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DADT: Spectacle Saturday, Jan 24th

Queer night Boston, Gay night BostonDon’t Ask Don’t Tell will celebrate its 50th event and 4 year anniversary with Saturday night’s party that will include five DJs, an epic drag show and local LGBT artists at Great Scott in Allston, MA.

For more information about this monthly party visit their FB event page.

Furry Friday

Black man, shirtless, hairy, hunk, gorgeous, handsomePast Furry Friday Posts

BosGuy brain teaser

brain teaser, rodin, riddleEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain.

If you are stumped, feel free to get help – share it with a friend or colleague to see if you can figure it out together.  I’ll confirm answers later in the day so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment posted right away.

For the record, I thought this was a tough one so don’t get discouraged.

This week’s riddle: What travels alone but is never alone, has a name but doesn’t exist?

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Have a riddle / brain teaser you’d like to have featured? Email me at bosguymail@gmail.com.

Calling all chocolate lovahs

Taste of Chocolate Festival, CambridgeThe Taste of Chocolate Festival starts tomorrow, Friday, January 23rd and runs through Sunday, January 25th in Harvard Square.

Some of Harvard Square’s finest restaurants and cafes participate in this three day chocolate extravaganza so if you love chocolate, you may want to hop the red line and head to Cambridge this weekend.

Restaurants will feature chocolate appetizers, entrees, deserts, cocktails, cordials and nightcaps while participating Harvard Square retailers will have scrumptious chocolate specials and deals. For more details visit here.

Restaurant review: Amber India (Yerba Buena – SF)

restaurant review, san francisco, indianOn a recent business trip to California, I found myself with a spare evening before flying home so I decided to try an Indian restaurant between Mission and Market Streets called Amber India.  Large glass windows allowed me to look into a sleek dining room and comfortable lounge so I opted to check it out; preferring the bar over the larger dining room so I could people watch while eating.  The people watching proved to be a bust; nobody that interesting despite the bustling lounge but my seat was very comfortable and the service was excellent.

Amber India San Francisco, Yerba Buena

Amber India Yerba Buena Tandoori Chicken and Onion Chilli Kulcha

Apparently Amber India has five different locations but this is the only one in San Francisco and as near as I can tell it opened back in 2011.  It is conveniently located next to the Four Seasons Hotel in a small promenade that is home to several other restaurants as well.  There is a separate bar menu comprised of shared appetizers, but you can order from the main menu that ranges between $16-$19 for vegetarian dishes and $23 – $30 for most of their other plates.

San Francisco, SOMA restaurant

Amber India Yerba Buena Tandori Chicken for $21.95

I chose the Tandoori Chicken ($21.95) which comes out hissing and steaming on a black iron skillet.  The smell of the meat, seasoning and onions instantly set my mouth watering.  The party seated next to me actually paused when the plate was served – such was the noise and heady aroma.  I also chose to order their Onion Chilli Kulcha ($7.00); Naan bread stuffed with onions and chilli.  This was delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the sauces served with dinner.

I really liked everything about my dining experience at Amber India.  The staff was prompt and friendly – answering all my questions about their menu.  The food was really delicious – rich with flavor and beautiful in appearance.  My only disappointment was after my visit I read a few reviews that made me realize if I’m fortunate enough to return I should try their signature plate, Butter Chicken.

Amber India is located SOMA at 25 Yerba Buena Lane 415-777-0500

  Amber India on Urbanspoon

Some of my favorite gay fiction

marc acito, gay fictionQueerty recently wrote a post, Ten Of The Hottest Sex Scenes In Popular Literature.

They wrote, “We have become accustomed to increasingly realistic sex scenes in film but what about the similar pleasures from literature? Examples of literary homoeroticism abound, many times long before cinematic breakthroughs became routine.” Looking at their list of the ten “hottest sex scenes in popular literature”, I realized I had only read one of the books (Maurice) and watched two of the books as movies (Less Than Zero and Broke Back Mountain).

I love reading gay fiction but the ‘sex scenes’ are not the reason I buy a book (or take them out from the library – yes, I do that too).  I just like reading stories that have gay themes, because when it is done well – they resonate with me.

Here is a list of gay fiction novels that I loved reading. This isn’t a complete list by any means but is a nice start. Do you like to read gay fiction?  What are some of your favorite gay fiction novels?

The entire Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin

Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

Hey Day by Michael Viktor Butler

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

How I Paid for College by Marc Acito

Creative process

Creative ProcessSource: Seduced by the New