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California Independent Film Festival Sept 10-16

CAIFFI don’t normally write about events outside of New England but because I love San Francisco (what gay doesn’t -right) and because the organizers were so nice about reaching out to me I couldn’t resist doing my part to help.

California Independent Film Festival
September 10 – 16, 2015

Opening night features Tab Hunter Confidential; screening begins at 7:30 PM. In the 1950s Tab Hunter was number one at the box office and on the music charts. He was Hollywood’s most sought-after star rumored to have been linked to Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds and Sophia Loren. Nothing, it seems, could damage his career except for the fact that Tab Hunter was secretly gay. In Tab Hunter Confidential you will meet the real Tab Hunter as he shares his story of being a happy, healthy survivor of Hollywood’s roller coaster.

The California Independent Film Festival Association(CAIFFA) is part of an amazing worldwide community; a unique collaboration of multi-talented filmmakers that takes place in three theaters: Castro Theater, Orinda Theater and Rheem Theater. You can see the full line up of films and purchase tickets by visiting their website, caiff.org.

Book review: Idyll Threats

Thomas Lynch Novel, Stephanie GayleI recently finished reading an entertaining mystery that takes place in the fictional, New England town of Idyll, Connecticut.  The 280 page book published by Seventh Street Books and written by Massachusetts author, Stephanie Gayle was a quick and easy read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The story centers around the new Chief of Police who moved from NYC and is tasked with solving the town’s first murder in years. Complicating the investigation is the fact that the Police Chief, Thomas Lynch, meets the victim hours before her murder but cannot share that news without revealing his greatest secret: he’s gay.  A ghost from Chief Lynch’s past haunts him, while he tries to solve the town’s murder, but to do so he has to learn to avoid the advances of Donna Daniels, a middle aged waitress who has eyes for the Police Chief and an ever growing pile of paperwork, Mrs. Dunsmore, the town’s local busy body and precinct’s bureaucrat threatens to bury him under.

Idyll Threats is available for sale, starting September 8th.  You can pre-order or purchase this detective murder mystery on Amazon.com or locally at Porter Square Books in Porter Square, Cambridge.

Idyll Threats – Available on Amazon.com

Idyll Threats – Available at Porter Square Books

Religious Freedom Restoration Act: The new battle line in LGBT rights in America

RFRA, Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay Rights, Movement Advancement Project, MAPEarlier this week several prominent LGBT blogs wrote about the Movement Advancement Project (MAP) report that suggests the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts passed in 21 states (and counting) will define the new battle lines in LGBT rights in the US.

With marriage equality mostly settled, religious conservatives are claiming their “religious freedom” has been violated and are looking to create exemptions to discriminate against LGBT people. Cultural conservatives through out the 20th century have used “God” and “The Bible” as reasons to oppose and violate laws including a women’s right to vote, civil rights and interracial marriages.

“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”
-Judge Leon M. Bazile, January 6, 1959

A rash of  RFRA’s that increasingly target the LGBT community have been passed recently (e.g. Indiana RFRA law which ultimately was rolled-back – in part). Signaling cultural conservatives are looking to use these acts and the courts to institutionalize discrimination under the pretense of “religious freedom”.

Since the start of 2015 lawmakers in 17 states have introduced religious exemption proposals in response to the spread of marriage equality. Below is an image that MAP shares in their report. Select their link above to learn more.RFRA laws in the US

Amish employee refuses to issue drivers licenses, citing RFRA

Not to spell this out for those unfamiliar but many Amish do not drive cars for religious reasons.  The logic of the Kentucky DMV clerk, Kim Davis, who has been denying marriage licenses to a same sex couple follows the same line of logic as shown in the FOX News spoof.  Perhaps now one might realize not only how idiotic her logic is but how her actions do not violate anyone’s religious freedoms except those of the people being denied their right to marry.

Black Mass

Black Mass the movieBlack Mass, is a new movie that opens later this month and is based on Whitey Bulger, a convicted murderer and former mob boss from Boston who also happened to be an FBI informant and who’s brother, Billy Bulger, was one of the state’s most powerful politicians.

After 16 years in hiding Bulger was found and arrested in 2011; at the time of his arrest he was listed as the second most wanted man by the FBI in the United States.  This movie is the story of his life.

Black Mass stars Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon and Dakota Johnson and opens later this month on September 18th.  Do you plan on seeing the movie? 


Caption this photo

humor, funny, penisEach Wednesday morning I post a photograph that gives me pause.  I couldn’t resist posting when I stumbled upon this gem.

I’ll get you started with a possible caption that hopefully inspires you to share a few of your own in the comments section below.

Male Camel Toe

We need a contractor for a small home remodeling job

home remodelingSince the spring Sergio and I have been (ever so slowly) remodeling out kitchen and dining area.  The project has proven to be such a huge headache I can no longer watch HGTV without shouting bullsh*t when I see their talkshow hosts gush about how much they love remodeling projects.

Fortunately we are now in the home stretch, but we need a contractor to install reinforced supports for a bar we are having built. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment or email me directly at bosguymail@gmail.com.  I’ll be more than happy to buy you a thank you drink if we use your reference.