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Norway curling team puts on their pants without using their hands

Thanks to Passport Magazine for sharing this clip.

Saturday night video: Toddrick Hall “Bitch Perfect”

gay parody, pitch perfect parodyTodrick Hall just posted this ahhhmazing gay parody of Pitch Perfect that will make you laugh out loud.   The faux movie trailer shares the story of the gay acapella team “The Bottom Notes” as they interview and audition new members.

Just when you thought acapella couldn’t get any gayer…

Saturday night video: Boston does Brittany

Last week a new reader asked me to post a photo of Jesse Jackman so I obliged with a screenshot from the above video that I had previously post last fall.  Re-posting that image reminded me about the video so I thought I’d share it as well.  This was done last year by a number of guys who play in Boston’s gay football league.  Have a great Saturday.

25 Years ago today the Berlin Wall came down

For Millenials it must seem strange to think of Germany as two separate nations with its historic capital, Berlin, divided by barbed wire and troops patrolling with orders to shoot to kill if anyone from East Berlin tried to escape.  However, that was the reality until twenty-five years ago when the Berlin wall came down; the symbolic repercussions of that event cannot be stressed strongly enough.

With all the challenges in the world today whether it pertains to nuclear proliferation, war and or outbreaks that threaten public health, it is important to recognize how much better the world has become too.   A big part of that world becoming a better place is the fall of Communist Europe.

Saturday night video: Sex Ed

I first post this video about a year ago but had forgotten about it until someone had reminded me about it earlier this week so I thought I’d share it again.

This YouTube video of Julia Sweeney sharing her discussion about the birds and the bees with her eight-year-old daughter is absolutely hilarious.  This clip is completely safe for work; I actually teared up at one point from laughing so hard.

2014 Santa Speedo Run in one month

Santa Speedo RunThe 15th Annual SSRun is one month from today. Registration remains open for anyone contemplating the run.

You may get more details about the SSRun from their website,

Even if you don’t plan on running, mark the date on your calendar and come down to Back Bay and check out all the fun and cheer on all the runners who raised money for the Play Ball Foundation.

If you’ve never been to this annual tradition which is now replicated in cities through out the US and abroad, check out my video from the 2013 run.


Broadway artists Andrea McArdle, Faith Prince, Donna McKechnie and Maureen McGovern will perform one show only in Boston at The Wilbur Theatre on Tuesday, December 2nd.  Get your tickets here.