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2 Bedroom rental housing wage

2-bed-housing-wage-mapAbove is a map of what households nationwide must earn per hour to lease a 2-BR apartment at the going market rate without spending more than 30% of monthly income on rent. Not surprisingly, Massachusetts exceeds the national average requiring an hourly rate of $24.08. Hawaii is the most expensive at $31.54 and Puerto Rico the most affordable at $10.19.  Keep in mind this is an average. It would be far more interesting to see how this translates to hourly wages needed to live in cities in some of these states; I’m assuming this would spike significantly.

Source: Washington Post

Off to NYC for a few days

travelThis month has been full of business travel, dashing off to DC and NYC repeatedly.

I’m back at Logan airport to fly to NYC for my final trip of the month. While I’m working in NYC I may be slow to respond and update my blog so thank you in advance for visiting and for your patience with me.

Heading to D.C.

W-WashingtonDCAssuming my Jet Blue flight takes off on time, I should be on the runway at Logan Airport. I have an early morning meeting on Friday in D.C. and was faced with the option of taking a very, very early flight or spending the night in America’s most dysfunctional city. Since I love to sleep and I’m no stranger to dysfunction it was an easy decision to make.

I’ll be staying at the W Washington D.C. I’ve been to this property once before and I wrote about it in my 2010 post, Excuse me, but don’t I know you?  I wonder if I’ll see anyone else famous there on this trip.

Any thoughts or suggestions on where I should grab a bite or place I should go this evening while visiting? I’ll only have a couple of hours because as I mentioned previously – I love to sleep.

Can you guess where BosGuy is today

Where is BosGuyDo you recognize this photograph of this American city that I pulled from the Internet? Yesterday I flew here for two days of business meetings.  If you think you recognize this American city skyline leave your guess in my blog’s comment section.

The Theater Offensive is looking…

The Theater OffensiveI love The Theater Offensive. This nonprofit works diligently to help present the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lives. They use creative expression and performance to help break through personal isolation many in the LGBT feel, challenge the status quo, and help build a stronger community.

Job Opportunity: Development and Communications Associate

Recently I was made aware that they are looking for a new development and communications associate. The opportunity seems ideal for someone starting their career or with just a few years experience and I know how hard those positions can be to find so I wanted to give The Theater Offensive a shout out and encourage you to apply if interested or share with friends who may be interested.

Columbus Day

COLOMBUS-DAY-APPLE-MAPSColumbus Day is one of those pseudo holidays here in the US celebrated mostly by schools, banks and non-profits.  Having said that, in Boston it can feel like you are the only one working.

Are you working today?

Richard Branson

VirginI rarely talk about work, but every once in a while something happens that I want to share.  Later today, I will see and possibly meet Sir Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Group.  He is a guest speaker at a program I am helping run. At this same event last year, I was able to meet and talk to our 2012 Keynote, President Bill Clinton.

Sometimes my job is pretty cool.

Is it Friday?

Monday Blues FridayYeah, it has been that kind of week. Someone pour me a drink coffee.

Friends don’t let friends…

LinkedIn ProfileLast week I was perusing LinkedIn and stumbled upon this potential connection. The profile photo seems more appropriate for Grindr than LinkedIn.  I couldn’t help but hear my parents voice ringing in my head, scolding me and trying to make me understand what constitutes appropriate behavior.  I get that this guy is a personal trainer and in many ways his body is his business card, but hints of pubic hair in a mirror reflection seems more appropriate for Guys With iPhones than a professional site designed to help connect personal networks.

I didn’t write this post to criticize this guy or to solicit such criticisms from others. Actually what I’m hoping is that when one sees a friend showing poor judgement like this young guy, you will speak up with consideration rather than contempt.  After all, if our parents have failed us – it is up to our friends to help us so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes.

Five year anniversary

fiveLast week I passed a professional milestone when I hit my five year anniversary with my current employer.

I’ve never worked at a firm for five years, always finding a graceful exit to work for another company after 3-4 years had passed.  I’ve enjoyed the first five years and have learned an awful lot.  I’ve also been able to do some amazing things like meeting President Clinton last spring in Boston, but who can say what is around the corner.

How long you have worked at your current job?  Does five years sound like a long time to you or have you been in your current role for far longer?

No place like home

No place like homeI’ve spent eleven of the first fifteen days of this month traveling.  I know tens of thousands of professionals spend their lives on the road traveling, but I find little joy in working on the road, and I’m very much looking forward to coming home. I’m a firm believer that traveling is a great opportunity but best realized when done for leisure and not for work. Have a great weekend everyone. I know that I will enjoy seeing friends and relaxing on my couch.

I’m falling behind

behindWas this an excuse to post this gratuitous photo of this handsome man in his bathing suit? Perhaps, but the reality is I’m falling behind at work.

Earlier this week, I was on vacation and yesterday I spent nearly all day flying to San Francisco for meetings. When am I going to get my work done?  ARGH!!! Strangely writing about my frustrations and the image of this man are working like medicine, and I can feel the tension already leaving my body.

San Francisco for a NY minute

San FranciscoNo sooner have I returned from Puerto Rico and I’ve been told to hop on a plane to San Francisco.  I’m so bummed, because the trip is so last minute and so quick I won’t even be able to see friends or go out and enjoy the city.

Back to work

office workNow that the holiday season is over, it is time to get back to work.  I hope that these past few weeks were relaxing, and I want to wish you all the best in 2013.

Meeting President Clinton

Year in rewind: BosGuy’s favorite posts from 2012

This year I was able to meet President Clinton who spoke at a work event I helped organize. Interestingly, his predictions regarding how the Supreme Court would rule (including how Justice Roberts would vote) and the Presidential elections turned out to be correct.


Boston GuyThis spring I was part of a small team to organize a program for senior executives that was hosted here in Boston.  Fortunately, the nine months of planning and countless meetings paid off since the program was a great success.

The event concluded with our keynote presenter, Bill Clinton.  Because of my role, I interacted quite a bit with the Secret Service and had the chance to meet Clinton.  Its mostly for that reason, I wanted to show offshare this picture of me with Bill Clinton. I actually dislike the photo. I think I look uncomfortable, but in fact I was just exhausted.

Below are a few more photos from the program including a picture of the Boston Public Library where we hosted a dinner / cocktail reception.  If you are looking for a restful oasis in the middle of Back Bay the Italian courtyard which you see lit up in one of the photos is a perfect sanctuary to relax, have a coffee with a friend or just think.BosGuy