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The Cayman Islands on my mind

Grand Cayman IslandRegular readers will recall that in the fall I encouraged you to book a trip to a warm destination (if you could) in late January or February to break up the winter.  Maybe it will make you feel good to know that I follow my own advice; two weeks from today, we fly to The Cayman Islands to visit my friend, Steve.

Steve is near and dear to my heart because if it weren’t for my blog, we may have never met.  Back in the day Steve also wrote a blog and that is how we met.  A chance visit to Boston  to see a concert gave us the chance to meet in person and we hit it off.  Steve’s the kind of guy who melts your heart the minute you meet because he is handsome and thoughtful.  Although I’ve known him for a few years, until now I’ve not had a chance to visit him so I’m really looking forward to seeing where he lives, meeting his friends and visiting someplace new.

Have you ever been to the Cayman Islands?  Tell me all about your experiences.

Virgin opens first hotel in Chicago

This week Virgin Hotels opened the doors to its first property in Chicago.
Located in the Loop in the historic Old Dearborn Bank Building at 203 N. Wabash Ave. The 26-story art deco building has 250 guest rooms, including 40 one-bedroom suites and two penthouse suites.Virgin Hotel ChicagoVirgin Hotel Chicago offers free Wi-Fi at unlimited bandwidth and lack early check-in or late check-out fees, room service delivery charges, business center transactions, and other fees associated with many hotels.

Virgin Hotel Signature Lounge Bed

Virgin Hotel Signature Lounge Bed

Virgin Hotels has plans to open a second location in Nashville in the summer of 2016 and a third property in New York City in the fall of 2017. Virgin hopes to announce two more locations by the end of 2016, with the brand hoping to have 20 locations by 2025.  Hopefully Boston is on that short list!

Where in the world would you travel

gay travel,If money and time was not an issue, what one destination would you put on your “Must See” list for 2015?  I often write about traveling but only get away from New England one or two times a year for pleasure.

There are so many places I would like to see that it would be tough to limit my answer to just one location.  However, I’ve always wanted to visit Cape Town South Africa and I do regret not having visited New Zealand when Sergio and I went to Australia back in 2009 so those two destinations would rank high on my “Must See”.  Where would you like to visit if you could go anywhere in the world and why?

Outta here

travelA surprise business trip means that I will be flying out to California for work for the next few days and may be slow to respond.

Despite the fact that I’ll be inside conference rooms all day long, I’m still happy to get away from the cold that has gripped Boston if even for just a few days.

Thank you for your patience if I’m slow to approve any comments, post on Facebook & Twitter or respond to email.

Time to travel abroad

Eat Well Travel OftenPerhaps you have not noticed but the US Dollar is surging against most world currencies, making it more affordable for Americans to travel abroad.   However, the favorable exchange rate has no impact if you travel within the United States.

A good example of this savings is comparing my recent trip to Brazil.  Everything cost approximately 35% less than it did when we traveled to Brazil a year earlier due to the strength of the dollar.

Book Your Travel Abroad Now!

If you are unsure where you might like to go, I would suggest you check out Google Flights.  In early December I wrote about Google Flights website because it shows travelers the prices of multiple destinations near and far from one web page.  If you can find a deal to Europe, Caribbean, South America or elsewhere consider taking advantage of the strong US dollar.

Unsure of where you might like to travel? There are plenty of great travel sites; some that focus on LGBT travel. Book air travel for later this year and you can probably secure an affordable airfare.  And most importantly, keep me posted on your travels. I’m always interested in checking out new places to visit.Ipanema

Hotel Unique and SKYE Bar in Sao Paulo

Unique Hotel Sao PauloI always enjoy spending a few days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but if you don’t know where to go it can seem like a massive concrete jungle that is tough to navigate. Fortunately that isn’t a problem for me since I’ve been several times and have good friends who are Paulistas.

Cocktails in Sao Paulo taste sweeter from atop the SKYE bar.

On our recent visit to Sao Paulo we met friends for cocktails at the SKYE Bar atop Sao Paulo’s Unique Hotel.  Located near Ibirapuera Park, the roofdeck bar offers some pretty spectacular views of the city’s skyline (see above).

Hotel Unique Sao PauloWhen you drive up to Unique Hotel you realize the name is accurate – regardless of what you make of the architecture – which I loved by the way.  Our taxi driver referred to it as “melancia” (watermelon), which made me laugh.  The bar is sleek and designed to impress from the minute you enter through the marble hallway and walk through the dining room.  Red lights reflect off the lap pool that runs the length of the deck beside comfortable furniture that is available on a first come first serve basis. Hotel UniqueIf for some reason, the weather is not cooperating but you would like to visit the hotel, they have an impressive second option in the hotel lobby on the ground level worth checking out. You can grab a seat at their large bar or sit down in their library which has plush red seats and can be seen in the image below to the right.

Sao Paulo Regardless of the weather, this is a great place I would recommend for cocktails.

Heading to Brazil

gay travelI’m heading to Brazil later today so I may not be able to cross post on FB and Google+ while gone.

You’ll spread more than a little holiday happiness my way if you would share the posts you like on FB with your friends on my behalf while I’m away.

I do anticipate writing some posts when I am in Brazil since I will have a lot of quiet and down time but my regular activity will not resume until I return from my vacation with my in-laws after the New Year’s holiday.  Enjoy this bit of Brazilian man candy who we met last year when we visited Paraty. For more photos from that trip link here.

Brazil Hunk