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Smile it is 2015


handsome, hunk, gay, black manWhat will you do to make the most of your year?  I am focusing on my personal fitness and health, career objectives, will travel to new destinations and hopefully make a few new friends along the way.  However you spend the year,  I want to wish you all the best.

The man candy photo was really just to get your attention so I could share my message.  After all these years, I know how to get your attention ;-)

Most popular New Year resolutions

Resolutions revisited NYEWith the start of the new year 2015 just hours away many people will make resolutions.  According to one US government website the following were the most popular New Year resolutions made by Americans for 2014.

The resolutions have links to US Gov’t sites intended to help people.  Assuming that these remain consistent from year to year I thought I would include them. Will you be making any resolutions this year and if so, will any of these make your list for 2015?

Small business Saturday

Small Business SaturdayFor all you shopaholics take a moment and think about where your patronage not only will find you that perfect gift, but also support your local businesses.  This includes everyone turning to the web to make purchases.  Think twice before visiting sites like and consider calling or ordering gifts from local, small businesses.

Latest obsession: my French Press

French PressEarlier this month my coffee maker died and I had a bit of a meltdown.

I started to look at replacements and stumbled upon this French Press.  Initially I thought, I love coffee from a French Press, but I’m too clueless in the morning to fuss with the contraption.  However, once I threw out my coffee maker I realized how much space it took up in my tiny kitchen and so I thought I’d give the French Press a go.  If you are a coffee fiend, and looking to get a new coffee maker, I’d say ditch the filtered coffees and try the French Press.  It really doesn’t take much time and it is so much better tasting.

Monday blues

Thrillist Starbucks Caffeine Rankings

Something to consider when you grab your cup of joe this morning. You can see a more complete list of Starbucks and how much caffeine certain drinks contain here.

Thought of the day

mediocrity, greatnessI’ve never been one to nibble on anything. Not sure I’m into choking either. What does one need to do to be fabulous?

Symantec removes “safe” filter from some gay websites

gay filtering sitesDid you know many Web-filtering services implement what The Associated Press (AP) describes as a “security over-reach” that combines gay-themed advocacy websites with child porn sites so they are blocked from most web surfers?

Symantec announced today that this protocol has changed. In a statement released today they said while customers can still set web searches to block offensive websites, there will no longer be an option to block websites because they relate to sexual orientation.  For guys like me who host pg-rated gay themed blogs this is music to my ears because the more we can do to end this odd pairing of “gay” with porn – the better. I have no problem with people looking for explicit content but simply using search terms like “gay” should not set off alarms for web filters to block sites.

Even more heartening is that Symantec’s move has infuriated the conservative American Family Association. They released a statement saying websites advocating gay rights promote dangerous propaganda and should be able to be blocked. To which I say, “Get a life.”

You can read more about this here.