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Thank you for reading

BosGuyThank you for telling your friends about my blog. I’ve recently seen an uptick in readership, and I know it is in large part due to the word of mouth.


Daylight savings reminder

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Talk to me

BosGuy, gossipIs there an event happening that you would like me to write about on Reach out to me.  Most of the content that I write about regarding LGBT life in Boston, Provincetown and Ogunquit is a direct result of someone reaching out to me.  Since this is essentially my hobby, I rely on people who read this blog to tell me what is going on in the community.

Monday blues

Garfield, HumorI love Garfield. He just gets me.

Gates Foundation has hopeful message for the world’s most poor

Gates Foundation LetterI started my career working at Microsoft so I might be biased, but there is no business leader who I more admire today than Bill Gates.  His entrepreneurial spirit was evident at Microsoft when I worked there in the 1990s and what he accomplished there is nothing short of amazing.  However, it is what he has done since leaving the helm of Microsoft that has really impressed me and in my opinion puts him on a completely different level than any of his contemporaries.

Bill and Melinda Gates have issued their 15th annual foundation letter. This letter spells out what they see as both pending challenges and advances to making the world a better, safer, and healthier place.

The Gates Foundation annual letter this year predicts that the lives of poor people will improve faster in the next fifteen years than at any other time in history. Pretty amazing and hopeful when you think about it.

If you find this sort of thing interesting, check out their annual letter here.

See something? Know something? Talk to me.

rumorI can’t count how many people have tipped me off about local news, but recently I had a conversation with someone who described themselves as a loyal reader who was under the impression that I have extensive contacts at City Hall.  Although, that might be convenient that is not the case.  Most often I learn about new openings (and forthcoming closings) in and around Boston because a reader of this blog sees something or knows something.

Smile it is 2015


handsome, hunk, gay, black manWhat will you do to make the most of your year?  I am focusing on my personal fitness and health, career objectives, will travel to new destinations and hopefully make a few new friends along the way.  However you spend the year,  I want to wish you all the best.

The man candy photo was really just to get your attention so I could share my message.  After all these years, I know how to get your attention ;-)