Halloween Trick or Treat infographic

Trick or Treating in Boston via BostonBoston.com shared this infographic on the best places to trick or treat in the US and which Boston neighborhoods are rated the best.

Boots No7 Men sent me some cool SWAG

Boots No7 MenI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love SWAG – so I was pleasantly surprised when a package of free products from Boots No7 Men arrived at my place last week.  I’m really feeling the love from Boots No7 Men, because this is the second surprise package sent my way.  Earlier this fall I wrote about Boots No7 Men surprise delivery in my post, “gym essentials gift box“.

This package included Boots No7 Men Anti-Friction Shave Gel, Post Shave Recovery Balm, Men Energising Face Wash and Boots 3 Blade Razor.  All these products, which I’m currently enjoying, are available for a limited time at Walgreens and Walgreens.com starting today.  Although I’m not much of one for using product, I have to admit I enjoy Boots No7 Men.  Thanks Boots No7 Men.

Goya Order and Disorder at MFA Boston

Goya  Order and Disorder

Goya Portrait: Antonia Zarate y Aguirre

Goya Order and Disorder

on view through January 19, 2015

The Goya exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is a large and impressive collection that includes: portraiture, sport and allegory themed paintings, sketchings, print and tapestries.  The exhibit starts very light and almost joyful showcasing some of Goya’s most prominent portraits of Spanish nobility. The portrait above of Antonia Zarate y Aguirre dates back to approximately 1805 and was one of my favorites in the exhibit.

However, as  you walk through the eight room exhibit the family portraits give way to some darker subject matter. I’ve highlighted some of my favorites; the violence of sport (Bulls of Bordeaux), madness (Yard with Madmen), war (Attack on a Military Camp) and finally death (Garroted Man).  The exhibit officially concludes with  The Giant (also known as The Colossus) a smaller piece depicting a pensive giant looking over his shoulder.

Never too heavy handed, the exhibit really drew me in and gave me a greater
appreciation for Goya’s talent, the mediums he used and the external
influences that inevitably shaped his subject matter.

With colder weather on its way, this exhibit provides you with the perfect excuse to head to the MFA and check out this 170 piece collection.

Temptation Tuesday

Handsome, shirtless manPast Temptation Tuesday Posts

Postmodern Jukebox: All About That Bass

I’ve posted various clips of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox in the past and with him currently on tour in the US I thought I’d share yet another recent release he posted this past September on YouTube.

Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

Realm health and fitness tips from KyleBottoms up kettlebell press

This is just like a kettlebell overhead press, but with the mass of the kettlebell pointing toward the ceiling, and it is a killer workout that helps to build shoulder strength and stability.

Give it a shot next time you’re in the gym.

Kettlebell press tips:

  • Always try to “crush” the handle by squeezing as hard as you possibly can.
  • Make sure to start with a light weight to feel the exercise better and avoid injury.
  • Keep your elbows in front of your torso and close to your body.
  • Keep the elbow under your grip at all times.”PUSH” the kettlebell to the ceiling and slowly “pull” it in.

Kyle at Realm FitnessKyle is a nationally certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and lifestyle motivator out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been training for 5 years and has experience working with top-tier celebrity and executive clientele. When he’s not in the gym, Kyle is reading philosophy or writing poetry.

Opus Affair at Liberty Hotel tonight 6-9PM

Opus Affair, Alibi BarJoin the arts loving social group, Opus Affair, tonight for their monthly cocktails and conversations at the Alibi bar at the Liberty Hotel.   This month’s Punch Bowl Fund will raise money for one of these three arts charities: Emmanuel Music, the Fifth Floor Collective, and Grand Harmonie!

RSVP – No Cost (and lots of fun) – Alibi Bar 6-9PM

What is Opus Affair’s Punch Bowl Fund? Think of it as a charitable drinking game where you are invited to contribute $5 (cash) to the fund. In return you recieve a drink ticket for a glass of punch and a ballot to vote for one of the three featured arts organizations. At the end of the night, the organization with the most votes will collect the total amount raised that night.

Who is Opus Affair?  They are a community of artists and friends who love the arts who get together for cocktails and to chat about the arts scene.  If you’ve never been come and check them out.