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“Sex Ed.” monologue

There are many reasons why I’m thankful I’m not a parent but discussing sex ed with my 8 year old daughter would probably rank up there. This YouTube video of Julia Sweeney sharing her discussion about the birds and the bees with her eight-year-old daughter is absolutely hilarious.  This clip is completely safe for work; I actually teared up at one point from laughing so hard.


In-and-out movieThe Huffington Post wrote that the Twitter hashtag #mysexlifeinmovietitles was trending all last weekend.

The article, Dating after Divorce: Twitter hashtag will make you feel better about your sex lifewas definitely a funny read and it got me to thinking what movie might best sum up your sex life?  NOTE: Hey Mom – you may stop reading this post now… 

Here were a few of the Tweets from last weekend that made me laugh.#mysexlifeinmovietitles

Sir Richard’s: KORE condoms

safe sexMy friend and fellow blogger for the blog You Think You Know is heading back down to Haiti to volunteer.  This isn’t his first visit. He has chronicled past trips, describing everything from the people he has met to the poverty he’s witnessed as a doctor volunteering to help the people of Haiti in his blog here.

Unlike my friend, I’d be useless in an Haitian Emergency Room, but thanks to Sir Richard’s KORE program I can now help contribute to the sexual health of Haitians by making contraception more readily available.  For every Sir Richard’s condom bought, the company is donating a condom to Haiti.

Let’s be honest, the world needs more skilled volunteers like my friend. However, this is something we can all do so when you reach out to buy your next box of condoms, perhaps you’ll give Sir Richard’s a second thought.  To date, Sir Richard’s has donated more than 1.6 million condoms to Haiti. Want to help?  Look for their condoms at Whole Foods stores or CVS pharmacies.


Are you a flirt?

handsome guy



kink·y  /ˈkiNGkē/

  1. Involving or given to unusual sexual behavior.
  2. (of clothing) Sexually provocative in an unusual way.

When I was a younger I wish I was more sexually adventurous.  It took me years to learn that what qualifies as “kinky” is extremely subjective.  What is unusual for some is commonplace for others. Where I grew up, just about anything I found even vaguely sexually interesting would be deemed “unusual sexual behavior”.  Perhaps this is why terms like kinky, fetish, freaky, etc… have little meaning and if anything are more likely to raise my interest than embarrass me.

Here’s to wishing all of you a very kinky Friday.

Fisting at Walmart

WalmartMethinks there is a gay merchandising executive who is laughing in his martini, telling friends about this shirt he sold to Walmart.  A Facebook buddy who lives in CT posted this image yesterday from the Walmart in East Windsor, CT.  I’m not sure if this is 100% accurate since there is clearly a 2010 date in this photograph, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

I believe what they meant to say was “Fist Bump”, although I know a few guys who might agree with this message. Perhaps if you buy the shirt you get a discount on their 48oz Crisco.