi OlympicsI’m surprised that The Westboro Baptist Church isn’t actually attending the Sochi Olympics or at a minimum visiting Russia which seems equally fixated on homosexuality.  Maybe FOX News could arrange a one way flight for the church and their ‘flock’.

Jesus on healthcare and guns

Gun Control and ReligionI’m no expert on religion, but this does seem more in line with the teachings of Christ. What an inconvenient truth for so many Americans.

Boston ranks low on “most bible-minded” list and I’m okay with that

religionThe The American Bible S0ciety defines “Bible-mindedness” as a combination of how often one reads the Bible and how accurate they think the Bible is. “Respondents who report reading the bible within the past seven days and who agree strongly in the accuracy of the Bible are classified as ‘Bible Minded,’” says the study’s methodology.

Spencer Trappist Ale

Spencer Trappist AleWhen people think of local brewers, Sam Adams most likely comes to mind although the region does have an excellent collection of  brewers that deserve attention.  Last weekend NPR reported that there is one more brewery out in Western MA that may be worth checking out if only for the novelty. Spencer Trappist Ale has started selling their ale in Massachusetts this week, although I’ve not been able to identify where. UPDATE: In Boston, you can get this at Social Wines in Southie.

I associate the Trappist monks in Western MA with making delicious preserves so I’m intrigued. Apparently St. Joseph’s Abbey is only one out of ten Trappist abbeys worldwide to make ale and the only one outside of Europe.  More about this story can be read here.

He actually said that: Justice Antonin Scalia

Scalia discusses the devil

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is often characterized as an intellectual giant, but as you may expect, I disagree. Justice Scalia has made a career out of saying the outrageous and then hiding behind his claims that his faith as a practicing Roman Catholic shapes his views.  So when New York Magazine’s interview of Justice Scalia from this past September was printed last week nobody made a big deal about his cuckoo comments suggesting that the Devil is getting “wilier” (his words) at hiding from us and why he’s not seen as often.

This ‘intellectual giant’ of the Conservative movement sounds terribly similar to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and others.

You may read the full interview from NY Magazine, here.


Church humor


This is a photo of a sign outside St. John’s Anglican Church in Niagara Falls from earlier this month. Source: RAY SPITERI Niagara Falls Review but I first saw it on its a kirby blog.

Thought of the day: Religion

ReligionSpread the word – feel free to share.

The Nope

I love how Cosmopolitan has celebrated the new Pope.

The Nope

The white smoke has emerged from the chimney and a new pope was chosen in Vatican City…and at Cosmo, this was the first thing that came to our minds.

Pope Francis, this one’s for you!

How to become Pope

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the College of Cardinals have convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome.  No doubt this process will seem strange to those who are not Catholic so I thought I’d share this rather entertaining and simple video that explains how a Pope is elected.

How changes in religious affiliation impact US politics

Source: USA Today

A recent report from BBC cites Protestants are no longer a majority in the US. According to a recent Pew survey, only 48% identify as Protestants.  Coincidentally, NPR published a report that 20% of Americans now identify themselves as “religiously unaffiliated” or “Nones”.  According to the NPR article, there is little evidence to show this population will become more religious as they get older.

The implications of this shift from a Protestant majority and an increase in “religiously unaffiliated” population is politically significant.   The NPR article finds this growing group who are “religiously unaffiliated” are turned off by the religious-laden language used in politics and they heavily lean Democrat.

This population shift no doubt raises alarm to conservative Christians, who have held significant political clout. However, I believe this will only alienate them from the larger moderate and more secular voting public.  The BBC article points out that for the first time in our history there is not a a Protestant on the Republican Presidential ticket and there are currently no Protestant Supreme Court Justices.

Anti-gay Amendment One passes in North Carolina

The decades may pass but hatred seems to always find no greater ally than a Christian (or so it seems).   Thank you North Carolina and all the  “Christian” churches who lobbied so hard to legislate hatred with Amendment One last night. You’ve lived up to my stereotype of what it means to be a Southern Christian.


I’m sure you have probably seen this picture which was making the rounds on facebook but I thought it was an appropriate Sunday post.

Gay scientists isolate Christian gene