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Ricky Gervais explains what privilege means

Ricky Gervais marriage equalityConsidering the US Supreme Court is expected to rule on Marriage Equality (again) in the coming weeks, and every Republican running for President inferring that gay rights are some how “special rights”, trampling upon individual religious freedoms, I thought it was time to revisit this quote from Ricky Gervais.

Why religious freedom argument is dangerous for Marriage Equality

Following the historic vote in Ireland on marriage equality, cultural conservatives in the US are licking their wounds and they should because the referendum in Ireland mirrors attitudes shared here in the America.  According to polling from Pew Research Center, nearly 60% of American Catholics support marriage equality (up from 34% when same sex marriage was legalized in MA in 2004).

Marriage Equality, same sex marriage, pew researchPew Research Center also recently reported that Millennials overwhelmingly support marriage equality (nearly 70%) and that is significant because this year Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomer generation as the nation’s largest living generation with approximately 81 million born after 1981.  These trends make even religious zealots realize that prayer alone is not going to turn back time (to borrow a line from a Cher song) so they are adopting new language (that can be more palatable to the public) to stem this tide of the pro equality movement.

This is why the bogus “religious freedom” argument is now talked about nonstop by conservatives (and why you’ll hear about “religious freedom” and persecution from Republican Presidential primary candidates ad nauseam). Social conservatives want to position themselves as the victim; this is a tried and true tactic from Conservatives when they lose in the court of public opinion.

Integration is a sinSame sex marriage isn’t the first civil liberty that was opposed based on “religious beliefs” and teachings in the Bible.

The next time you hear someone claiming their ‘religious liberties’ are being trampled upon by “legalizing” gay marriage be sure you address that line of thought immediately – ignoring this gives that line of thought credibility and emboldens those who make this claim. Let’s not forget that gay marriage isn’t the first civil liberty that was opposed based on “religious beliefs” and teachings in the Bible it just happens to be the latest.  Claims that everything from ending segregation to legalizing interracial marriages was against teachings in the Bible and people’s religious convictions.

Jeb Bush says Christian businesses can refuse to serve gay couples

Jeb BushWow, it didn’t take the Jeb Bush a Republican Presidential candidate and supposed “moderate” to dodge to the right.

Last week Jeb Bush said on CBN News that Christian business owners should not have to provide services for gay weddings if it goes against their religious beliefs.  By that line of thinking those same business owners should not be serving anyone who has been divorced; divorce is mentioned twice as often as homosexuality in the Bible. I’m not stupid and neither are you.  We all know that one’s religious convictions have nothing to do with denying service to gay couples because the list of those who could not / should not be served by this logic would extend to so many groups (Jews, agnostics, etc…) that it would never be allowed – let alone supported by a Presidential primary candidate.

What do you think people’s reactions would be if Jeb Bush said, “Christian business owners should not have to provide services for Jewish weddings.”

I’m not surprised – just disappointed. Many in my family see Gov. Bush as a moderate and reasonable candidate inspite of the fact that he supports issues like this which I personally find offensive, discriminatory and illegal.

Religious Freedom



Thought of the day: Religion

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Religious freedom is code for legalizing discrimination

Religious FreedomMuch thanks to Jordan for sharing.

Why the “Religious Freedom” discussion is both disingenuous and dangerous

Indiana anti homosexuality billMoral Majority – Family Values – Religious Freedom

What do the above phrases have in common with each other?  They are all catch-phrases employed by Republicans looking to redefine social discourse.  In the 1970s Nixon often referred to the “Moral Majority” to appeal to white, Protestant voters since racially divisive language was no longer acceptable. Two decades later “Family Values” was often cited as a way for Christian Conservatives to deflect criticism for insisting upon the need to legislate their religious beliefs.

Religious FreedomLet’s be clear the reason every conservative is suddenly claiming the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) doesn’t go far enough to protect “Religious Freedom” is more of this same bullshit.  Conservatives recognize that just as using racially charged language is no longer acceptable it is no longer acceptable to use homophobic slurs so they’ve modified their language to drum up outrage and portray themselves as victims.

When you hear someone talking about “religious freedom” stop and engage them immediately.  Don’t wave it off or ignore this language, because it is code for discrimination but presented in more palatable messaging. American’s believe in religious freedom just as much as individual liberties and the LGBT community must push back and ask what exactly about serving our community infringes upon their religious freedom?

Religious freedomWe know that silence creates a vacuum and in that vacuum this conservative messaging will thrive. Ask intelligent questions and start a dialog with anyone you hear talking about how their religious freedoms are being infringed. There is a similar parallel to the lack of substance behind the anti-marriage equality argument – but absent your dialog – Americans will come to accept and believe religious rights are being compromised and need to be protected; at the expense of your rights.

Happy Easter

Easter BunnyEaster is one of those holidays that has little meaning anymore.  I consider myself a “cultural Catholic”, meaning while religion has no place in my life now it did at one point and the memories from that time still influence who I am today.

When I was younger the holiday took on significant meaning, but now I think of it as the start of spring and an opportunity to spend time with family.

Regardless of what Easter means to you.  I hope you have a nice Sunday.