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Beach candy

Beach BumHere is something so sweet to look at your eyes may develop cavities.


Boston Map

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Source: Boston.com

Boston Globe editorial cartoonist, Dan Wasserman, who calls Boston “a shining city on some hills and other curiosities” is featured in the latest issue ArchitectureBoston.  It provides a very funny view of Boston neighborhoods and nearby towns.

Monikers are a play on the words hill, ville and ill, featuring “villes” such as “Hipsterville,” “Martyville,” and “Newtonville.” It also features “hills” such as “Mission Hill” and “Bunker Hill” as well as some “ills” such as “Nofrill,” “Cheapthrill,” “Beerspill,” and “Gentrifill”, and I love it.

Yahoo News features BosGuy post

BosGuy Scruffy Sunday Yahoo NewsUnbeknownst to me, Yahoo News picked up my most recent Scruffy Sunday  post over the weekend.

While there were a lot of very nasty comments (the majority of which I deleted), it was quite a nice surprise. I don’t expect that Yahoo News will publish anything else from me, and it is unlikely I will ever see such stats again but it certainly was fun while it lasted.

Many of the bloggers whom I list on my blogroll will no doubt be scratching their head at the dramatic increase in referrer links coming from my blog starting this past Sunday, and I wanted to offer some explanation as well as to comment that I have no idea how or why Yahoo News came to select my weekly post, but I have enjoyed the ride. The past couple days have been pretty cool.


Boston ranks among the healthiest cities in US

BostonAccording to a study released last week based on data from 2011 and 2012 from the Alliance for Biking and Walking, levels of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are lower in many cities where more commuters bike or walk. Many of these same cities (Boston in particular) also have a lower incidence of pedestrian and bike fatalities as well – the assumption being drivers become more accustomed to sharing the road.

This is all good news as Boston’s bike sharing program The Hubway moves into full swing and we see more bicyclists joining pedestrians and drivers each morning and evening.  Below I’ve included the 5 cities that scored the highest marks for overall city population of commuters who walk or bike to work regularly. Looks like Boston can do more to encourage people to bike to work but achieves great marks for walking.

healthy commute

Source: Alliance for Biking and Walking 2014 Benchmarking Report

Trophy Room to open Thursday

Trophy Room Boston at 26 Chandler Street, South End

Trophy Room Boston at 26 Chandler Street, South End

Although signs have recently been placed outside the Trophy Room restaurant and bar, indicating they will be open to the public this Friday. They will have a soft opening on Thursday (tomorrow) after work to welcome the neighborhood.  The space is the former home of Fritz but it will re-open as a neighborhood-friendly space rather than a ‘gay bar’. No plans on Thursday? Swing by and check it out. The space looks great.

Look for more posts about new openings in the South End that are targeted for later this summer in the weeks that follow.

Fun with Siri

If you have an iPhone with Siri go ahead and ask “How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I found Siri’s cheeky response entertaining. Do you have any similar, funny questions you’ve enjoyed asking your iPhone? When Siri is in a cooperative mood she can provide some entertaining responses.

For example, my buddy Jesse, who is a bit of a technology geek, has in the past played around with his phone settings to customize some rather interesting responses.Silly Siri

26 best cities to see street art

os gemeos boston street artI love street art that is well executed and Boston has its fair share, although it didn’t make The Huffington Post’s article. Two of my favorites include this image that was commissioned for the Revere Hotel by the Pandolfo brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who go by Os Gêmeos (meaning The Twins), when they were nvited to come to Boston for their first solo exhibit in the US back in 2012.

Another noted street artist Shepard Fairey use to have a lot of street art in Boston (and especially in my neighborhood) like this  image below which use to be visible on East Berkeley Street. shepard fairey street art in bostonIf you like this sort of thing, check out the Huffington Post article, 26 Best Cities in the World to See Street Art.

