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Back at work

buried-under-paperworkWhile I do not expect any sympathy I have to admit that after being away from the office for more than two weeks, I am absolutely buried with work.  Everything has piled up in my absence and deadlines are hitting fast and furious.

I’ll use the memories of Brazil to motivate me and dream about my next trip to distract me from my hum-drum routine.  Watch for posts for the next few days about my time in Florianopolis and Sao Paulo Brazil.

BTW – thank you for visiting my blog both while I was away and now that I’m back home again.

Paperless office

My firm has made a concerted effort to go paperless both to be more environmentally friendly as well as to save costs.  Many wholeheartedly embrace this but clearly this colleague finds the policy disconcerting. I wonder if the A&E show Hoarders would consider coming to this office. One can only imagine what their home looks like.

New York City

Setai HotelThis morning I leave for a few days of meetings in New York City.  The hotel I regularly book was full, and I was directed to the Setai which has a posh sister property in Miami. Although I won’t be spending much time in my hotel room, I’m intrigued and will take photos to write a forthcoming review.  I have high expectations based on the hype.

According to their website the hotel soars more than 60 stories above Midtown on Fifth Avenue. The boutique hotel has 157 guest rooms and suites and 57 apartment suites.  More about the property here.

Meeting President Clinton

Boston GuyI don’t comment much about my work because as much as I enjoy my job, this blog is an opportunity for me to escape that part of my life.  However, this spring I was part of a small team to organize a program for senior executives that was hosted here in Boston.  Fortunately, the nine months of planning and countless meetings paid off since the program was a great success.

The event concluded with our keynote presenter, Bill Clinton.  Because of my role, I interacted quite a bit with the Secret Service and had the chance to meet Clinton.  Its mostly for that reason, I wanted to show off share this picture of me with Bill Clinton. I actually dislike the photo. I think I look uncomfortable, but in fact I was just exhausted.

Below are a few more photos from the program including a picture of the Boston Public Library where we hosted a dinner / cocktail reception.  If you are looking for a restful oasis in the middle of Back Bay the Italian courtyard which you see lit up in one of the photos is a perfect sanctuary to relax, have a coffee with a friend or just think.BosGuy

Friday cannot come fast enough

Boston GuyIt is Thursday afternoon and after tomorrow I will be out of the office for an entire week.

I can hardly wait to turn on my email out of office message and turn off my computer.  It has been a very long month and I’m ready to let go and relax for more than 48 hours.

Do  you have any plans for the coming weekend? Do tell.

Buh-bye Philadelphia

Work brought me to “The City of Brotherly Love” more commonly known as Philadelphia.  Sadly this trip was all work and absolutely no play aside from a business dinner last night.  I have to admit I always enjoy when business brings me to Philly and I hope I have a chance to return soon. I’d love to check out the Gayborhood as I believe it is called.  Please send positive thoughts my way that I’m able to get out of Philadelphia on time.  My appreciation for this great city does not extend to their airport and the carrier US Air I’m sorry to say.

Day trip to NYC

I’m back off to Gotham this morning for a quick day trip to NYC. The purpose is to get training on a tool our firm is piloting that will help me with our SEO strategy (search engine optimization).  Essentially this tool will help me discern how people are searching for subject matter that is important to them so I can ensure our web pages achieve higher rankings and therefore more web traffic. It sounds interesting, but I’ll reserve judgement until after I’ve been trained and have used it.

I wish I could leverage this sort of thing for my blog. I’ve been typing away for the past few years quite content in my own little internet bubble, but it amazes me how little I really know about how to leverage my site. I may have to make a mental note to look into seeing if WordPress or others provide in person training. As my trip to NYC shows, I’m not really one for virtual training – I still like to be there with the trainer and in a class where I can more directly interact.  We’ll see how this goes and if there are any tidbits I can pick up and apply to my own blog; wouldn’t that be nice.

LGBT Executive Networking Night in Boston

Last night Boston Spirit magazine hosted their 5th annual LGBT Executive Networking Night at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.  Guest speaker, Chaz Bono, addressed more than 1,200 LGBT professionals who came together to socialize and network.

Some of Boston’s largest firms were talking to potential job seekers including: Mintz Levin, John Hancock, Eastern Bank, Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank, The TJX companies, Partners Healthcare, and Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare to name a few.

This spring tradition has grown each year and is a great evening.  I wanted to say thank you to the staff at Boston Spirit for organizing this event.  Click to enlarge photos from last night’s networking event.

Overheard at work this week

Boston Spirit Magazine 5th Annual LGBT Executive Networking Night

Boston Spirit Magazine 5th Annual LGBT Executive Networking Night takes place one week from tonight.  Are you going?   It is a great opportunity to meet and mingle regardless of your employment status or satisfaction with your job.

More than 1,000 LGBT professionals attend this event each year. The keynote speaker this year is Chaz Bono.  Certainly a strange choice for business networking but interesting all the same.

LGBT Networking Event: 6:00 – 9:00pm at Marriott Copley Place

Register Here

Off to NYC

It is going to be a longer work day than usual. After I finish my 5PM conference call I have to dash off to Gotham for work and won’t be returning to Boston until Friday so I’ll have limited access to my blog and email.

I’ll do my best to publish any comments that come in and to respond to my personal email so thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

Anyone else feel like this?

Since returning to the office from vacation on Tuesday it has been one thing after another.

Although I will have only had a 4-day work week, it certainly does not feel like a short work week.

Excuse me now, while I go put out another fire.

BosGuy is a cry baby

I really am quite the cry baby.  My firm generously closed offices early on Friday, December 23rd and only re-opened this morning, Tuesday, January 3rd. Its been a wonderful week relaxing and spending time with family and friends, but this morning when I awoke early, I couldn’t help but stifle a little bit of a tear that it was all over.  Yes, I’m most definitely a cry baby.

Travel day

Today there will be little time for banter as I hop from one meeting to the next before making a mad dash to Laguardia Airport to head home to Boston.

To all the people who read my blog and travel regularly, you have my profound respect.   The occasional business trip is more than enough for me.  I’ll leave my travel time to coincide with vacation when I can go where I want when I want.

Are you friggin’ kidding me?

A few days ago I was asked to sit on a panel in Dallas as part of the ‘wrap-up’ for the training that has brought me to Texas. I was flattered to be one of five participants to provide my insights in front of my firm’s sales and marketing team and readily agreed.

However, I was irritated tonight when two of the panelists who are a bit more of the “cheerleader” variety sent an email suggesting we practice a serenade complete with some basic choreography (think Glee) for the leadership team and audience. Now to be fair, through out the day videos were included with actors performing numbers similar to what you would see in Glee so I understand how they arrived at this idea.

I am greatly irritated that this (overly enthusiastic) suggestion was broadcast so unexpectedly with little room for a graceful exit, and more than a bit distressed to read the email from the head of Sales (the gentleman leading the panel) saying “Fantastic“. After reading his email I sent a carefully worded email requesting that maybe I should not join the panel. Let’s see what happens.

FML (you can Google that acronym if you’re not familiar).