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Saturday night video: Erasure

Since Erasure is in Boston tonight on their Violet Flame Tour I thought I’d play a classic Erasure song.  Have a great time if you are heading to see these guys tonight. They put on a great show.

Debunking The Top Five Myths About LGBT Non-Discrimination Laws

5 most popular myths about LGBT non-discrimination lawsLiving in Massachusetts it is easy to forget that there are cities and states around the country that do not have LGBT non-discrimination laws on the books.

While homophobia exists everywhere, there is power in having the law on your side and over time those laws influence behavior and help to change attitudes because the LGBT community is more welcomed and as a result able to live more openly.

Watch this video and share it.

Nicki Minaj video dubbed with farts

Juvenile, crass, rude – yes, but it still makes me laugh.  Checkout this new Nicki Minaj video dubbed with only farts. Apparently no matter how old I get, there remains an 8 year old boy in me.  In all fairness, it does significantly improve Ms. Minaj’s music.

Santa Speedo Run 2014 registration opens Tuesday

Boston Santa Speedo RunThe 15th Annual SSRun will take place on Saturday, December 6, 2014, and registration opens 9AM on Tuesday, September 30th. Even if you don’t plan on running, mark the date on your calendar to come down to Back Bay and check out all the fun.  You can get more details from their website,

Erasure Violet Flame Tour in Boston Saturday

Erasure at House of Blues BostonHouse of Blues in Boston Saturday, September 27

Erasure’s Violet Flame Tour comes to Boston on Saturday.  While I don’t have their latest CD / MP3 or whatever people are now calling “albums”, I remember seeing them a few years back on the True Colors Tour and they were fantastic.  For more information about the tour visit or you can buy tickets here.

Here is a video of one of my favorite Erasure songs.

Samsung mocks Apple’s iPhone 6

Samsung mocks AppleSamsung’s new campaign “It Doesn’t Take a Genius

I love how Samsung has used the recent iPhone 6 announcement by Apple to taunt them.  Both Apple and Samsung are mobile technology innovators, but I have to give it to the marketing team at Samsung for really sticking this one to Apple.  However, like all good rivalries, I’m sure Apple will come back swinging.  Until then though, enjoy this video from Samsung.

Let’s have a kiki – instructional video

Why not? It is a Saturday night and we’re having a few guys over. Have a great evening.