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Walk Away by Tony Moran featuring Kristine W

Last year’s mancandy friendly video seems like a nice post for you on a Saturday evening. I hope you are enjoying the long Labor Day Weekend if you are in the US.

Black Mass

Black Mass the movieBlack Mass, is a new movie that opens later this month and is based on Whitey Bulger, a convicted murderer and former mob boss from Boston who also happened to be an FBI informant and who’s brother, Billy Bulger, was one of the state’s most powerful politicians.

After 16 years in hiding Bulger was found and arrested in 2011; at the time of his arrest he was listed as the second most wanted man by the FBI in the United States.  This movie is the story of his life.

Black Mass stars Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon and Dakota Johnson and opens later this month on September 18th.  Do you plan on seeing the movie? 


Allston Christmas, September 1st

Over the years locals have come to refer to September 1 as “Allston Christmas”; sarcastically referring to all the discarded junk renters leave curbside.

I have heard estimates that 80% of all apartments in Boston have a September 1 – August 31 lease; driven by the nearly 250,000 students who return to Boston each year.  Neighborhoods like Allston-Brighton have a large number of rentals and are impacted disproportionately – hence the term Allston Christmas.


Hard DecisionsLocal boy, James Cerne, who moved to Los Angeles but you may know from his DJ’ing days here in Boston or his role in Ryan Landry’s Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oberon back in the fall of 2011 is now part of a gay-themed, choose-your-own-adventure movie coming to YouTube called HARD DECISIONS.

HARD DECISIONS follows Brandon and his friends as they decide what to do with their afternoon. Each decision will lead the viewer to another segment to continue the story. The viewer can then go back and see what might have happened if Brandon made decisions differently.  Too bad life didn’t work that way.

Provincetown Carnival 2015 Candy Land video

Much thanks to everyone who was nice enough to pose for a photograph at Carnival this past week in Provincetown and a special thanks to Alberto Bianco who shared some of his photos and to Sergio for taking most of the pictures and helping to assemble this video – I couldn’t have done it without him.

Provincetown’s 2016 Carnival theme is Back to the 80s so start your planning. We will see you there.

The underwear expert asks: Boxers or Briefs

The underwear expert asks people on the streets of Beverly Hills what is their preference, boxers or briefs?

If you feel inclined feel free to share in my blog’s comments. For the record I’m a boxers guy at night but by day I prefer boxer briefs.

Straight guys react to Andrew Christian underwear

Last week David over at WGB posted this video and I thought it was hilarious; perhaps you will too.  Despite Andrew Christian’s reputation this video is 100% safe for work. I bet female colleagues will get a good laugh listening to these guys talk about “male lingerie”.