Moves & Shakers cocktail competition tomorrow

Boston cocktail competitionTomorrow evening I’ll be at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End attending the 5th annual Movers & Shakers cocktail competition. If you love a good cocktail, you may want to check out this fun competition as some of the city’s best restaurants compete to craft a cocktail worthy being called a work of art.  Food pairings will be presented alongside these creative concoctions and best of all you get to vote to decide the favorites.

Tickets to the event that runs from 7:00 – 9:00 PM on Wednesday, April 23rd are $35.00 an can be purchased here.

Temptation Tuesday

Temptation TuesdayPast Temptation Tuesday Posts

Thrillist 21 things you need to know about Boston

20140416-111037.jpgLast week Thrillist compiled a list of things everyone needs to know about my hometown, Boston. A lot of these lists, while often humorous, miss the mark, but I’m giving Thrillist high marks for humor and accuracy.

Are you from the area or have you lived in Boston? Curious about visiting Boston? Check out this funny but true collection of 21 things you need to know about Boston.

Some of my personal favorites from the list include:
5. “Wicked pissah” means “really good” Accents aside, the local lexicon has lots of peppah. If you need a water fountain, ask for a bubbler (or bubblah). We also put jimmies (NOT sprinkles) on our ice cream, and buy booze at a packie. See my past posts explaining this here, here and here.

11. The cab situation is abysmal You won’t get one when you need one. You will be treated like a pariah if you call dispatch. You can’t hail a Boston cab in Cambridge, or a Cambridge cab in Boston (Dumbest. Thing. Ever.) My tip: load a car service app like uber or lyft to avoid those nasty taxi dispatchers.

17. The street system defies geometry and human logic It looks like the work of a 5yr-old using a broken Spirograph. Every street is one way in the opposite direction you need to go. Just walk and forget driving. My tip: walk, get a Charlie card (Boston’s metro card) or use the bike sharing program, Hubway. If those suggestions aren’t practical re-read my tip regarding cabs; do not rent a car you will regret it.

You can read the full list here.

Gay test

Gay TestI didn’t even realize there was an image other than two dancers. It took me a minute to see the other, naughtier image this makes.  My guess is that only gay men think this is an image of ballroom dancers.

ArtWeek Boston is April 25 – May 4

ArtWeek boston spring 2014ArtWeek Boston starts later this week on Friday and the celebration includes more than 60 creative experiences around the city that will include visual arts, fashion, public art, music and much more.  Some of the programs are free while others require a fee so check the full calendar of events here.

One of the highlights of this spring program takes place in my neighborhood, South End.  On Sunday, May 4th from 11am – 6pm, be sure to come to the SoWa art walk.  The he SoWa Art Walk is an annual arts celebration in the South End that allows local artists to showcase there work.  You can learn more about the SoWa art walk here.

Marathon Day: 118th Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Boston Athletic AssociationMany who live in and near Boston are not working today, celebrating Patriot’s Day, which also happens to always coincide with the Boston Marathon.  This year Sergio and I are flying back from visiting my brother who moved to Southern California.

The Boston Marathon is one of my favorite holidays and sporting events in the city and I’d like to wish all the runners the best of luck and thank the city, it’s first responders and all the volunteers who I know will make this a safe and fun event.Boston Marathon Schedule

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

Source: Dear World

Although I will not be home for the 118th Boston Marathon, like many people my thoughts will be with everyone attending, volunteering and especially running in tomorrow’s marathon.

I’ve always been proud of my home city but never more so than in the days that followed last year’s marathon. #BostonStrong

Electial dysfunction

Long-shot candidate J.D. Winteregg, a Tea Party-oriented primary challenger to Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is running a web ad that is inspired by erectile dysfunction TV commercials. I doubt I agree with any Tea Party-oriented candidate, but I love this guy’s sense of humor, and it may go down as the funniest election ad I’ve ever seen. 

Boner Bonus points to Mr. Winteregg for the play on words with Speaker Boehner’s last name.  I’m sure the writers of SNL are kicking themselves for not thinking of this first.