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Better Said Than Done by storyteller John Kevin Boggs

Much thanks to @PoachedBoston on Twitter for suggesting I listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.  At the end of the first episode I listened to they gave a shout out to John Kevin Boggs who recently passed away.  Kevin Boggs (as they referred to him) shares a touching story in the video above that left me a bit teary eyed.  Having said that, the six minute video will make you laugh out loud. He is that rare individual who can weave humor into any story.

#RingYourGranny for Marriage Equality

The 1980s Queer activist group Act Up was the first to slap “Silence = Death” stickers all over Boston.  While we’ve thankfully moved beyond those times, the basic premise remains true. LGBT issues become more acceptable when they are openly discussed so I applaud the #RingYourGranny campaign in Ireland.

On May 22nd, Ireland will vote on the Marriage Equality referendum, deciding whether or not same-sex couples can get legally married there.  I’m posting this to voice my support and to ask anyone who might have relatives in Ireland to call them and ask them how they plan to vote.  Sometimes all it takes is the courage to speak up.


Saturday night video: Bohemian Rapsody

These three ladies do an excellent job.  See if you can keep up with them.

Saturday night video: Max Emerson addresses VPL

max emerson, underwear, Willam BelliLast week’s Saturday night video Repeat Stuff with Tom Goss and Max Emerson was so popular I thought I’d feature Max Emerson’s newest video, Underpants Episode One which appeared on Youtube earlier this week.

Max is joined by Willam Belli in this episode and they discuss how to avoid VPL – Visible Penis Line – a serious issue for handsome underwear (and aspiring underwear) models.  Enjoy the funny and pg-13 video.

Saturday night video: Repeat stuff

Kind of love this parody of pop singers like Justin Bieber and One Direction. Of course it doesn’t hurt that you get to watch Max Emerson perform this cover in an unbuttoned shirt with the very cute Tom Goss strumming his guitar.

Love has no labels

A lot of us make snap judgments based on what we see—whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. Yet most of us aren’t even conscious of our prejudice. That’s why it’s called implicit bias. Can you spot implicit bias in yourself?  Take the quiz,

Kylie Minogue Mighty Aphrodite tour

Kylie MinogueLast Saturday I came home after a fun night out but couldn’t sleep so I started watching a broadcast of the 2011 Kylie Minogue Mighty Aphrodite tour.  Kylie kicked off her US tour in Boston in late April 2011 and watching the broadcast brought back many happy memories and made me realize how much I would like to see her back here performing.

What was one of your favorite live performances of all time?