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Sweethearts candy features Jack & George

Valentine's DayAs part of their 150th anniversary celebration of the popular Valentine’s Day candy, Sweethearts, has featured gay couple, Jack & George, who have been together since they first met in 1961.

Hats off to the parent company of Sweethearts, NECCO, for featuring Jack & George and letting them share their story as par of their 150th anniversary celebration contest for people to share their “sweet stories”.  You can enter the contest by visiting their website,

BosGuy cooks The Bear-Naked Chef’s Paccheri Con Gamberi

cooking, bear-naked chef, Adrian De Berardinis  It has been a long time since I shared a cooking post so I’d like to thank the very handsome Adrian De Berardinis for his YouTube show: Bear-Naked Chef, which inspired me to try making Adrian’s Paccheri Con Gamberi (pasta and shrimp).

I modified Adrian’s recipe in two ways. First, Adrian used jalapeños, which Sergio doesn’t like so I opted to include red pepper flakes to the olive oil when I heated up the pan and that added sufficient heat and flavor.

Second, I diced vine ripe tomatoes unlike Adrian’s more ‘butch’ crushing of pearl tomatoes; otherwise the video below pretty much sums up how to make this delicious pasta dish. Thanks for the inspiration Adrian.

paccheri-con-gambrelI love cooking and was able to make this dinner (with a couple of modifications) in approximately 30 minutes and since the shrimp was on sale, the total cost of the meal was about $10 and allowed for Sergio and I both to get seconds. You can check out how I made this by watching Adrian’s 7+ minute episode below.

Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies

I love my pop star divas as much as the next guy but I was a regular listener to WFNX-FM 101.7 Boston for years and bands like the Pixies will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t think of a better song for a Saturday night for all you who may be heading out tonight for drinks and maybe a little more.

Tonight: Boyfriends Loves Kylie at the Milky Way

DJ Brent CovingtonWho can resist a Kylie Minogue theme night? Grab your dancing shoes and head over to the Milky Way in JP and enjoy a fun evening with friends while listening to great music by resident DJ Brent Covington.  I’m sure the video I’ve included below will be one of the many favorite hits you will hear.

Doors open at 10pm and there is a $5 cover to get in the door. The Milky Way is located at at 284 Amory Street (The Brewery Complex). For more info link here.


Grindr survey on PrEP

TruvadaLast fall Grindr released the video below to share their survey findings after partnering with the CDC, SFAF and Gilead.  The nationwide survey looked at current attitudes, usage and questions regarding PrEP.

What is PrEP?  PrEP (also sometimes referred to as Truvada) is a daily pill that has been approved by the FDA and been shown to be safe and effective in preventing HIV’s ability to copy itself in your body after you’ve been exposed.

According to the survey findings many gay men who are sexually active are afraid to ask their doctors about PrEP and 1 in 10 had trouble getting their doctors to prescribe them the medication (that statistic was double for black respondents).

If you would like to learn more about PrEP but don’t know where to turn you can email Fenway Health at or call them during business hours at (857) 313-6590.

Click here to find the nearest testing center in your area (US Only)

Taste of the South End is March 1st


Omar & Noah at Taste of The South End

The Taste of the South End is one of my favorite fundraisers to attend each year. The money raised benefits the AIDS Action Committee of MA, so I’d like to encourage you to mark the date on your calendar and purchase tickets today.

Taste of the South End
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
The Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street, Boston

More than 40 of the neighborhood’s restaurants will be present and there will be plenty to drink as well as entertaining cooking demonstrations from some of the neighborhood’s most admired chefs.   If you have any questions about the Taste of the South End reach out to me.  Otherwise, grab tickets while they last.  Here is a quick video from the 2014 Taste of the South End. 

Rugby players give shirtless in-flight safety demo

Last week Matt over at boy culture posted this video of Australian Polecats rugby players giving their own in-flight safety demo shirtless (after the official one was done by the crew). If this sort of thing was done here in the U.S. not only would I pay far more attention but I’d likely factor that into consideration when I booked my next flight.

I haven’t said this lately, but I love Australia and Australians in general. They have such a cheeky sensibility and fantastic sense of humor.