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1990s Infomercial: Wunder Boner

Wonder BonerI’m not really sure if the Wunder Boner commercials from the early and mid 1990s ever played up in New England because I have no memory of them, but this product certainly caught my attention.  The fish de-boning product is really kind of gross to watch in the infomercial below but the lines are classic.  My favorite part is when one of the actors says, “The Wunder Boner… My wife would like that.”  No comment.

Acai Brothers appealing advertising

Last week my friend Brenton who writes the NSFW blog Aussielicious shared this post, Some sexy advertising, about the Acai Brothers who are opening a raw & organic smoothies and juice bar in Australia.

The advertising certainly grabbed my attention.  Maybe they will open a second location here in Boston. :-)

Postmodern Jukebox: All About That Bass

I’ve posted various clips of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox in the past and with him currently on tour in the US I thought I’d share yet another recent release he posted this past September on YouTube.

Saturday night video: Urinal etiquette

It has been awhile since I last post this.  Since many of you may be going out tonight, I thought I should share this with you.   The video actually ends shortly after 4 minutes and is worth watching.

Saturday night video: Emma Stone

This week Emma Stone visited the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and it reminded me of  her last visit in the spring when Fallon challenged Stone to a lip sync battle.  Who would’ve guessed that Stone would annihilate Fallon? I love this clip, but for all you ADHD types out there, if you get impatient fast forward to 5:20.

Have a great Saturday.

Toys for Joys (save the date)

T4JHeads up if you are new to the city or perhaps have not attended the annual Toys for Joys party that collects presents for underprivileged children. The annual tradition is moving to a new location in Bay Village / Theater District at Space 57 at The Revere Hotel Boston Common.  Save the date, Saturday, December 6th. I’ll be sure to let you know when the 2014 registration opens in a few weeks time.

Save the date, Saturday, December 6th. I’ll be sure to let you know when the 2014 registration opens in a few weeks time.  For more information about the event visit their website here

BalletBoyz come to the US

BalletBoyzThe current issue of Metrosource has a really interesting article about BalletBoyz, an all male ballet dance company that is touring parts of the United States starting later this month.  Sadly the talented troupe will not be stopping in Boston.

Founded by two classically trained ballet dancers from London’s Royal Ballet School, the company now consists of ten dancers.  Metrosource writer, Matt Gurry, describes the troupe as “committed to their work, while not sexual, flaunts an unabashed, athletic homoeroticism. They are young. They are brave. This new crop indeed struts like Greek Gods. But above all, they are indisputably talented.”

BalletBoyz will be coming to Philadelphia, Madison, Santa Barbara, Palm Desert, Portland and Los Angeles.  For more information about the BalletBoyz and to purchase tickets, visit the website.

Here is a promo video from their 2013 tour.