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Thank you

BosGuy Thank YouFrom time to time I like to say thank you to the people who stop by and check out my blog.  For those who visit occasionally and especially for those who read and comment regularly, I’d like to say thank you.

Mother Nature is a cruel b*tch

old man winter and mother natureFor anyone living in the northeast (although this probably applies to most of the United States), this winter has been a real b*tch. We learned new terms like “Polar Vortex”.  I’m still not certain what that is, but prior to January 2014 I’d never heard of it and having lived through it once, I know I never want to experience it again.

Boston enjoyed an ever so brief warm up this weekend and now that we’ve “sprung forward” I’m ready to put this winter behind me but it seems that Mother Nature is head over heels, cuckoo for Ol’ Man Winter. What does this New Englander have to do to break up this relationship?

Thought of the day

thought of the daySometimes it can be embarrassing to ask for a helping hand.

Beer vs. Coffee

Click on the image below to enlarge this infographic that compares how beer and coffee impact your brain. beercoffee-640x1960


Monday blues

Monday blues

What kind of wines do you prefer

Wine-Cheat-SheatAs a general rule, I prefer wines that are more bold.  Are you a wine drinker? What sort of wines do you prefer?

Angry roommate

Angry roommateMethinks someone has anger management issues.

Monday blues

Monday morningsEspecially, when everyone but you has the day off. Those Mondays really bite.

BosGuy’s wish for you

Making the case for Valentine's DayI hope that 2014 will bring you much love (of the romantic variety). That is unless you happen to be looking at that special someone already in which case, please turn off your laptop, tablet or phone and spend the evening enjoying each other’s company rather than taking their presence for granted.

Pick your cupid

Valentine's DaySince Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I wanted to give you a chance to select your preferred cupid.  Let his arrow aim true.

Sleep attire

Sleep AttireLast month Large Tony asked this question on his blog in his post, Sleep Number. I thought I’d conduct my own unscientific study.  For the record, Sergio and my night time attire is no. 2. Share your number in the comments section.

Attitude Magazine Naked issue

Naked IssueFor those outside of the U.K., you may have missed the 2014 Naked Issue of Attitude Magazine. Bookmark their website if you don’t get the magazine.  However, should you not feel so inclined, rest assured that is why I am here for you.  This year’s Naked Issue features the very attractive, UK reality TV star and new Dad, Dan Osborne.

Naked IssueLike what you see? You can see more of Dan here and you can follow him on Twittah @DannyO.

Which Disney princess are you most like

Disney Princess quizAre you looking for a distraction today? Have you tried the online quiz that determines which Disney Princess you are most like? It is pretty fun and takes just a few minutes.

Apparently I’m most like Snow White.  Not sure if that is true, but I’ll take it because I love anyone who can surround themselves with 7 men and ends up with a tall, dark and handsome prince.

Take the quiz and let me know who you most resemble

Why is your state so…

Why is your state so...Click on image to enlarge

What are people commonly asking about your state? The @Amazing_Maps Twitter account shared this graphic earlier this week, showing the top Google auto complete suggestion for every state.  I’m actually rather proud of Massachusetts auto complete.

Worldwide annual coffee consumption per capita

coffee_consumption-3So go ahead and grab a second third cup.

Source: ChartsBin