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Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho TwitterLast week I was posting messages from celebrities who wished Boston a happy pride on my blog. Among the mix was a personal favorite, Margaret Cho.  As I do with most of my posts, I tweeted Ms. Cho’s message of support and thanked her.  A few minutes later Margaret Cho’s handle appeared in my feed and now I have Margaret Cho following me.  I’m not bragging as much as I’m just sharing, because I think that is pretty damn cool. I love Margaret.

Jello FML Twitter campaign

Matt MicariLooking to insert some fun into everyone’s life, Jello has developed a rather creative campaign on Twitter to take the self-pitying three lettered acronym, FML and turn it into a less explicit more positive meaning:  Fun My Life.   Annoying or humorous, it is getting attention from the media and poking fun at some Twitter users who are unaware of the FML campaign.  If you are on Twitter, check the hashtag #FML and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I can think of nobody who better injects fun into Jello than my friend Matt Micari (shown above) who was featured in a Boston Globe article a couple of years ago.  To see how much fun Jello really can be, check out his site Gelology.

Travel tip: Know your Twitter handle

travelLet’s face it, in the past air travel may have been glamorous but whatever mystique it once had is gone, despite Richard Branson’s best efforts. The indignities that accompany air travel are only exacerbated by delays that can result from mechanical, weather or to too much air traffic.

If you happen to find yourself stuck in an airport needing to rebook or talk to someone for help, chances are the customer service desk and phone lines will be overtaxed and frustratingly slow.  It never ceases to amaze me how veteran travelers shout into their phones or wait in endless lines but never once consider Tweeting the airlines for assistance.

Last week I arrived at LaGuardia airport only to find out my 4PM shuttle had been cancelled. The befuddled agent smiled as she gave me a new ticket for the 9PM shuttle.  I didn’t bother to say anything as I could hear to my left and right agents sharing the same unwelcome news.  Instead I hopped on Twitter and contacted the airline. Within 10 minutes (from the comfort of my seat at the bar) I was placed on standby for the 5PM and guaranteed a seat on the 6PM shuttle.  Not ideal, but I leaped a line of angry fliers begging for special treatment that was never going to happen.

My travel tip to everyone is to know your airline Twitter handle.  Some airlines are better at this than others; two that I’ve used that are very responsive are JetBlue (@JetBlue) and Delta Airlines (@Delta Assist).  

Have you used Twitter to help you avert any travel nightmares?  Do share.

Tweet of the Day: Jason Collins

Jason CollinsEarlier this week National Basketball Association center Jason Collins came out, making him the first out male athlete in a major professional sport in the US. Following the news Jason Collins Tweeted his thanks for all the support he has received; seems like a class-act to me.

Tweet of the Day: TPain

Tweet of the DayClick on photo above to enlarge

TPain, an American singer-songwriter and rapper, made some news with this Tweet from earlier this month.  I love it.

Dick of the Year

Dick of the WeekEvery so often I include a post entitled, Dick of the Week, but today’s Tweet from Arkansas State House Representative, Nate Bell, takes the cake and I’ve decided to make an exception and refer to him as Dick of the Year.  If you’d like to express your disdain for Mr. Bell you may reach him the following ways.

Web Page:  Arkansas State House Page
Facebook Page: Nate Bell
Twitter: NateBell4AR
Phone: 479-234-2092

Tweet of the day: Explaining homosexuality

Tweet of the DayAs you can see from the date stamp in this Tweet, I’m a bit late to the game, but the message is still relevant. Explaining homosexuality is only difficult if you have difficulty with someone being gay. So deal with it because I’m not going anywhere, and I’m definitely not going to let you perpetuate your demeaning stereotypes no matter how much you rap your homophobic opinions in faith.


Sarah Silverman tweet

Sarah Silverman

Tweet of the Day: Will Ferrell

Gay MarriageThis tweet was making the rounds yesterday.  In just 140 characters Will Ferrell has touched upon two current issues of social justice (not to mention common sense) that are near and dear to me. Wish he had thrown in a reference to the death penalty – could’ve scored the ever elusive #HumorHattrick.

Tweet of the Day: Richard Branson

Tweet of the DayWhile the US Congress continues to do nothing meaningful with regards to passing gun control legislation, Richard Branson took to Twitter to taunt their inaction. No doubt some of you will recognize the cadence of his tweet, which echoes the taunts hurled at President Johnson during Vietnam war protests.

Thanks to Joe.My.God for the tip.

Tweet of the day: Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen

Yesterday GLAAD reported that the band Train has also pulled out of the Boy Scouts of America event after GLAAD asked performers to reconsider supporting an organization that bans gay boys / young men.

While I’m hardly a Jepsen fan, I’m sure there are many who will be attending the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree who were excited to have her perform and perhaps her public decision not to join will help raise this issue again.  Well done Carly and thank you to all the performers who have showed their support.

Off to Puerto Rico

travelThis afternoon I will dash off to the airport and if all goes according to plan, I’ll be checking into the W Retreat and Spa in Vieques by 8pm.

While away, my blogging may lag, but I’ll certainly be tweeting so join me on Twitter.  On my last visit to Puerto Rico some of my tweets included  hashtags  like #HotDaddy and #UglyFriskyCouple.  There is something so much more interesting about people watching while on vacation.

Follow BosGuy

TwittahSome of you may not know that I’m addicted to Twittah  Twitter.

Every once in a while I fess up to this enjoyable addiction by mentioning it here on my blog.  If you happen to have a Twitter handle, check me out and consider following my daily Tweets.  My handle on Twitter is (you guessed it) BosGuy.

Tweet of the day: No Way NRA

Tweet of the DayGuess which Twitter handle I’m now following.

Tweet of the year: This seat’s taken

This seat's taken

President Obama’s response to Clint Eastwood’s routine at the 2012 Republication National Convention was the coolest dis I’ve seen on social media.

More about it here.