GLAD’s summer party in Ptown is July 25th

The MacArthur FoundationGLAD’S 34th Annual Summer Party

The Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders is a local non profit that has been helping the LGBT community here and around the country since it was first formed in 1978. In recent years GLAD’s Civil Rights Project Director, Mary Bonauto, has received much attention as a Marriage Equality advocate with significant rulings in cases like Goodridge v. Department of Public Health which made Massachusetts the first state in which same-sex couples could marry in 2004 and more recently arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Obergefell v. Hodges case on April 28, 2015. A that case will determine if state bans against same-sex marriage are constitutional and considered one of the most important civil rights cases to come before the U.S. Supreme Court in modern history.

Show your support for the work GLAD is doing on behalf of marriage equality and other important civil liberties by joining them at their 34th Annual Summer Party.

Gay & Lesbian Advocate & DefendersSaturday, July 25, 2015
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum

For more information and tickets click here

IndepenDance on Fire Island – July 4th, 2015

Independance on Fire IslandThe Pynes Tea Party returns with IndepenDance on Fire Island on Saturday, July 4th from 5-10 p.m. at 236 Bay Walk, Fire Island Pines, NY.  This long running dance benefit on Fire Island Pines will take over 236 Bay Walk.

IndepenDance on Fire Island
Saturday, July 4th
5:00 – 10:00 PM
Fire Island Pines

All proceeds from the event this weekend will benefit the Pines Care Center, and The Trevor Project.  Below is a video from Fire Island’s InderpenDance 2011 party with Tracy Young. If you happen to be out on Fire Island this weekend have fun.

Ptown gallery walk

Ptown, art, AMP Gallery

Photo by: Keith Krisa at the AMP Gallery at 148 Commercial Street

While tens of thousands have descended upon Provincetown for Independence Week parties and celebrations, a weekly tradition worth checking out (if only to take a break from all the revelries) is the Ptown Friday Gallery Walk.

While many think of the East End when they think of Provincetown’s art galleries, don’t overlook West End galleries like the AMP Gallery at 148 Commercial St. where Keith Krisa’s exhibit opened and will run through Wednesday, July 8th.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Ptown offers a little bit of something for everyone.  While visiting try something you may not normally do.  You might be surprised by how much you enjoy perusing Provincetown’s art galleries.

Free Fun Fridays

Highland Street Foundation, Free Fun FridaysThanks to the Highland Street Foundation, Free fun Fridays has returned to Boston this summer. The following venues will be open and free to the public:


Much thanks Highland Street Foundation.

Caption this photo

humorSince everyone in the US is now obsessing over the long holiday weekend, I thought I’d include an appropriately themed photo to caption.

I’ll get you started with a possible caption and hopefully you’ll feel inspired to share a few of your own in the comments section below.

American Excellence or should I say Amurikan Excellence

Every Republican running for President denounces marriage equality ruling

Republican Primary Clown ShowAs the euphoria of last week’s US Supreme Court ruling on marriage fades, a sobering (but not surprising) realization should come to everyone who both supports marriage equality and LGBT rights – every Republican Presidential candidate has denounced the marriage equality ruling.

The NY Times has an interesting article on this which you can read here. One would expect Republican hopefuls like Gov. Mike Huckabee to denounce the ruling but the campaign to convince America that the Republican party has “moderates” running (e.g. Jeb Bush) starts to ring hollow when they too start sounding more like Gov. Huckabee or Sen. Santorum and immediately decry a verdict that by most polls now show more than 60% of Americans support.

Mark my words.  With resounding defeats and a growing acceptance of the LGBT community, those who oppose such equality will now change their tone, using language like “Religious Freedom” as part of their campaign to rollback whatever rights have been earned.  Listen carefully for this coded language esp. from the supposed ‘moderates’ who are anything but moderate but are in a campaign to convince America otherwise.  Language will change tone but not intent as they attempt to appeal to both swing voters and those longing for “the good ol’ days”, A.K.A. when being gay was criminalized, the Confederate Flag was described as a symbol of “Southern Pride” and minorities didn’t account for an increasing majority of America’s voting population.

Shakespeare on the Boston Common

Shakespeare on the Common King Lear 2015The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s 20th season of free Shakespeare on the Boston Common, presents one of the bard’s most famous tragedies, King Lear.

King Lear – July 22 – August 9
All performances are free and open to the public

This tragedy tells the journey of an aging king, faced with his own mortality and mental decline, who tries to secure the legacy of his kingdom by dividing it amongst his three daughters. Only through loss—of status, love and loyalty—does King Lear learn what is truly resonant at the end of a life. Mark the dates in your calendar and plan on spending an evening on the Common to catch a performance.