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Tweet of the day: Anderson Cooper

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I love Anderson Cooper and stories like this just make me love him even more.  Last week Derrick Gordon who plays for the University of Massachusetts basketball team came out as the first gay player in Division 1 men’s college basketball.  

After Anderson Cooper tweeted a congratulatory message to Gordon, disgraced Canadian sports anchor Damian Goddard, who was fired back in 2011 for anti-gay comments, tweeted Anderson.

I love it when Anderson gets all sassy.

Tweet of the day: Gay marriage

marriage equalityI’d like to start with the Republican Leadership. I doubt any of them would last a week.

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Tweet of the day: Gmail

Tweet of the DaySomeone at Google is having a very bad day and someone who manages Yahoo’s social media accounts probably just got a raise.

Tweet of the Day

TwitterYes, flattery can definitely get you a shout out from my blog, although that is not what my handsome friend, Jesse, expected when he surprised me with a shout out on Twitter yesterday. I didn’t even know he was on Twittah.

I wanted to return the favor by giving this newbie to Twitter a shout out.  Check out this handsome guy and follow @JLApaCorreia.

Muito obrigado Jesse.  Beijos pra voce. 

Let’s get social

Social media agitaIt’s time for a bit of shameless pandering.  In addition to my blog, I’m also known to spend time on a variety of social media sites.

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Meanwhile on Twittah

Lady Gaga and Josh GrobanThanks to Brenton from Aussielicious for sharing this funny Tweet from Josh Groban on Facebook the other night.

Dick of the week: Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney Dick of the WeekDarth Vader’s daughter, Liz Cheney, is making a run against conservative Republican incumbent, Sen. Mike Enzi. Last week Liz threw her lesbian sister, Mary Cheney, under the proverbial campaign bus when she went out of her way to say, I’m not pro-gay marriage.

I have to admit I enjoyed reading Mary Cheney’s response to her sister, For the record, I love my sister, but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage…It’s not something to be decided by a show of hands.

Social BosGuy

Social media agitaIt’s time for a bit of shameless pandering and self-promotion.  In addition to my home here at, I am also known to spend time on a variety of social media sites.

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Tweet of the day: David Bullock

Trayvon MartinDavid Bullock or @AlaskasVeryOwn (on Twittah) sent out a Tweet today that really placed a lump in my throat.  Earlier in the day I had posted this video created by Howard University alumni and students, because I thought it went a long way to challenging people’s perceptions, but my corresponding Facebook post resulted in people arguing about the verdict rather than coming together.

Bravo to David for imaging a world I think we’d all like to live in. I’m thoroughly disheartened by the Trayvon Martin verdict and the racially charged dialog that has ensued. I don’t like how violent our society is, I can’t understand why we have “stand your ground” laws, and I’m frustrated that many feel a young guy dressed in a hoodie is perceived as suspicious.

But mostly I can’t help but admire David Bullock’s Tweet and agree 100%.

Dick of the week

Dan CathyI’m actually quite happy that I’ve not felt compelled to publish a “Dick of the week” post in quite a while but then I read about Dan Cathy. You may recall Dan Cathy. He is the loudmouth, conservative CEO of Chick-fil-A who last July caused a stir with his comments about how the public’s growing acceptance of marriage equality was, “inviting God’s judgement on our nation.

What a dick, right? Well after the US Supreme Court’s decision this past week, he couldn’t help himself and felt compelled to Tweet about it. Interestingly, the Tweet was quickly deleted – clearly Mr. Cathy doesn’t seem to understand how the Internet works. What a dumb ass.

Tweet of the day: Joan Rivers

Joan RiversYesterday, after the US Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional, Joan Rivers sent this tweet out to her followers.

Tweets from Hillary: Sarah Palin

Hillary ClintonI’m sure many of you remember the funny “Texts from Hillary” site that went viral last spring; this one was a personal favorite.  However, Hillary Clinton recently made news joining Twitter so I had to laugh when Joe My God post this picture.

The subtlety may be lost on those not on Twitter, where Hillary Clinton uses her profile to define herself as Wife and Mom first before she goes on to list her many other accomplishments including some humorous descriptions like “pantsuit aficionado”.

Rock my world

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