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Bonus fur

Bonus FurI’m going to stick with my gladiator / Halloween themed Furry Friday post for this week’s Bonus Fur. What do you think?

Happy Halloween

Happy HalloweenI hope you can get out and enjoy Halloween this year and your evening is filled with both tricks and treats.

Furry Friday

Furry Friday, handsome, hunkIt is a Halloween themed Furry Friday. This scruffy gladiator seems to be the perfect post for this Friday. Happy Halloween.

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BosGuy brain teaser

BosGuy brain teaserEach Friday morning I post a riddle to get you to think outside the box and exercise your brain. If you are stumped, feel free to get help – share it with a friend or colleague to see if you can figure it out together.

This week I have a Halloween themed riddle that was given to me by a school teacher.  I’ll confirm answers later in the day so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment posted right away. I want to give everyone a chance.

This week’s riddle:  What do you get when you cross a black cat with a lemon?

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Halloween costume

SpeakEasy Stage presents Bad Jews

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Verbal sparring dark comedy, Bad Jews, will leave you speechless

Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon and directed by Rebecca Bradshaw is currently running at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.   Set in March in a studio on the Upper West Side of NYC, this dark comedy includes four characters but really centers on two equally unlovable and selfish cousins who manipulate conversations and relationships to get their way.   Don Aucoin from The Boston Globe sums it up best, “this is a dark comedy that cuts deep and draws blood.”

The key to this storyline is the amazing dialog and the speed at which it is delivered.  The 110 minute play unfolds at the speed of light and leaves you gasping at the verbal spars and emotional vulnerability; manufactured or real it doesn’t seem to matter because the tension on the stage is palpable.  This is one of those plays that you want to go grab a drink to discuss after you see it.

While this production must have added angst for those raised in the Jewish faith, one needn’t be Jewish to be touched (and horrified). The play is impossible to turn away from and will suck you in from the first moment to the touching final scene between Jonah and Daphna.

Bad Jews runs until Saturday, Nov. 29th – Get Your Tickets Here

1990s Infomercial: Wunder Boner

Wonder BonerI’m not really sure if the Wunder Boner commercials from the early and mid 1990s ever played up in New England because I have no memory of them, but this product certainly caught my attention.  The fish de-boning product is really kind of gross to watch in the infomercial below but the lines are classic.  My favorite part is when one of the actors says, “The Wunder Boner… My wife would like that.”  No comment.