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Mrs. Betty Bowers explains Indiana’s “Religious Freedom” legislation

Christian persecution,As the brouhaha over Indiana’s “religious freedom” legislation grows and Governor Mike Pence continues to fail to respond to questions on how this isn’t legalizing discrimination,  Mrs. Betty Bowers “America’s Best Christian” steps in to stand up for all those persecuted Christians who are forced to abide homosexuals entering their stores and <gasp> treat them the same way they would treat heathens like Jews, Muslims, agnostics and even non-believers.

Temptation Tuesday

Temptation Tuesday, handsome, hunk, shirtless, absI’ve started to refer to this photograph as “denim dreams”.  What a great pic.

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Edward M. Kennedy Institute opens Tuesday

Ted KennedyMore than five years has passed since U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away at his home in Cape Cod.  Tomorrow, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute will open next door to the JFK Presidential Library in Dorchester.  The Institute includes a full scale replica of the US Senate chamber – a place Kennedy served for 47 years.

Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Senator Kennedy’s legacy will hopefully continue through this institute, igniting the imagination and inspiring future generations to embrace civil service and help to build a better community by focusing on those who need help the most; not just those who can afford attorneys and lobbyists.

Realm health and fitness tips from Kyle

Realm health and fitness tips from KyleBored with your gym routine and looking for some inspiration?  Be innovative and FUN with the way in which you play and exercise and you’ll want to do it more!

Like what you’ve read?  Share these posts with your friends and check out some of my previous blog posts for ideas on how to liven up your fitness routine and to stay motivated in 2015.  Kyle’s Health & Fitness posts.

Kyle at Realm FitnessKyle is a nationally certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and lifestyle motivator out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been training for 5 years and has experience working with top-tier celebrity and executive clientele. When he’s not in the gym, Kyle is reading philosophy or writing poetry

Buh bye Aaron Schock

SchadenfreudeAlthough Aaron Schock gave his farewell speech to a mostly empty House of Representatives last week, tomorrow is his last day serving in the U.S. Congress. Earlier this month, he announced his resignation after a series of scandals regarding misappropriation of funds and questionable expenses put him in the spotlight.

Rep. Schock is a handsome 30-something bachelor who has been dogged by rumors that he is gay since he started serving in the US Congress in 2009.  I have no idea if that is true, but I would prefer not to believe them because of how terribly he has treated the gay community; supporting (and championing) every anti-LGBT piece of legislation that has come up for a vote.

Some in the media think the gay community and gay bloggers in particular are behaving poorly by gloating at Schock’s misfortune; such as James Kirchick who wrote in the Daily Beast, Hey Gays: Leave Aaron Schock Alone.  To Mr. Kirchick and others who see the LGBT community’s Schadenfreude responses as bitchy, mean or cruel, I say, “Cry me a river”.  Representative Schock has reveled in every setback the gay community has suffered so I’ll be gloating all day tomorrow as he packs up his office and leaves the US Congress.  For Schock’s sake I truly hope he isn’t gay because he’ll not find an ounce of sympathy from me should he come out in the future.  I have only have one thing to say to Mr. Aaron Schock, “Buh-bye“.

Gov Mike Pence from Indiana is lying

Indiana anti homosexuality billThis weekend Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence seemed to be everywhere justifying the “religious freedom” bill he signed into law.  He continually denied that this bill was designed to intentionally discriminate against the LGBT community.

I agree with GLAAD, Governor Mike Pence is a liar. Just because so many Indianans are gullible doesn’t mean everyone else is so naive. #BoycottIndiana

Guilty pleasure: Instagram’s Hot Dudes with Dogs

Instagram, Hot Dudes With Dogs, Guys with DogsHot Dudes With Dogs