Gay test

Gay TestI didn’t even realize there was an image other than two dancers. It took me a minute to see the other, naughtier image this makes.  My guess is that only gay men think this is an image of ballroom dancers.

ArtWeek Boston is April 25 – May 4

ArtWeek boston spring 2014ArtWeek Boston starts later this week on Friday and the celebration includes more than 60 creative experiences around the city that will include visual arts, fashion, public art, music and much more.  Some of the programs are free while others require a fee so check the full calendar of events here.

One of the highlights of this spring program takes place in my neighborhood, South End.  On Sunday, May 4th from 11am – 6pm, be sure to come to the SoWa art walk.  The he SoWa Art Walk is an annual arts celebration in the South End that allows local artists to showcase there work.  You can learn more about the SoWa art walk here.

Marathon Day: 118th Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Boston Athletic AssociationMany who live in and near Boston are not working today, celebrating Patriot’s Day, which also happens to always coincide with the Boston Marathon.  This year Sergio and I are flying back from visiting my brother who moved to Southern California.

The Boston Marathon is one of my favorite holidays and sporting events in the city and I’d like to wish all the runners the best of luck and thank the city, it’s first responders and all the volunteers who I know will make this a safe and fun event.Boston Marathon Schedule

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

Source: Dear World

Although I will not be home for the 118th Boston Marathon, like many people my thoughts will be with everyone attending, volunteering and especially running in tomorrow’s marathon.

I’ve always been proud of my home city but never more so than in the days that followed last year’s marathon. #BostonStrong

Electial dysfunction

Long-shot candidate J.D. Winteregg, a Tea Party-oriented primary challenger to Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is running a web ad that is inspired by erectile dysfunction TV commercials. I doubt I agree with any Tea Party-oriented candidate, but I love this guy’s sense of humor, and it may go down as the funniest election ad I’ve ever seen. 

Boner Bonus points to Mr. Winteregg for the play on words with Speaker Boehner’s last name.  I’m sure the writers of SNL are kicking themselves for not thinking of this first.

Scruffy Sunday

Scruffy Sunday morning kissSeems like a rather pleasant way to start a Sunday morning.

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Vintage ‘Tube

Maybe you remember this vintage clip from Miss Teen USA 2007 when Ms. South Carolina attempted but failed to answer a question pertaining to education in America.

Have a great Saturday night.