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Naked magic show in Boston: Oct 21-25

Naked Magic Show

Do you like magic? Do you like Australian men who have a penchant for getting in the buff? Then I think you may want to check out The Naked Magic Show coming to Boston later this month, October 21 – 25.

Tickets to The Naked Magic Show
GroupOn for The Naked Magic Show – Boston

Words that people get mixed up

I stumbled upon this on The Gay Gasp and thought it was very worthwhile sharing.


Consumer Reports launches petition to end robocalls

Consumer ReportsAre you getting robocalls regularly? Consumer Reports is sending a petition to the largest phone companies in the U.S., asking them to block these annoying calls. If you would like to sign the petition link here:

Summer loving

Ahoy there hunk…had me a blast, oh yeah. Summer loving happened so fast…

Summah’s last hurrah

BeachThe weather in Boston has been wicked gawjus. There is no other way to describe it. If you are in New England I hope you are able to enjoy the day. Sergio and I have headed to Provincetown for the day with our house guest.  I hope you are having a great day wherever you are.

We need a contractor for a small home remodeling job

home remodelingSince the spring Sergio and I have been (ever so slowly) remodeling out kitchen and dining area.  The project has proven to be such a huge headache I can no longer watch HGTV without shouting bullsh*t when I see their talkshow hosts gush about how much they love remodeling projects.

Fortunately we are now in the home stretch, but we need a contractor to install reinforced supports for a bar we are having built. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment or email me directly at  I’ll be more than happy to buy you a thank you drink if we use your reference.

BosGuy visits Marina Bay

View of Back Bay from Marina Bay, Quincy

View of Back Bay from Marina Bay, Quincy

Marina Bay in Quincy is located seven miles from downtown Boston. Originally owned by the US Navy, it closed long ago like most of the military outposts in New England, and it remained neglected until the early 1990s when Marina Bay was proposed.  Sergio and I had never been to Marina Bay until we were invited by Dorchester native and Grammy Award winning DJ, Clinton Sparks, who recently became part owner and investor in several of the entertainment facilities; most notably the newest club in Marina Bay, a hookah bar called blue.

If you come down to check out blue or one of the other restaurants, come at dusk. The marina offers some fantastic views of Boston’s Back Bay skyline.