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Boys of Boston Love Myself official video

Boston’s gay flag football is back with another fun and carefree that appears to be mostly taken in and around where I live in the South End.  The video includes views from around Boston,  dancing, and plenty of shirtless guys having fun.

Boston Ballet The Nutcracker opens this week

Boston Ballet NutcrackerFriday, November 27th – the day after Thanksgiving – Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker  opens at Boston’s Opera House.  A few years ago Mikko Nissinen and the Boston Ballet updated their production of the classic tale set to the beautiful music of Tchaikovsky.  This is a classic holiday tradition that I highly recommend. Tickets are very affordable, starting at $35 and performances run through December 31st.  Check out the video below of the Boston Ballet’s Snow Scene – like you’ve never seen it before – from The Nutcracker.

Purchase Tickets to Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Pups and Pecs episode 1

Anyone else watching these 20 second videos that come out each Monday? This was the first episode which was posted at the end of October.  Episode 1 features a shirtless Chris Cates. Be sure to check out episode two, which features the very handsome model, Jaidus (see below). handsome, hunk, muscles, pecs, abdominals, abs

If you like what you see, you may want to subscribe to the Youtube channel, BarkBox.

Watch this powerful video #VowToProtect

MassMutual has launched a social media campaign that asks who do you #VowToProtect and created this video talking about marriage equality. You needn’t be a romantic to be touched by this powerful video. Watch and share it.

Thanks to the blog Accidental Bear for bringing this to my attention.

Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From)

This week rapper Missy Elliott released her new song WTF (Where They From). Missy teamed up with this Pharrell to produce the catchy song that I predict will be playing in a lot of gay clubs this weekend so I thought I’d share the official video which I can only describe as over the top.

Jordan Smith on The Voice

Sergio and I have been watching The Voice this season, and ever since the blind auditions I’ve been a bit obsessed with one contestant in particular, Jordan Smith. The unlikely singer from coal country in Kentucky has an amazing voice, but it is his comments after singing that touch my heart the most; unfortunately neither clip capture what I’m talking about but check out his rendition of Chandelier in the video above and his performance from last night when he sang Halo by Beyoncé.

Anyone else watching The Voice? I’m curious if you also think this guy is special.

Watts Safeword: PrEP Myths

PrEPOne of my favorite blogs, Accidental Bear, has a blog post that I wanted to share. The links below the video are courtesy of that blog which you can check out in my blogroll.

The term “safe sex” is sometimes relative, especially considering the many options the LGBTQ community has today. One such relatively new option is PrEP, the HIV prevention pill, but a lot of misconceptions about the drug remain. Do yourself a favor and talk to your doctor to determine if PrEP is right for you.

Check out Amp and Bolt from Watts the Safeword on YouTube video about PrEP. Last week they sat down to briefly explain how it works and why it may be right for you.

PrEP can be expensive, learn how to can get assisted:
Wondering how to talk to your doctor?:
For more on PrEP:

Weird Things Gay Couples Do via Buzzfeed

Once upon a time I visited Buzzfeed daily but those days are long gone and posts that starts with 10 Pictures of…  is more likely to make me roll my eyes rather than read it. However, Sergio shared this video of Weird Things Gay Couples Do from Buzzfeed and it made me laugh so I thought I would share it. I can certainly relate to a few of these situations.

Men give themselves a testicular self-exam (Safe For Work)

Earlier this week I shared a post about Movember (or to be more precise (HO)MOvember, which is an annual month-long fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness and money for men’s health issues.  I saw this video posted on Accidental Bear and thought it would also be good to share.

Testicular cancer is most common in men between the ages of 15-30 years. This video of seven men performing a routine self-exam shows how easy it can be. When detected early, testicular cancer is extremely curable.  I hope that this funny – and very safe for work – video will remind people to perform a self-exam.

100 Years Beauty: Men’s haircuts

This summer I posted a similar video 100 years of men’s swimsuits in 3 minuteswhich I thought was pretty cool. If you liked that video then I bet you’ll find this also pretty cool to watch.

Northeastern University’s homecoming is wicked awesome

Move over Harvard, step aside BU, and forget about it BC. It looks like Northeastern University consistently has the be best homecoming in Boston. Check out there homecoming announcement, that they released last month.

How much would you like to see Amy this Friday? Pity you don’t go to N.U.

George Washington schools Sarah Palin on the 10 Commandments

Last week Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™, shared a funny, new educational video on how the Ten Commandments are the basis for all American laws; or not. Special Guests (in alphabetical order) are God, Sarah Palin, and George Washington.

WELL-STRUNG: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

I saw this live in Provincetown this summer when we went to see WELL-STRUNG and I happened to see the video appear as a suggestion on what to watch.  Enjoy their version which happens to also feature J.S. Bach.

Message Sent, or I’m Nervous by Steven Boyle

Message Sent or I'm Nervous, I hit send or modern meltdown, poem, poetryPoetry is my favorite form of prose and when done right, it speaks to me on an emotional level that I’ve yet to experience in any other form. Music is a close second to poetry and they share a lot of similarities in that much of it I do not care for or understand, but when I find a song or poem I like – it resonates.

Last year I posted Steven Boyle’s poem, I Hit Send or Modern Meltdown. Not knowing what to expect, his poem took me completely by surprise.  Boyle’s reading below is a sequel of sorts to this poem. The reading of, Message Sent, or I’m Nervous, was recorded about one year ago at his high school, which has significance, considering the content and message shared.  If you’ve not heard his poem, I Hit Send or Modern Meltdown, listen to that first.

Epic Slip ‘n’ Slide video

UK gymnast and stuntman, Damien Walters, posted this video on YouTube  earlier this month, but I didn’t see it until I stopped by Brenton’s blog, Aussielicious. This video makes me miss the warmer weather. If anyone over at Lawn on D is reading my blog, I’d love to suggest this for next summer.