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Center for American Progress says Indiana stands to lose $250 million

Indiana anti homosexuality billToday The Center for American Progress distributed a release, indicating that the state of Indiana now stands to lose at least $250 million for passing their “religious freedom” legislation, which is widely seen as legalizing discrimination against the LGBT community.  Despite the fact the legislation is only a week old, the ‘religious freedom” law has tarnished the state’s reputation and made the state a pariah.  As of April 1st, The Center for American Progress details the lost and at risk revenue as follows:

Lost Revenue:
Angie’s List: $40 million
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME, conference: $500,000

At Risk Revenue:
Big Ten football, 2016–2021: $96 million ($16 million per year)
Big Ten men’s basketball, 2020: $8 million
Big Ten women’s basketball, 2017–2021: $10 million ($2 million per year)
NCAA Men’s Final Four, 2021: $71 million
NCAA Women’s Final Four, 2016: $25 million
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 2017 General Assembly: $5.9 million

One should assume this is no joking matter for the state as more companies are now coming out condemning the legislation and indicating their plans to essentially create an embargo on all activity in their state. I think it is safe to say that Governor Pence and the Republican led State legislature in Indiana have done more to harm their state’s reputation and lose more money than they ever expected.  I hope the scrutiny remains and the losses continue to mount.

Gordon Parks Back to Fort Scott at MFA Boston

Museum of Fine Arts bostonThe Museum of Fine Arts Boston has an exhibit that I plan on visiting this month and I hope you will too.  Gordon Parks (1912–2006), one of the most celebrated African American artists of his time, is being featured in the MFA exhibit, Gordon Parks Back to Fort Scott in Robert and Jane Burke Gallery (Gallery 335).

This exhibition represents a rarely seen view of everyday lives of African American citizens, years before the Civil Rights movement began in earnest. His photographs focus on the realities of life under segregation, but also relating to Parks’s own fascinating life story.

About Gordon Parks:  In 1948, Gordon Parks became the first African American photographer to be hired full time by LIFE magazine. One of the rare African American photojournalists in the field, Parks was frequently given magazine assignments involving social issues that his white colleagues were not asked to cover.

Gordon Parks Back to Fort Scott is on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston through September 13, 2015.

Community Servings’ LifeSavor 2015 is Thursday, April 30th

Community ServingsLast year I attended the LifeSavor event, which caters to food lovers and raises funds for Community Servings – a local non-profit that is dedicated to preparing and delivering meals to individuals and families who are homebound with an acute, life-threatening illness.

LifeSavor 2015 at The Langham Boston – Thursday, April 30

Hosted at The Langham, Boston, the event begins with an elaborate cocktail reception and an exciting silent auction for 900 guests. After the cocktail reception, trolleys will take you away guests to one of 75 of Greater Boston’s best restaurants for intimate, multi-course dinner parties hosted by individual donors and corporate sponsors. The evening ends with a return trolley trip to the After Party at The Langham, Boston. Community ServingsIf you’d like to learn more about this and / or nab a ticket or two before the program sells out, visit the event website here.

Caption this photo

humor, sexy man, nakedThis week’s photograph is more risqué than most photographs I post on my blog but when BosGuy reader, Tim, sent me this photograph of himself I couldn’t help but laugh and appreciate his bawdy sense of humor; after all, it is kind of perfect for this reoccurring post.

Since Passover starts this Friday, the timing of this photograph couldn’t be better.

Both Tim and I look forward to your captions.

Banyan to open in space formerly home to Hamersley’s Bistro

Rebecca Roth, South End restaurantEarlier today Eater Boston reported that Rebecca Roth Gullo (Owner) and Seth Yaffe (General Manager) of The Gallows South End – will name their new restaurant, Banyan.

Banyan will open later this year in the space formerly home to Hamersley’s Bistro located on the corner of Clarendon Street and Tremont Street.

It was previously reported that Banyan would serve contemporary Asian cuisine with a focus on small plates. While I applaud Rebecca and Seth on opening a new restaurant, I’m not particularly interested in seeing anymore small plate menus.  I am starting to equate “small plate” with “spending a fortune and leaving hungry”. However, Rebecca has proven time and again that she knows how to run and manage a successful restaurant so I’ll be watching with curiosity.

The gentrification of Boston: A map of the city’s rentals through the years


Click on image to enlarge

This map published by Ungentry shows that back in 1990 rentals in Boston were fairly reasonable in most of the city.  Ten years later you can see rents inching upward in Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the North End, but the rest of Boston’s downtown neighborhoods seem to remain fairly reasonable.  However, by 2010 you can see the extent of gentrification in Boston and how it had moved beyond the city’s historically pricey neighborhoods to places like the South End, Fort Point Channel, Southie and even Eastie.

You can read more about the findings, how this compares to average incomes by neighborhood in this recent article by BostInno.

Mary Bonauto to lead marriage equality argument before SCOTUS

The MacArthur FoundationThe LA Times is reporting that gay rights pioneer, Mary Bonauto, who may be best known as the lawyer who won the first gay-marriage rulings in Massachusetts and Vermont, will lead the argument before the Supreme Court in favor of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage nationwide.  She was selected by the attorneys and the couples from four states whose cases will be heard on April 28.

Bonauto will be representing April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, two nurses from Michigan who are raising four adopted children. She will argue that the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of liberty and equal protection of the laws requires the state to issue them a marriage license.

You can learn more about this amazing woman and her list of accomplishments from her profile on Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), here.