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Instagram account Joe Putignano

Instagram Joe PutignanoLast month I wrote about the Instagram account @bearscubsnbeards.  This time I wanted to feature the Instagram account of a guy who first came to my attention via one of my favorite blogs, boy culture.

The incredibly handsome Joe Putignano is a best selling author, model, Cirque du Soleil’s Totem and Broadway performer.  He also has a very engaging Instagram account filled with an assortment of very distracting photos.

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Tweet of the day: @LargeTony

Tweet of the Day

Although the day isn’t over, I couldn’t resist sharing @largetony‘s tweet.  Earlier today he tweeted, “So the unemployment rate in US has dropped to 5.3%. There is national healthcare. And marriage equality. I blame Obama.

I blame him too Tony. I remember all too well what our country was like after 8 years of “leadership” from a Republican President before Obama won in 2008.

Girl Power

Girl PowerI love this graduating senior’s quote in her high school Yearbook.  It is both snarky and right on the money (pardon the pun but I couldn’t resist).

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Taye Diggs and I are Twitter buds

Taye Diggs TwitterI don’t pay that much attention to how many followers I have on Twitter, but last week I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that Taye Diggs started following me. I still think that it might have been a mistake on his part – although we both do share a love for Broadway musicals.

I’ve been obsessing over Taye Diggs ever since I saw late 90s movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back.  In my opinion, this Hollywood / Broadway star has only become better looking and more interesting with age.

Chalk this post up to me bragging (and flirting just a bit in case Mr. Diggs ever sees this post). I know he doesn’t fancy men but that won’t stop me from fancying him.

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