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Have a great 4th of July

4th of july muscleMany companies in the US are closing early for our Independence holiday that is officially on July 4th.  For a second year in a row we are staying in Boston (no Ptown).

Sergio’s nephew will arrive later this evening to visit us before he flies back to Brazil. His visit may mean that we need to head toward all that craziness over by the Hatch Shell but I’m hoping we can camp out at a BBQ.

If you celebrate the holiday – enjoy the time away from work and weekend.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day WeekendWhile it won’t be quite warm enough to do this in Boston until possibly later this weekend, I wanted to wish everyone in the US who may be observing this holiday a fun and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

The price of marijuana in all 50 states

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You know that a drug needs to be decriminalized when Forbes Magazine writes an article detailing the price of marijuana in every state.

Forbes Magazine compiled data from an online survey and created this humdinger of a map of the fifty states, which they published last week.  My home state, Massachusetts is about $20 more than the national average of $324.  The cost of buying an ounce of high quality cannabis remains the most affordable in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska (all cost less than $300 per ounce).

Beehive pays tribute to Amy Winehouse – Sunday, April 19th

Beehive, Boston
The Beehive is inviting runners and spectators alike to prepare for the Boston Marathon with a special night out on Sunday, April 19th by hosting an “Amy Winehouse Tribute” featuring an all-star house blues band.

In celebration of Winehouse’s memory, Bruce Bears Band and Ingrid Gerdes will bring their expertise of funk-jazz to The Beehive stage from 8:00PM to 12:00AM.  Music lovers and fans of Amy Winehouse may want to stop by the bar to grab a drink and take a listen.

Thank you for reading

BosGuyThank you for telling your friends about my blog. I’ve recently seen an uptick in readership, and I know it is in large part due to the word of mouth.


Daylight savings reminder

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Talk to me

BosGuy, gossipIs there an event happening that you would like me to write about on Reach out to me.  Most of the content that I write about regarding LGBT life in Boston, Provincetown and Ogunquit is a direct result of someone reaching out to me.  Since this is essentially my hobby, I rely on people who read this blog to tell me what is going on in the community.