How much wine

winter snow storm, junoI love this picture that has been making the rounds on Instagram.   It  accurately depicts my sentiments (even if the amount of wine seems questionable).

My only beef with the image is that the circle of 15 cases should probably hover between NYC and Boston since southern New England appears to be braced for some of the largest total snowfall and biggest wind gusts.  I feel adequately prepped with my four bottles of red wine.  Are you ready?

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Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

absCreating your own exercise program

In this post we will breakdown “The rules” for creating a basic weight loss program.  Next week’s post will follow up and tie in how you can make sure you see continued results to hopefully help keep you motivated and committed.

For weightloss do 15-20 reps for each exercise and give your body minimal rest between full body workouts for maximum impact.

Workout structure

Choose an exercise of your own preference that focuses on the following and repeat each exercise 3-4 times (each set should include 15-20 reps):

lower body exercise – upper body pull – core exercise

(rest & repeat 3-4 times)

lower body exercise – upper body pull – upper body push 

(rest & repeat 3-4 times)

The higher repetitions are suggested to help you burn more calories, but still have the benefit of muscle breakdown that will keep you burning 24-48 hours after you’re done with your work out. I recommend doing this exercise AT LEAST 3 days a week to see results, though it is possible to get away with 2 days a week if your nutrition is on point.

Kyle at Realm FitnessKyle is a nationally certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and lifestyle motivator out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been training for 5 years and has experience working with top-tier celebrity and executive clientele. When he’s not in the gym, Kyle is reading philosophy or writing poetry.

Income inequality? I thought you called it class warfare.

Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, politics, RepublicansIf I didn’t know any better I would think that some of the Republican Party’s leaders have started to listen to Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren.  Have you noticed that nearly every potential Republican Presidential primary candidate is all of a sudden incredibly concerned with income inequality and they blame it on President Obama and his Administration?

“While the last eight years have been pretty good ones for top earners, they’ve been a lost decade for the rest of America.”  Jeb Bush PAC mission statement

“Under President Obama the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty in American than ever before.”  Gov. Mitt Romney, January 2015

“Income inequality has worsened under this Administration…policies that have allowed the poor to get poorer, and the rich to get richer.”  Sen. Rand Paul, January 2015

During the last election cycle, Gov. Mitt Romney, tried to ‘humanize’ corporations to justify massive tax breaks and layoffs by imploring “corporations are people too.”, and the Republican Party found themselves defending Romney’s infamous 47% quote.  So why is the Democrats focus on ‘income inequality’ no longer considered “class warfare” by Republicans?  Who can say?  I’m glad to see the Republican Party adopt a more populist message that seems more in line with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s rhetoric, but stonewalling legislation like raising the minimum wage tells me that their actions speak louder than their words.

Monday blues

Monday bluesWith a HUGE snowstorm working its way to Boston and the entire northeast coast, Monday blues is certainly likely to extend into your evening commute.  Get out of work early, if you can and give yourself some extra time if you are driving.

Winter storm Juno is a dick

Winter Storm JunoOh crap… it looks like everyone just south of Boston will hit the jackpot with more than 2′ of snow (if weather forecasts are accurate).

I’ve enjoyed the nearly snow-less winter here in Boston.  I’m going to keep on thinking about my pending trip to the Grand Cayman in early February and ignore this forecast.

46 Wareham revised to include more commercial space

Factory at 46 Wareham Street

46 Wareham Street South End

According to the Boston Courant, a new plan has been filed for 46 Wareham, a building in the South End that the Holland Companies would like to renovate and develop.  This past summer the Holland Companies suggested modernizing the under utilized structure to create a 6-story, 42 residential unit building that would include ground floor space for a commercial unit.  Opposition from some community activists who did not want to lose the commercial space and pointed to zoning laws that supported their arguments forced the developers to go back to the drawing board.

The Holland Companies hopes their revised proposal addresses the zoning concerns by reducing the number of residential units to 36 and increasing the commercial space by making the first two levels of the building available for commercial use (some 20,000 square feet). The developers feel that the long term viability of this project hinges on it being a mixed use development.