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The best thing you will see today

You go girl!

Madonna super fan brunch at Back Bay Harry’s June 14th

MadonnaSunday, June 14 Back Bay Harry’s is hosting a Madonna Super Fan Brunch. 

Two seatings are available at 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM but are expected to book quickly so if you feel the need to “Express Yourself” or are simply looking to “Get into the Groove” before you head over to Boston Pride’s Back Bay block party, which is conveniently just two blocks away then make your reservations sooner rather than later.

The Madonna Super Fan Brunch includes a three-course prix fixe accompanied by champagne, all-Madonna music and videos on large-screen TVs. The cost is $44 – call ahead (617-424-6711) to make your reservation. 

Jennifer Hudson’s “I Still Love You”

I know this video is making the rounds on all the gay blogs but I can’t think of a better video to share on a Saturday evening.  I’m sure I’ll be hearing this played quite a bit in Provincetown this summer.

Saturday night video from Post Modern Jukebox

Love Love Love this sultry jazz remake of the 90’s Cardigans tune Lovefool.

Ab Soto: Cha Cha Bitch

Ab Soto is a queer artist who first came to my attention earlier this week in an article I read on HuffPost Gay and since watching this video I can’t get it out of my head.  He clearly has a flair for eye-catching fashion and has more wardrobe changes than a Taylor Swift video.  Check this out and get your cha cha on.

Saturday night video Daniel Garofali

Australia, drag queenBack in 2009 I first saw /met Daniel Garofali when he was still dancing as a go go boy in the Sydney gay bars along Oxford Street.  Above is a photo taken from the Sydney Opera House drag show we attended that year.  Not long after our visit to Australia Garofali’s good looks took him to America and Europe.

Daniel Garofali has parlayed his looks into a successful career as a male model.  Enjoy this throwback video from his 2012 calendar photoshoot.

If you’d like to see Garofali before he made it big, watch these video clips of the show we took from our phones I Got The Music In Me and Hot Stuff (he appears around the 50 second mark).

Gridlock proves to be an excellent stage for Tinashe

Do you have to deal with terrible traffic on your commute to and from work? Check out how Tinashe dealt with gridlock in the Queens Midtown Tunnel a few years ago. I love it and her.