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Tweet of the day: Teenage girl

TwitterMuch thanks to my brother for sharing this Tweet.  It made m laugh so hard I just started following Gary.

BosGuy on Twittah

BosGuy on TwitterDo you Tweet? Check me out on Twittah @BosGuy.

Tweet of the day: Anderson Cooper

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I love Anderson Cooper and stories like this just make me love him even more.  Last week Derrick Gordon who plays for the University of Massachusetts basketball team came out as the first gay player in Division 1 men’s college basketball.  

After Anderson Cooper tweeted a congratulatory message to Gordon, disgraced Canadian sports anchor Damian Goddard, who was fired back in 2011 for anti-gay comments, tweeted Anderson.

I love it when Anderson gets all sassy.

Tweet of the day: Gay marriage

marriage equalityI’d like to start with the Republican Leadership. I doubt any of them would last a week.

Are we virtual BFFs

Facebook Google+ TwitterChalk this post up to some shameless self promotion.  Let’s become virtual BFFs. This is where I ‘virtually’ reside on sites like Facebook, Google+ and (my personal favorite) Twittah.

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Tweet of the day: Gmail

Tweet of the DaySomeone at Google is having a very bad day and someone who manages Yahoo’s social media accounts probably just got a raise.

Tweet of the Day

TwitterYes, flattery can definitely get you a shout out from my blog, although that is not what my handsome friend, Jesse, expected when he surprised me with a shout out on Twitter yesterday. I didn’t even know he was on Twittah.

I wanted to return the favor by giving this newbie to Twitter a shout out.  Check out this handsome guy and follow @JLApaCorreia.

Muito obrigado Jesse.  Beijos pra voce.