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Rafael Nadal gets cheeky

Hilfiger, Rafa, Rafael Nadal, TennisJust in time for the US Open, former number 1 tennis pro Rafael Nadal is in a new underwear campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. While I’m not a fan of Hilfiger, I do think quite a lot of Nadal’s assets.


Hard DecisionsLocal boy, James Cerne, who moved to Los Angeles but you may know from his DJ’ing days here in Boston or his role in Ryan Landry’s Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Oberon back in the fall of 2011 is now part of a gay-themed, choose-your-own-adventure movie coming to YouTube called HARD DECISIONS.

HARD DECISIONS follows Brandon and his friends as they decide what to do with their afternoon. Each decision will lead the viewer to another segment to continue the story. The viewer can then go back and see what might have happened if Brandon made decisions differently.  Too bad life didn’t work that way.

Saturday morning comic: Casey At The Bat



Casey At The Bat is a comic strip follows the adventures of a young, gay man and his friends in life, love and sports!  Casey At The Bat is the work of the very talented Bob Glasscock who resides in NYC.

You can read back issues and order Casey At The Bat volume 1 from his website, caseyatb.com.

Saturday morning comic: Adam and Andy

gay cartoon, gay comicClick on the comic strip to enlarge

ADAM & ANDY is set in the fictional New England town of Woodfield, CT. You can learn more about this strip by visiting, adamandandy.com.  To see previous Adam and Andy cartoons link here.

Bonus fur

Bonus fur muscleThis guy is too muscular for my taste, but I’m sure there are a lot of you who will like this guy’s impressive physique.

Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

bottoms discountedIt has been awhile since I’ve had a hmm… post, but the HOTT crew pointed out on their blog,Hotties on the T!, that this sign was definitely hmm… worthy, and I agree. Thanks for the tip HOTT crew.

Furry Friday

handsome, hunk, muscles, absPast Furry Friday Posts