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Thought of the day

mediocrity, greatnessI’ve never been one to nibble on anything. Not sure I’m into choking either. What does one need to do to be fabulous?

Symantec removes “safe” filter from some gay websites

gay filtering sitesDid you know many Web-filtering services implement what The Associated Press (AP) describes as a “security over-reach” that combines gay-themed advocacy websites with child porn sites so they are blocked from most web surfers?

Symantec announced today that this protocol has changed. In a statement released today they said while customers can still set web searches to block offensive websites, there will no longer be an option to block websites because they relate to sexual orientation.  For guys like me who host pg-rated gay themed blogs this is music to my ears because the more we can do to end this odd pairing of “gay” with porn – the better. I have no problem with people looking for explicit content but simply using search terms like “gay” should not set off alarms for web filters to block sites.

Even more heartening is that Symantec’s move has infuriated the conservative American Family Association. They released a statement saying websites advocating gay rights promote dangerous propaganda and should be able to be blocked. To which I say, “Get a life.”

You can read more about this here.

You need me

addicted to coffeeThanks to the South End Buttery for personalizing my addiction to caffeine. I most definitely need you.   Now I need to go grab my afternoon cup of Joe.

How to celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day BosGuyI hope you have the day off and can sleep in today.

Closet organizer

Closet OrganizerWhen you live in a city you don’t always have as much space.  Here is a guide on how to declutter your closet; keep it, dump it, donate it.

Does this bug anyone else

OCDA couple weeks ago I was in gridlock traffic with this van in front of me. Within a second my eyes zeroed in on something off. Do you see it too? It was making me go a bit crazy.

Thought of the day: Support your local businesses

buy localBig box stores and national chains have their place, but so do your local businesses.  Supporting local, independent businesses is like making a direct investment into your neighborhood. #SupportLocalBusinesses